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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Letter of Admission

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Yuqing glared at Jiang Yao coldly and sneered, “Jiang Yao, you’re a hypocrite! You’re so good at hiding secrets, I’m so impressed! When you were filling in the applications for your college entrance exams, you said that you wanted to study medicine. Mom and Dad agreed to your request and they asked you to apply for Jindo Medical University because it’s near to Xingzhi’s base, and what did you say? You said okay, like a good girl who always obliges to whatever my parents say! But the truth is, you applied to Nanjiang Medical University behind their backs! You are such a dissembler, distancing yourself from my brother! If you don’t like Xingzhi, why did you marry him? Did we force you to?”

Lu Xingzhi was Lu Yuqing’s only brother. Since they were young, Lu Yuqing had doted on her brother as her parents did. She would not allow anyone to bully her brother or ill-treat him. Right now, the person whom she hated the most was Jiang Yao, but she was Lu Xingzhi’s dear wife whom he pampered very much!

“Jiang Yao, did you know how happy Xingzhi was when our parents told him over the phone that you had applied for Jindo Medical University? You guys can see each other during weekends and holidays if so. I bet that he was already looking forward to your letter of admission arriving sooner! And what did you do? You treat our family like fools!”

The more Lu Yuqing said, the more furious she got and she started to expose previous incidents. “Tell me honestly, ever since you and Xingzhi got married, how does he treat you? He treats you like a princess. He loves you, he adores you, he pampers you! Am I exaggerating? I don’t think so. What about you? You hum a few words when you’re happy and you treat him like he’s invisible when you’re sad. You don’t give a damn when he calls and you never bother to reply to his letters, saying you’re busy studying. If you don’t want to be with him so badly, why don’t you just get a divorce? Do you think that Xingzhi cannot function without you? Do you think that Xingzhi will only marry you?”

Zhao Zhuangzong, who came in behind, was taken by surprise when he heard her remark. He quickly tugged his wife’s arm and said, “What are you rambling on about? How could you encourage them to divorce?”

“Lu Yuqing, shut up!” Lu Xingzhi snarled at Yuqing, exasperated. In fact, he was panicked, for fear that Lu Yuqing’s suggestion would trigger an awful idea in Jiang Yao’s mind to really divorce him.

Only God knows how much effort and thought he had taken to marry Jiang Yao in the first place. He would not divorce Jiang Yao even if he died.

“This is between me and Jiang Yao, we’ll handle it. Stop meddling in my business.” The word ‘divorce’ alarmed and irritated him. “Don’t you ever blurt the word ‘divorce’ in front of me again, you go and get a divorce yourself!”

“Lu Xingzhi! You ungrateful bastard! I’m doing this for you, for I feel sorry for you. What are you so loud to me for?” Lu Yuqing shouted and burst into tears. She stood there, glaring at Lu Xingzhi. Her advice had fallen on deaf ears.

“Okay, that’s enough. Yuqing, you can’t talk to your brother like that. Zhuangzong, Xingzhi has a bad temper, please excuse him. Come and sit, eat some fruits, your mother-in-law has just prepared them! The watermelon is very fresh, sweet, and juicy.” Mr. Lu agreed that Lu Xingzhi was a little too harsh towards his sister, but as a sister, Lu Yuqing should not have blurted the word ‘divorce’ so easily. She could not blame her brother for chiding her.

Lu Yuqing had said it herself—Lu Xingzhi pampered his dear wife like a princess, so how could he not overreact at the mention of divorce? The word had provoked him to a point of fury.