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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 992 - As Long as She Was by His Side

Chapter 992: As Long as She Was by His Side

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


How could he have any objections?

He had to have guts too!

Realizing that he had made a huge mistake, Cheng Xiyue seriously considered the possibility of jumping out of the car. He hesitated for a long time trying to decide which way he would die faster before finally accepting his fate.

“… That… I was only talking about it in passing! After all, we’d have to pick a suitable time to properly talk about such an important matter, wouldn’t we? Hahaha!”

Young Master Cheng’s extremely embarrassed laughter reverberated through the car.

Lu Huaiyu’s expression remained calm.

Shen Li coughed lightly.

Cheng Xiyue wanted to cry but his tears could not.

He really had not done it on purpose!

How could he have imagined that even Lu Huaiyu had not known about this matter?

Clearly, little sister Ah Li liked him a lot. So, why would she hide such an important matter from him?

Cheng Xiyue silently quieted down. This time, he not only regretted having invited Lu Huaiyu out to eat, but he even regretted calling Shen Li.

However, this kind of quiet and tense atmosphere could not last for too long because it was really too suffocating.

Thus, after a while, Cheng Xiyue cleared his throat and tried to cover up for himself.

“I think, it is indeed hard to comment on this matter. After all, it involves Elder Mei and other people! Moreover, Sister Ah Li has always been obedient and sensible. She would not willingly hide it from you, Lu Er! But even though she hid it, there’s no need to go overboard…”

As he spoke, he glanced to the side.

Then, he saw a faint smile appear on Lu Huaiyu’s face.

Cheng Xiyue’s eyelids twitched, and he subconsciously looked at the rearview mirror.

The young girl sitting in the backseat had already lowered her head to play with her phone, pretending not to hear.


Very good. It looked like it was not just this matter that Shen Li had hidden from Lu Er.

Yet, he had even specially singled out this matter to mention?

Cheng Xiyue was silent for quite a while.

“Lu Er, I suddenly don’t feel very well. Why don’t we just forget about this dinner tonight?”

Lu Huaiyu turned his head to look at him. A faint smile appeared on his handsome and noble face.

“Not well? Is it very serious?”

Cheng Xiyue’s expression was solemn as he nodded in deep pain.

“It’s very serious. I think it might be fatal soon.


A look of concern appeared on Lu Huaiyu’s face.

“Then I’ll help you contact the hospital after we finish eating later.”

Cheng Xiyue was dumbfounded.

Fifteen minutes later, the three of them finally arrived at the barbecue shop.

Lu Huaiyu got out of the car first before going to open the car door for Shen Li. After that, he took her hand and walked inside.

“This shop is newly opened. I’ve heard that the food is pretty good. Their specialty is grilled lamb chops. Would you like to try it later?”

Shen Li followed along beside him and obediently nodded when she heard that.


The two of them chatted in this way as they went in, leaving Cheng Xiyue behind, who got out of the car last, feeling very disgruntled.


Was it not Sister Ah Li who had hidden that matter from Lu Er?

Why was it that these two people were completely fine, and he was the only one who was miserable?

This feeling was further deepened while they were ordering the food.

They entered a four-seater private room. Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu sat on one side while Cheng Xiyue sat on the opposite side alone.

Lu Huaiyu was helping Shen Li with the order.

“Grilled squid?”

Shen Li nodded and raised her finger again.

“Second Brother, do you want the five-flowered beef?”

Lu Huaiyu then made a tick on the menu again.

They obviously knew each other’s tastes well.

After listening for a while, Cheng Xiyue began to feel hungry. He decided to ask,”Lu Er, please help me add a serving of tenderloin.”

Lu Huaiyu made a tick for a serving of onion rings.

Cheng Xiyue was sitting across from him and saw it clearly. He could not stop his eyes from twitching!

This man was too vengeful!

So, since he could not bear to bicker with Sister Ah Li, he was aiming all his dissatisfaction at him?

He wanted to fight back, but he really did not have the guts. After hesitating for a long time, he could only turn to Shen Li to plead,”Little Sister Ah Li, how about adding another serving of roasted shiitake mushrooms?”

Lu Huaiyu ticked on an especially spicy green pepper.

Cheng Xiyue was speechless.

Finally, he tactfully shut his mouth.

Cheng Xiyue’s first dinner in the Capital during this visit was truly very “sumptuous.”.

In the middle, Shen Li went out to the bathroom.

After she left, Cheng Xiyue finally could not hold it in anymore.

“Lu Er, this double standard of yours is a little too much!”

Lu Huaiyu looked a little surprised.

“Why? Is this only the first day that you’ve known that?”

Cheng Xiyue was lost for words.

He really could not say anything.

“I was truly just asking casually!” Cheng Xiyue felt that he was really going to die from the injustice. “Moreover, if you really care about this matter, you should just tell Sister Ah Li directly!”

Actually, in Cheng Xiyue’s view, this was completely understandable.

No one would want to become the person who had a secret hidden from them.

Especially, Shen Li was really very special to Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“This matter isn’t that important.”

After all, she herself was far more important than any of these matters.

Cheng Xiyue was momentarily stunned.


Lu Huaiyu was famous for having an aloof, proud, and hard-to-discipline temperament.

No one dared to lie to him, no one dared to hide a secret from him.

It was only with Shen Li that he had the most patience and favoritism.

If she did not say it, he would not ask, much less mind her not mentioning it.

Lu Huaiyu was quiet for a few seconds, then leaned back and said with a faint smile,”I know that she’s hiding something from me, but isn’t it the same for me?”

Cheng Xiyue’s expression changed slightly, and his voice lowered.

“… But this really can’t be blamed on you…”

Lu Huaiyu’s gaze was calm as he enunciated each word.

“Whether she says it or not, as long as she’s here, it’s fine.”

As long as she was here with him, it would be fine.

Shen Li exited the restroom and walked towards the barbeque shop.

From the corner of her eyes, she suddenly saw a somewhat familiar figure.

She focused her eyes and looked over, her pupils slightly squinting.

Shi Yang?

He seemed to have just come out of a Hong Kong-style restaurant. There were a few other people with him, but it was clear that he was the center of attention.

Soon, she saw another familiar person among the other people.

Tao Siwen.