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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 979 - Happy Events

Chapter 979: Happy Events

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In fact, before this, she had almost never thought about what Lu Huaiyu’s family was like.

She had not even had the concept that being with this man, also meant that his family might also become her family.

It was not until today that everything had finally become tangible to her.

It was… a very subtle feeling.

It seemed to be difficult to express with mere words.

She played with his slender fingers and felt the warmth coming from his palm. She nodded again.

Lu Huaiyu looked down at her, his gaze calm and profound.

After a moment, the corners of his lips curled up slightly.

“That’s good.”

After so many things had happened today, the young girl’s ability to accept it all was quite high.

Shen Li said, “However, I was indeed surprised that Grandpa Lu has been playing on Weibo.”

She remembered that in the past, Grandpa Lu had not been very familiar with WeChat.

She had not expected him to be participating in the lucky draws on Weibo now, and that he would even win a prize.

However, when she thought of the custom bookmark in Grandpa Lu’s book, she found that the picture was very beautiful.

However, considering that it was a gift that Grandpa Lu had won in the lucky draw, it was pretty good.

“And his luck is pretty good.” Shen Li looked up. “Xiaochen has also been participating in the lucky draws, but she’s only ever won phone cases and postcards. She has never won a custom bookmark before.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows slightly, but did not comment on Old Master Lu’s good luck.

As Shen Li was speaking, her phone suddenly vibrated.

She took it out and looked at it. It was a series of exclamation marks that had been sent by He Xiaochen.

[ Ah Li… Ahhhhhh! Sister Carp has done something big this time! Come quickly and see it… Ahhhhhhh! ]

There was also a Weibo link included below.

Shen Li was stunned.

If she had seen this in the past, she probably would not have cared too much.

But now–

She clicked on it and found that it was [ Is Carp Married Today? ] who had just posted a Weibo ten minutes ago.

It was still the same lucky draw on Weibo as before, but the difference was that the size of the prize this time was amazing.

Special Prize: One-week luxury family trip abroad for parents and children (1).

First Prize: Tickets to any celebrity concert in the couple’s home country, including round-trip expenses and accommodation (5)

Second Prize: A scarf jointly signed by Ning and G&S (10 pieces)

Third Prize: Pure Gold Princess Cartoon Ah Li Token (20 sets)

Shen Li’s eyelids twitched as she looked at the list of prizes.

The comments section had gone crazy.

[ F*ck!!! Sister Carp, what kind of big deal is this? ]

[ She owns a mine, right? Sister Carp must have a mine at home, right? ]

[ Sister Carp, what happy event is this? You can literally feel the happiness through the screen! ]

There were not many likes on this comment, but it was quickly pushed to the top because the blogger had replied to this comment.

[ Yes ]

It was very noble and elegant.

But this one-word reply quickly ignited everyone’s enthusiasm.

That was because Sister Carp had never replied to any comments other than posting on Weibo for the lucky draw before. If it was not for the fact that she had been working on the surrounding lucky draw, everyone would have thought that this was a zombie account.

[ Sister Carp has spoken, f*ck! ]

[ What a ‘yes’. This queen’s aura is about to crush my face. Can you tell me what the good news is? We should also share the good news! ]

[ Ahhhhhh, I really want to know! Sister Carp, if you tell us, we will also be happy! ]

[ Oh my god, what kind of good news is this that has made Sister Carp organize the biggest lucky draw ever? Could it be that Sister Carp’s wish has come true and has really gotten married today? ]

Although no one understood what “Carp” meant here, with this ID, the meaning of the wish could not be more obvious.

Shen Li looked at the [ Yes ], that had not even bothered with using punctuation marks, and fell into silence.

“What’s wrong?”

Sensing that something was wrong with her, Lu Huaiyu looked over.

The next second, he also saw the comment and answer.

So, he also fell silent.

The atmosphere in the car was subtle.

After a moment, Shen Li realized something. She raised her head and slowly said, “Second brother, you should know this blogger, right?”

Although it was a question, her tone was very confident.

Lu Huaiyu met her gaze.

“You… know him too?”

The two of them fell silent.

After a long time, Shen Li asked, “Did Second Brother know about it from the beginning?”

Lu Huaiyu pressed the space between his eyebrows.

“No, I only found out when you showed me those ruby earrings previously.”

Shen Li did not say anything.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her and asked again, “Did you… just realize it today?”

Shen Li nodded slowly.

“What a coincidence, I also found out when I saw those ruby earrings.”

She had seen the pictures, and then she had seen the real thing. Of course, it was different.

However, it was obviously meaningless to argue about this at this time.

Lu Huaiyu thought for a moment and tried to explain.

“Actually, my mom… just likes rubies.”

Shen Li said, “Aunt Fang also gave me sapphires, emeralds, and pink diamonds today.”

Lu Huaiyu was speechless.

“And–” Shen Li hesitated for a long time before she finally said, “Are you sure that Aunt Fang really only likes rubies?”

What about all those little skirts, shoes, and little crowns that were eternally present?

Lu Huaiyu was silent for a long time before he finally confessed,”My mother’s lifelong dream has always been to have a daughter.”

Shen Li was quiet.

She looked at Weibo again.

Special Prize: A week of luxurious family trips abroad for the parents and children (1)

Parents and children.

“Oh,” She nodded slowly and said, “I understand.”

She swiped down and soon saw another hot comment.

[ Ah Li No. 1: What a coincidence! I also experienced a happy event today! I hope I can make a big impact and win the special prize! ]

Shen Li’s eyelids twitched.