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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 980 - Lovers

Chapter 980: Lovers

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

This ID was very familiar to her. The person was very active in the super talk, and almost every time they entered the lucky draw on Weibo by giving high praises, the person would win first place.

He Xiaochen was very jealous. She said that this fan had won the lucky draw so many times that it was enough to fill up a wall.

Even Shen Li herself had accidentally clicked on the account several times before.

So she had quite a deep impression of it.

But now… for some reason, she felt an indescribable subtle feeling.

She thought for a moment and clicked on [ Ali No. 1]’s homepage.

The blogger’s homepage was very rich in content. Apart from reposting the lucky draws, there were also several original Weibo posts.

Other than the latest reposting of the lucky draw, the next post was [ Today’s news: Ah Li actually likes Ronai’s paintings! ]

Shen Li raised her eyebrows slightly.

Not many people knew that she liked Ronai’s, especially since this post had been posted the day before yesterday.

At that time, the art exhibition had not even started yet. She had only told Mei Yan, Qing Yu, and Shen Zhijin about going to the art exhibition.

Oh, right, there had been another person.

— Lu Huaiyu.

Shen Li scrolled down and saw that the next post was also an original one.

There was no caption, only a picture. It was a pink and tender mug with a picture of her cartoon version printed on it.

Needless to say, this was another prize.

The picture of this mug had been taken on the table, and behind it was a bookshelf. The bright sunlight shone through the window. The tone was warm, and the atmosphere of the book was rich.


Shen Li narrowed her eyes and looked at it carefully.

Why did this bookshelf look a little familiar?

She enlarged the photo.

Then, she showed the photo to Lu Huaiyu.

“Second Brother, look at this bookshelf. Is it the same type as Grandpa Lu’s study?”

Lu Huaiyu’s gaze fell on the picture.

Shen Li continued,”Even the books on the bookshelf are very coincidental, right?”

Lu Huaiyu paused and said sincerely,”… It’s rare that the old man manages to find joy in something other than playing chess with others.”

Shen Li was speechless.

If she had to choose between playing chess with Old Master Lu or watching Old Master Lu participate in the lucky draws on Weibo–

She nodded, put away her phone, and said seriously, “It’s good for the old man to have more hobbies and interests.”

Sister Carp’s Weibo post caused a riot in Shen Li’s Super Words. Moreover, because the prizes from the lottery were too extravagant, it had directly gone out of the circle and became a hot topic.

Countless passersby were stunned by this amount of money.

[ Is this Shen Li’s fan? She’s too rich! ]

[ A pure gold medal is only a third-class prize??? What kind of inhumane behavior is this? ]

[ I’m speechless. It’s only been a while since there was any news about Shen Li, yet her fans are already so eager to come out and open for business? Can you please not get them fired up? ]

[ To the person above, the sour smell is overflowing from your screen, okay? Sister is in the fashion circle, racing circle, research circle, and oil painting circle, but she’s not in the entertainment circle, so why are you criticizing her? ]

[ The entire hall burst into laughter! Was someone actually trying to imply that Ah Li was trying to stir up trouble? She doesn’t even have a Weibo account! This is pure fan entertainment. Is it Ah Li’s fault that she’s so likable? Sister Carp has spent a lot of money just to be happy. If it’s too painful for you to see it, please go out and turn right. You can slip away by yourself, okay? ]

[ You’re saying that Shen Li is just trying to create hype. Before criticizing someone, can you delete the repost of the lucky draw Weibo on the homepage? ]

Shen Li indeed did not have a Weibo account, but her multiple identities had attracted fans from all walks of life. She was also very popular. She did not need to deliberately make data and control comments like some celebrity fans. She was still very capable.

That comment was quickly deleted, and the comment section was still filled with jubilation.

# How rich Shen Li’s fans are # was also trending on Weibo.

Everyone lamented that this Sister Carp was very rich and capricious, and they all began to forward it.

On Tuesday night, Shen Li went to the large lecture hall to do some quiet study.

When she arrived, there were still five minutes before the class started. The entire classroom was almost full, but because they knew that she was also in the class, the students in the class automatically left the last row of seats in the corner for her.

Shen Li sat down in her seat and realized that the atmosphere in the classroom tonight seemed to be particularly lively.

Shen Li vaguely heard words like “Lucky Draw”, and people kept turning their heads to look in her direction.

Just then, her phone lit up. It was a message from He Xiaochen.

[ Ah Li! The lucky draw is about to start! Please wish me luck! Please make the wish that I’ll win a prize today! ]

Below, there was a row of praying emojis with their hands clasped together.

Only then did Shen Li remember that extremely rich Weibo post. It seemed that the lucky draw was happening today.

Her finger tapped on the screen.

[ Then I wish that you will win a prize in the lucky draw. ]

He Xiaochen did not reply, so Shen Li also held her breath. She casually put her phone aside and opened her book.

After a few minutes, the screen lit up. He Xiaochen was calling her directly.

Shen Li clicked “reject” before replying.

[ I’m doing quiet study. What’s up? ]

Very soon, a barrage of messages was sent over.

[ Ahhhhhhhhhhh! ]

[ Ah Li! I’ve won the lucky draw! I’ve really won the lucky draw! You’re truly my lucky star… Ahhhhhh! ]

[ I didn’t expect that there would be a day in my life when I would be able to join the privileged! I did it! I really did it! ]

Shen Li did not know why, but at that moment, she felt disturbed by these words.

She replied with congratulations, but she was soon drowned in He Xiaochen’s message.

[ First prize! First Prize! What kind of luck is this?! Hahahahaha! ]

[ Ah Li! I want to treat you to a meal! What would you like to eat? It’s on me! ]

Shen Li thought about it.

[ I remember that the first prize is the ticket to the concert, right? ]

[ Yes! And it’s to any concert in the country within a year! I’ve earned it, I’ve earned it! ]

Shen Li raised her head and looked forward.

Ren Qian and her had both chosen this section to do their quiet study. At this moment, they were sitting against the wall, turning their pens with one hand and reading with their heads down.

She heard from He Xiaochen that the mathematics department was organizing a competition recently, and Ren Qian was one of the participants.

She lowered her head and replied.

[ I believe it’s a ticket meant for a couple, right? ]

He Xiaochen was stunned.

[ Huh? ]

She had been so focused on her happiness that she had forgotten to look at this!

Shen Li looked up again and saw Ren Qian taking his phone out as if he was reading a message.

She raised her eyebrows slightly and clicked on that Weibo post again.

The results of the lucky draw had just come out, and she saw a familiar ID at first glance.

[ Congratulations to Li No. 1 for winning the special prize “A week of luxury travel abroad for parents and children”! ]