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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 994 - Intention to Cover Up

Chapter 994: Intention to Cover Up

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Staying on in school?”

Tang Yi looked over curiously.

“Yes, our school is recruiting this year, so I’ll be staying on as a lecturer.”

Yan Qiu was clearly in a good mood.

“You don’t need stand on ceremony with Teacher Yan tonight!”

Fu Niannian flung his hand away in disgust. He was really disgusted by this “Teacher Yan.”

Tang Yi quickly accepted the situation and gave a thumbs up to Yan Qiu.

“That’s great, Big Senior Brother!”

Xijing University was the top institution in the country, and the standards for staying on in the university were extremely strict. Moreover, even if an average student were able to stay in the university, they had to start from the position of a counselor or a professor’s assistant.

There were very few people who could immediately become a lecturer.

This was all thanks to Yan Qiu’s article in ‘Universe’.

Of course, he had also been personally guided by Shen Zhijin. As Shen Zhijin’s assistant, while he was doing his Ph.D., he was also in charge of a lot of work which meant that he was much more outstanding than the others.

He really did have the qualifications.

“Then Eldest Senior Brother, which subject will you be lecturing in later?” Tang Yi continued to ask.

Yan Qiu replied, “The details haven’t been decided yet, but the probability is that it’ll be ‘Spherical Astronomy’ for undergraduates.”

Shen Li was stunned.

“Senior Brother, I believe that this will be a class that I’ll be attending next semester.”

Yan Qiu suddenly clapped his hands, a pleasantly surprised expression on his face.

“That’s right! I almost forgot that Little Junior Sister is still an undergraduate student!”

Shen Li did not know what to say.

“That will be a good relationship!” Yan Qiu was even happier. “When that time comes, I’ll be able to go to class with Little Junior Sister!”

This was quite a novel feeling.

Shen Li was also very happy.

“Then it’ll be more convenient to ask for leave in the future.”

Yan Qiu was dumbfounded.

Fu Niannian looked at Shen Li with admiration.

“Junior Sister, would you actually need to ask for leave even though you’re not in class? You’re giving Eldest Senior Brother too much face.”

Ignoring the other classes, the specialized classes were all in the same area as the physics department. Which teacher did not treat Shen Li like a treasure and spoil her?

Shen Li was silent.

Yan Qiu wanted to say something, but after thinking about it carefully, he realized that what Fu Niannian said made sense, so he gave up.

“Forget it. In any case, in the future just let it be known that Little Junior Sister will be attending my class. The two of you– if you’re envious, just say so.”

Tang Yi shook his head. “Eldest Senior Brother, we’re not envious.”

Yan Qiu sneered. “What’s there to be ashamed of?”

Tang Yi insisted. “No, we’re really not envious.”

Yan Qiu clicked his tongue. “Just keep your mouth shut. Teacher Yan will understand.”

Tang Yi paused for a moment before finally speaking bluntly.

“Eldest Senior Brother, when the time comes, if you really teach ‘Spherical Astronomy’, can you guarantee that you’ll be better than Junior Sister?”

The smile on Yan Qiu’s face froze.

Fu Niannian gave him a rare look of sympathy.

“It’s fine. It’s not the first time junior sister has crushed you, right?”

Yan Qiu was so devastated that he was at a loss for words.

He was silent for a while. Then, he looked at Shen Li and said seriously, “Junior Sister.”


“I’ve decided. If it’s really my turn to teach this class next semester, you’ll be my assistant, right?”


“What assistant?”

A cold and distant voice sounded. When they turned around, they saw that it was Shen Zhijin.

Fu Niannian laughed and said,”Boss, Eldest Senior brother said that he would like to invite Little Junior Sister–”

Yan Qiu coughed lightly.

“I said that if I happen to be Little Junior Sister’s lecturer in the ‘Spherical Astronomy’ class next semester, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to have discussions with Little Junior Sister if I encounter any problems.”

Shen Li stayed silent.

Fu Niannian and Tang Yi both gave him a look that was difficult to explain in one word.

Yan Qiu was fearless.

What a joke. He even dared to ask his boss’ daughter to become his assistant, even if it was just a joke!

Shen Zhijin heard this and thought for a moment before nodding.

“Yeah, actually it’s fine now. Ah Li just finished reading that book when she was at home on May Day.”

Yan Qiu thought, ‘I was careless.’

In the end, Fu Niannian and Tang Yi still managed to take advantage of Yan Qiu that night.

On Wednesday night, after Shen Li finished her dinner, she was reading a book in her room when her phone suddenly lit up.

She picked up her phone and took a look. It was a message from Zhao Xuan.

He had always been extremely efficient in his work. He had sorted out a document and sent it to Xiang Yao as quickly as he could.

Shen Li opened it.

The content of this document was very detailed. All the information related to Xiang Yao that could be found was gathered here.

Even the operation of his parents’ company, as well as all the large amounts of consumption that could be found, were all clear.

Shen Li carefully read through it for a long time.

Zhao Xuan was right. Xiang Yao’s family was indeed pretty good, but it could not be compared to a wealthy family like the Yu family.

However, over the past few months, Xiang Yao had clearly become rich.

More precisely, it had started the month that the incident with Yu Cheng had happened.

Xiang Yao’s family was considered nouveau riche. He himself was a typical ignorant and incompetent second generation of the rich. He had even bought his college diploma overseas.

After returning to China, he had been in an idle job at his parents’ company. However, he rarely went to work.

Most of his time was spent eating, drinking, and playing outside, hanging out with the other second generation of the rich.

The situation at his family’s company was the same as before, but his expenses had obviously increased in the past few months.

No matter which way she looked at it, it did not seem right.

In the end, Zhao Xuan had even compiled a relationship chart with Xiang Yao, listing all the names of people who had close relationships with him.

After Shen Li finished reading the document, she realized that she had not seen Yu Yu’s name.

She sent a message back to Zhao Xuan.

[ Are there no members of the Yu family in Xiang Yao’s network? ]

Zhao Xuan replied very quickly.

[ Yes. He only interacts with Yu Cheng, but he has no connection with the rest of the Yu family. ]

Of course, this was only on the surface.

Shen Li looked at her phone, deep in thought.

Zhao Xuan was very capable. If even he could not find any connection between Xiang Yao and Yu Yu, this proved that the connection between them was buried deep in the dark.

In fact, if she had not overheard Xiang Yao and Yu Yu on the phone that day, she would not have connected these two unrelated people.

[ Okay, I got it. ]

Although Zhao Xuan did not understand why she wanted to find out about Xiang Yao, his instincts told him that she valued this matter.

[ President Shen, do you need me to look into anything else? ]

Shen Li thought for a moment.

[ There’s no need. ]

She put down her phone and turned on her computer.

Xiang Yao had suddenly become more generous. It was evident that he had other ways to earn money.

The room was silent. The faint light from the computer screen shone on her face, making her skin appear even fairer and her eyes even darker.

Very soon, three months’ worth of bank cards under Xiang Yao’s name appeared before her eyes.

Shen Li scanned them one by one.

There was nothing unusual.

Then, she checked Yu Yu.

All the accounts under her name were also clean.

There was no proof of money exchange between the two of them.

Shen Li leaned back in her chair and stared at the screen, the corners of her lips curling up slightly.

She was really cautious.

However, this Second Miss yu probably forgot that there was a saying, “The more you cover it up, the more it becomes apparent.”.