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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 100 - Still Can’t Get Used to It

Chapter 100: Still Can’t Get Used to It

Ning Li woke up a little later than usual. When she arrived at school, the morning session of self-learning class was over.

Lu Huaiyu suggested that she take a day off for a good rest, but she insisted on going to school.

She snuck into class through the backdoor.

When she sat in her seat, He Xiaochen looked at her in shock. “Ning Li?! Didn’t you get some sleep last night?”

Her eyes had red veins around the edges, and she looked like she had burned the midnight oil.

Nevertheless, Ning Li shook her head. “I’m fine.”

She had not planned to sleep at all, but she fell asleep in the end without even realizing it. It was the first in many years. Even though she only had an hour of sleep, it was the best sleep she had in years.

He Xiaochen felt bad for the girl. She took her water bottle and said, “I’ll get you some water. Meanwhile, get some rest.”

Before Ning Li could stop her, Ye Ci’s voice came from in front. “Sister Ning Li! I’m glad that you are fine!”

Ning Li frowned.

Ye Ci came over when she saw Ning Li walk in.

While holding two water bottles in her hand, He Xiaochen was stunned when she heard Ye Ci. Ye Ci’s words sounded like Ning Li had almost gotten involved with something dangerous.

Ning Li leaned back in the chair and looked at her. She asked, “What could possibly have happened to me?”

Ye Ci feigned a relief sigh. “You didn’t come home last night. We were worried about you, especially Mom. She waited for you in the living room for the entire night and only went to bed in the morning.”

She intentionally raised her voice when she explained the matter to Ning Li. The class already knew the strange relationship between her and Ning Li. Furthermore, she turned heads when she walked over to Ning Li’s seat. When the class heard what she said, the lively ambiance died off quite a bit.

Many other students turned around and looked at her.

Last night, Ye Ci and Ning Li had left school together, yet Ye Ci claimed that Ning Li did not go home for the entire night and that her mother had stayed up all night for her.

Ning Li raised a brow. “Really? What a surprise. I think that’s her first time staying up for me.”

The look on Ye Ci’s face froze for a moment.

Ning Li smiled in a profound manner. “I still can’t get used to it.”

Ye Ci felt embarrassed. It was Ning Li’s fault for staying out the whole night, yet when the words came out of her mouth, it sounded like others had wronged her.

Ye Ci paused slightly before she asked, “I heard from Brother Xiyue that you spent the night with Lu…”

Before she could utter Lu Huaiyu’s name, Ning Li was already glaring at her. “What are you trying to get out of me?”

Ye Ci was diffident in front of Ning Li’s glare as if all her thoughts were exposed under the light. She unconsciously altered her words. “N-nothing.”

Ning Li had a glance at her watch. It was a minute away from the start of Mathematics class, the first class of the day. She said to He Xiaochen, “I’ll go have a nap in the office, and I’ll come back for the next class.”

Lin Zhouyang, who had just come back from the English teacher’s office, was devastated after hearing what Ning Li said.

Ning Li was inhuman! Not only did she sleep in class, but she even wanted to sleep at the office!

“Is this the privilege of being a genius?” Lin Zhouyang grumbled softly.

He Xiaochen gave him a sympathetic look. “There, there. There are also privileges as a poor student. Look, with a trip to the English teacher’s office, you won’t need to write your report anymore.”

Lin Zhouyang was speechless.

Ning Li simply left the classroom, leaving an embarrassed Ye Ci behind.

Ye Ci was petrified for a while before she returned to her seat with a long face.

Cheng Xiangxiang was there as well. She noticed Ye Ci’s sour expression and Ning Li’s ruthless figure walking away.

“Lil Ci, did you say that Ning Li didn’t go home last night?”

Ye Ci nodded. “Let’s just put it aside for now. I’m glad that she’s fine. How about you? How are you keeping up?”

The mention of her condition made Cheng Xiangxiang angry, but she was embarrassed to reveal that much in front of the class. She had lost to Ning Li in the race and almost fell off the horse in the end. She would undeniably be the joke of the class if the news got out.

“I’m getting better. It’s not that serious anyway.”


Ye Ci took her Mathematics textbook out and opened it, but halfway through, she could no longer concentrate anymore. She heard from Cheng Xiangxiang that Ning Li had won the horse race and that Lu Huaiyu had also been present.

Last night, Ning Li seemed to have spent the night at Lu Huaiyu’s place as well.

Why did she do that?

Although the two were not related by blood, Lu Huaiyu treated Ning Li like his family.

Ning Li went to the Physics teacher’s office.

Zhou Fei generously gave her his spot and went to class.

She claimed that she wanted to have a nap, but she was not tired at all. She simply shut her eyes and lay down on the table.

She only needed a little amount of sleep, even more so after she came back to life.

In her past life, when she had been locked up at the rehabilitation center, Ye Ci had told the doctor to inject her with a large number of sedatives. Back then, her mind had always been muddled, and she could not even tell night from day.

She hated the feeling. Even until now, she still could feel the heavy sensation occasionally in her head.

In the capital, Xu Yini emerged from the set and got into her car. She got her phone from her assistant and quickly scrolled through it.

There were two missed calls and a bunch of messages, most of which were from the producers and directors.

Her debut film was a box office hit with her performance winning the critics’ hearts. She became popular overnight and was the hottest star in the industry at the moment.

Combined with the connections and background from the Xu family, she never had to worry about resources. The invitations that she got from movies, dramas, and variety programs were endless.

Sitting in front, Mei Li said, “I’ve filtered through the scripts that we got recently, and there are two decent ones. Have a look.”

Xu Yini simply answered without even looking at her manager, appearing to be engrossed in her thoughts.

After the call from Lu Huaiyu last night, nothing happened. She posted the status on Weibo and even sent him an apology message, but she did not get a reply at all. She wondered if he was still mad at her.

Xu Yini had known the man for many years, and he had always given her the cold shoulder, but nothing had been close to the fierce tone he had adopted last night.

She told Mei Li that she did not make him look bad, but deep down, she knew she had stepped on a landmine this time.

A slight hesitation later, she decided to call Lu Huaiyu. However, he did not pick up, so she sent him a message.

[Huaiyu, are you free tonight? I want to have dinner with you. Consider it an apology.]

Lu Huaiyu did not reply as well. She waited for a long time, and her patience eventually wore thin.

Some thoughts later, she decided to call the Lu family instead. Fang Qingyun picked up.

“Miss Xu?”

Xu Yini asked, “Hello, Uncle Fang. Is Huaiyu at home? I have something to tell him, but he’s not answering my calls.”

Fang Qingyun knew what this call was about, and he subtly sighed.

After all, everyone knew that Xu Yini fancied Lu Huaiyu. Frankly speaking, be it her background or her looks, Xu Yini was a decent girl and was quite a match for the second son of the Lu family.

However, Lu Huaiyu did not like her, and there was nothing his family could do about it. Moreover, the scandal had ended on a rather bitter note as well.

“Miss Xu, Second Master isn’t home.”

Surprised, Xu Yini asked, “He’s not? Where did he go?”

“He actually flew back to Yunzhou last night.”


What urgent matter could he have in Yunzhou that required his utmost attention?