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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 987 - Don’t Try to Lie to the Doctor

Chapter 987: Don’t Try to Lie to the Doctor

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Wen Xiao quickly called again.

Shen Li frowned slightly. She then remembered that he had called her today because he had something to ask of her.

However, she had been too busy talking about Saint just now.

Sure enough, nothing ever went smoothly whenever it came to this name.

Shen Li exhaled lightly and answered the call.

“Little ancestor, you’d better not be angry with Saint for now.” Wen Xiao exhaled deeply and said with a complicated tone, “There’s something even worse.”

Hearing him say this, Shen Li suddenly felt uneasy.

“What is it?”

Wen Xiao was quiet for a few seconds, as if he was considering how to tell her the news.

After repeatedly thinking it over, he realized that there was no solution to this problem.

Thus, he could only accept his fate and spread his hands.

“The results of the draw for the venue of this year’s World Championship are out.”

The venue of the previous World Championship had been selected from five major cities.

The specific choice had been decided by the organizing committee three months before the competition.

She had actually forgotten that today was the day that the venue for the competition would be selected.

That ominous premonition became even stronger.

Shen Li almost subconsciously held her breath.

“Where will it be held?”

Wen Xiao paused.


Shen Li did not speak for a long time.

In fact, when Wen Xiao had mentioned this matter to her, she had already sensed that something was wrong from the tone of his voice.

It was not that she had not thought about this result, but when she really heard it for herself, her heart still skipped a beat.


They had actually happened to draw Leland…

Leland naturally had the qualifications to be listed as one of the top five venues.

The second largest professional racing venue in the world was there, and there were many talented drivers there as well. Leland had been the champion in the last World Championship, and their team was also one of the top teams in the world.

However, Shen Li really had not expected that with a one-in-five chance, they would have actually picked Leland.

Before Ron’s accident, she had never considered becoming a real professional racer.

In that rally, she had taken Ron’s place for Ji Shu and LY’s sakes.

Later, LY had won the championship and had automatically become the team that would represent China.

She had no reason to suddenly quit.

Moreover, on the day of the championship, Ji Shu had looked back and given her a thumbs up. His smile had been unbridled. On the stands, countless spectators cheered and shouted enthusiastically, even though they were far away, they could still clearly feel the gaze coming from Wen Xiao behind them…

The moment she had taken off her helmet, the breeze carried away all the heat and ignited all the emotions in her heart.

How could she not be moved by each scene?

That was why she had continued to stay at LY to take on the role of captain in Ron’s place.

She had too many reasons to continue moving up.

However, she had overlooked one thing.

She had not expected that the competition venue would be at Leland.

Wen Xiao was clearly troubled by this matter as well.

“The results of the draw have come out. There’s no possibility of changing it.”

Hence, after he received the news, he had immediately given Shen Li a call.

This was really difficult to handle.

“Now, unless you withdraw from the competition of your own initiative, you must go to Leland.”

Wen Xiao took another puff of his cigarette and frowned. When he spoke, his voice had lowered and there was a seriousness in it that was rare.

“Regarding this matter, you… need to think about it carefully.”

Shen Li fell silent.

Time seemed to be particularly difficult at this moment.

After a while, Wen Xiao added,”Actually, you don’t have to give me an answer right now. There are still three months before the competition. You can take the test–”

“I’ll go.”

Shen Li suddenly spoke and interrupted him.

Wen Xiao was stunned.

“Are you sure?”


Shen Li’s tone was calm.

Of course, she could choose to withdraw from the race. In the whole of LY, no one could force her to go onto the field.

The World Championship was the highest standard race in the racing circle. Countless racers had put in countless efforts, yet they might not even be qualified enough to go onto the field.

However, if they did not want to compete, it could not be any simpler.

There were many reasons, and injuries were the most direct ones.

But if she did not go, LY’s chances of winning the championship would be greatly reduced.

Ron’s surgery had been very successful. He had been discharged from the hospital some time ago, and his body was recovering very well.

However, there was still a long way to go before he could compete again.

With just Ji Shu alone, the hope was too slim.

Even with Wen Xiao leading the team now, it was the same.

After all, it was a world-class professional competition, and the competition was extremely fierce.

“Ah Li.”

Wen Xiao called her name.

“Actually, the competition and honor are not that important.”

Shen Li shook her head.

“But Ji Shu, you, and LY are very important to me.”

This time, it was Wen Xiao’s turn to be silent.

Shen Li lowered her eyes slightly, as if she was thinking about something, and seemed somewhat lost in thought.

“Also, I really want to go there to see the place again.”

Her tone was very calm and indifferent, but for some reason, Wen Xiao felt that her words seemed to contain a lot of emotion.

After a long time, he finally let out a long breath, put out the cigarette, and said somewhat irritably, “I got it.”

“There’s still some time before the competition, so you can make more preparations. Also, if you regret it, feel free to say so.”

Shen Li’s lips curved.

“Thank you, Uncle Wen.”

Wen Xiao did not say anything else and immediately ended the call.

Shen Li put down her phone and quietly sat for a while. Then, she got up and went to the studio.

Elsewhere, Lu Huaiyu went with Gu Tinglan to his private clinic.

Gu Tinglan looked at the time.

“How long do you usually sleep in the afternoon?”

Lu Huaiyu sat opposite him with his long legs crossed. He smiled when he heard that.

“Actually, there’s no need for me to force myself to sleep anymore.”

Gu Tinglan looked into his eyes. His voice remained gentle and calm.

“Lu Huaiyu, you’re a patient. Don’t try to lie to the doctor.”