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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 986 - : Was Not the First Time She Had Lost to Someone Else

Chapter 986: Was Not the First Time She Had Lost to Someone Else

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was as expected.

When she heard Gu Tinglan mention it before, she had gotten a faint hunch.

So, it really was…

She stared at the name for a few seconds, then her fingertips moved and she clicked the file open.

Saint’s information unfolded before her eyes.

Name: Saint.

Age: Unknown.

Gender: Unknown.

Nationality: Unknown.

Looking at this form, Shen Li’s red lips twitched slightly.

Unknown, unknown. Other than a code name that was definitely not a real name, the rest of the information was unknown.

Below that were all the transaction records of Saint at the Jockey Club.

The most recent one was the bet they had won at the Jockey Club last August.

Shen Li stared at the familiar bank card number and the shocking amount behind it with a blank expression. She was silent for a long time.

Then, she got up and went to the refrigerator to get a bottle of ice water.

She took a sip of water. As the ice-cold liquid flowed down her throat, the fire in her chest subsided slightly.

After a while, she continued to look down.

Saint’s first transaction record had appeared five years ago.

It was during the annual horse race, and there had not been many bets.

However– the person had made a profit every time.

Although the winnings in the previous few years were not as much as the last bet, it was still considered a huge profit.

The more Shen Li looked down, the more she felt a nameless anger surge inside her.

She took another sip of water, but this time, was unable to quench the fire within her anymore.

She was so frustrated that she simply chose to quit. Out of sight, out of mind.

Returning to the previous page, below Saint was another name.


This list had been arranged according to the latest transaction records. The higher the bet, the higher the name was listed.

There had been a total of seven members participating in last year’s horse race event.

Among them, Saint and Gambler were the two who had earned the most, so naturally, they ranked at the top.

Of course, if these two were to compete against each to see who was better…

This list ranking was enough to explain everything.

Shen Li opened up the file containing Gambler’s information.

Just like Saint, other than a code name, the rest of the information was unknown.

However, this information showed that Gambler’s first transaction had been during the year before last.

Moreover, although the number of years he had participated was less than Saint’s, the number of bets he had made was no less than the other party’s.

More importantly, he had won all of them.

Compared to Saint, the amount that Gambler had bet was not high. However, after winning so many rounds, the total was not a small amount.

However, people were afraid of being compared.

Shen Li thought of the numbers on the page just now and looked at this again. Suddenly, she felt even more suffocated.

She closed the computer with a snap.

Just then, the phone that she had put aside rang.

She looked at it and saw that Wen Xiao was calling.


She answered the call, lowering her voice slightly with a hint of coldness in it.

Wen Xiao was momentarily stunned before he smiled and said,”What’s the matter? Who was it that was capable enough to provoke you?”

Shen Li’s personality was cold and reserved, and she generally did not show her emotions on her face. It was actually very difficult for an ordinary person to cause her to have such an obvious emotional fluctuation.

That was why Wen Xiao felt that it was strange.

“It’s nothing.”

There was still a hint of irritation in Shen Li’s eyes.

“I just discovered some information about something. It’s bad luck.”

Wen Xiao was lost for words.

Was she really angry?

He jokingly said,”The last time you were this angry, I believe it was because of Saint?”

Shen Li suddenly quieted down.

The atmosphere froze.

Wen Xiao also realized something and said in disbelief, “… It can’t be, right? It’s still… But now, other than the relationship between a creditor and a debtor, there shouldn’t be any other connections. Why did he recruit you all of a sudden?”

Besides, they were not in Leland.

Shen Li was expressionless

“I know that I still owe him money, so you don’t have to remind me again and again.”

Wen Xiao coughed.

“I’m just mentioning it… But what’s going on with you today?”

Shen Li was silent for a long time before she said, “Do you remember how I paid off my second debt last year?”

“Yes, I remember. Didn’t you win money betting on horses in Hong Kong City?”

Wen Xiao shook the lighter and took a cigarette case out of her pocket. He placed a cigarette between his lips and lit it.

Shen Li owed a huge amount of debt in Leland and had been paying it off in installments.

Her most important source of income had been selling paintings and underground car racing.

Logically speaking, she had earned quite a lot, but she owed even more. It had still not been enough to scrape everything together.

Originally, Wen Xiao had thought that she would default on the payment, but in the end, she had managed to turn the tables during her trip to Hong Kong City.


“The money you earned back then was basically used to pay off your debts, right? So, there should only be a small amount left?”

Wen Xiao took a deep breath.

Shen Li said, “At that time, there was someone who earned more than me.”

Wen Xiao coughed violently.

“Cough Cough Cough Cough Cough! What– What did you– cough– say?!”

Shen Li continued.

“That person was Saint.”

Her tone was extremely calm, but when Wen Xiao heard it, he felt a chill run down his spine.

He finally managed to ease his cough, feeling completely shocked.

“It really was Saint? Are you sure?!”

“The membership information of the Jockey Club is in my hands right now.”


That’s right. Dutian Racecourse belonged to her now, so naturally, she had the right to look into it.

But this was too–

Wen Xiao came back to his senses.

“In that case, not only did the person swallow the prize money that you worked so hard to win, but he also earned more than you?”

The only thing that came from the other end of the phone was dead silence.

For some reason, Wen Xiao felt that although he was only on a phone call and could not see the other person, he still felt a trace of danger.


Wen Xiao coughed dryly,

“Actually… It’s not the first time you’ve lost to someone, right? Besides, this time, at least they didn’t trick you again and make you pay the debt again. You said–”


Shen Li immediately ended the call.