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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 998 - Saving Ah Li

Chapter 998: Saving Ah Li

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shen Li’s eyes were fixed on that piece of paper.

This medical record was from a private psychology clinic.

By coincidence, it was Gu Tinglan’s.

She lowered her eyes slightly. The noon sun was extremely bright. It shone through the window and fell on her raven feather-like eyelashes, casting a faint shadow beneath her eyelids.

The weather in the Capital at the end of June was already quite hot. However, the blazing and bright light that enveloped her seemed to be separated by something.

She stood quietly, her fingertips having gone cold.

Lu Huaiyu had been to Gu Tinglan’s psychology clinic.

The time had been April 16th, the day before his birthday.

What had she done on that day?

She had taken Wen Xiao to LY where the whole team had undergone their first training.

She had returned to Jinshui No. 1 Courtyard with Gu Siyang and had dinner with her first uncle and aunt.

She had brought back the sapphire cufflinks that she had specially gotten made for Lu Huaiyu.

It had been such an ordinary day. On the way back, she had still been thinking about what Liang Su had asked her.

She had said, “Ah Li, does Lu Huaiyu know how much you like him?”

She had not had an answer because she herself was not sure.

However, there was one thing that was beyond any doubt. Of course, she liked him.

Yet, even though she liked him so much, she still had not known that on this day, he had gone to Gu Tinglan’s psychology clinic.

Knowing Lu Huaiyu’s personality, this was definitely not an ordinary psychological consultation.

And coincidentally, Gu Tinglan was an internationally renowned psychiatrist.

What this meant was almost self-evident.

Shen Li’s heart seemed to be tightly gripped by something. The oxygen in her chest seemed to be used up bit by bit, and she gradually begin to feel a dull pain.

Stretching out her hand, she was about to take the medical record.

However, just then, the sound of footsteps and Grandfather Lu’s happy voice came from outside.

“Ah Li! I just received another prize! Would you like to come and take a look?”

Shen Li withdrew her hand and quickly pushed the few photo frames back to their original positions.

The medical record was once again covered up.

She looked up and saw Grandfather Lu walking in with a delivery box. He smiled and said,”This time, I believe it should be a fan!”

Shen Li’s lips curled up. “Is that so?”

Old Master Lu opened the delivery box. Inside was a very old-fashioned round fan. On it, a classical beauty, Ah Li, wearing a Han costume had been printed.

“This is new. It’s different from the previous ones!” Old Master Lu did not know much about Han costumes, but it looked good and felt very fresh. “Ah Li, don’t you think this is very beautiful?”

Old Master Lu held up the round fan. The style of painting was really strange, but seeing that he was happy, Shen Li nodded.

“It’s very beautiful. You’re really lucky.”

“I am, right? There were only ten winning spots this time!”

Old Master Lu could not put it down.

“Why don’t you take it to show Yunyi and the others?”

Shen Li agreed. Then, she raised her hand to close the drawer and followed Old Master Lu out.

As she was closing the door, she turned to look back. After a short pause, she gently closed the door.


Old Master Lu was very excited to have received a new prize. He walked around the house and showed it off to everyone.

Even the few people who were busy in the kitchen could not escape.

Lu Huaiyu finally came out of the kitchen. He spotted Shen Li standing at the dining table with her head slightly lowered, seemingly lost in thought.

“Ah Li?”

He walked over.

Almost at the moment that she heard his voice, Shen Li raised her head.

Lu Huaiyu stood in front of her, his brows slightly raised.

“What’s wrong? Why do you seem to be in a daze?”

Looking into his eyes which were clear and deep, Shen Li could see the reflection of herself.

Originally, his brows and eyes had been extremely clear, and his entire body had been exuding an untouchable coldness and nobility. It was only when he looked at her, his eyes would always be tinged with gentleness and indulgence.

All of this man’s patience and good temper were probably all only for her.

Lu Huaiyu saw that she had not spoken and that her clear black peach blossom eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of mist. She merely stared at him as he asked with a low smile, “Is it that beautiful?”

Shen Li came back to her senses and averted her gaze. She immediately nodded again as an answer to his question just now.

Lu Huaiyu looked down and saw the hair that she had curled up on her head. Her nose bridge was slender, her eyelashes flickered, and her tender cheeks were white and clear.

She even nodded, behaving very obediently.

Soon, Shen Li raised her head again and said, “Why did Second Brother come out?”

Lu Huaiyu pointed in the direction of the kitchen.

“Grandpa went to show off that small round fan to Mom.”

As he said this, he suddenly thought of something.

“Grandpa said that he took you to see his other prizes just now, is that right?”

Shen Li paused a moment before nodding.

“Yes, we went to Grandpa Lu’s study room. There are quite a lot of decorations.”

Lu Huaiyu had also been lucky enough to have been invited by Old Master Lu in to see it before. Therefore, when he heard Shen Li say that she had gone inside to see it, he immediately knew what was going on.

He remembered that when he had come over earlier, Shen Li had still been in a daze. He raised his hand to gently cup her face and said with a smile, “What, are you stunned?”

Perhaps it was because he had just washed his hands, but his fingertips were still cool.

Shen Li became alert and looked up at him again.

He did not seem to have thought of anything else.

After a moment, the corners of her lips curved up slightly.


Fang Yunyi called Lu Huaiyu over and served the dishes so he headed over there again.

Shen Li quietly looked at his back, blinked her eyes, and followed him.

However, Shen Li was unable to help in the end. Instead, she was pressed onto the chair by Fang Yunyi.

“How can we allow a girl… the birthday girl to work hard?”

As Fang Yunyi spoke, she directed the other two men in the house as to what to do.

After a lot of effort, everyone finally sat down.

Old Master Lu sat in the main seat, Lu Zheng and Fang Yunyi sat on one side, and Lu Huaiyu and Shen Li sat opposite each other.

Shen Li’s gaze swept across the dining table.

The dishes were very sumptuous, but…

“Ah Li, guess which dish did I make?”

Fang Yunyi looked at her expectantly.

Shen Li looked at the dishes on the table that could almost be described as “distinct” and was silent for a moment.

Even without trying it yet, with just a glance, she could almost clearly identify which one had been prepared by Fang Yunyi.

It might be difficult to tell which one had been made by Lu Zheng and Lu Huaiyu, but this plate of green vegetables with a faint charred color was really easy to recognize.

She said hesitantly, “These green vegetables?”

“These are boiled green vegetables! I did indeed make it!”

Fang Yunyi’s eyes lit up, and she secretly gave Lu Zheng a look as if to show off, ‘What do you think? I told you that Ah Li and I are of the same mind. We are so connected as a mother and daughter, aren’t we?

She quickly looked at Shen Li with eager eyes and said, “Ah Li, why don’t you have a taste? Or… what about this pan-fried lamb chop?”

Shen Li looked over there.

Oh, she was wondering why some blood was still evident there..

Lu Zheng paused.

“Ah Li, why don’t you try this jiwei shrimp?”

Lu Huaiyu added, “This braised eggplant is also good. Ah Li, don’t you like that a lot?”

Old Master Lu looked at Shen Li and said solemnly, “Ah Li, the jiwei shrimp and braised eggplant are especially nutritious. You should eat more.”