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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 977 - Has Been Touched!

Chapter 977: Has Been Touched!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The entire living room suddenly fell silent.

The bookmark had fallen on the coffee table, and it was impossible to pretend not to see it.

The cartoon figure of Ah Li, who was wearing a smoke-gray princess dress, was sparkly and cute.

Anyone could see who it was.

Old Master Lu’s entire body instantly froze.

It was over!

Ah Li was still there!

It was dead silent, and the air seemed to freeze.

Shen Li looked at the bookmark and slowly shifted her gaze to Old Master Lu.

Lu Huaiyu’s eyebrows jumped.

This was Lu Zheng’s first time seeing this. He had never thought that his old father would still hide this thing. After he recovered from his shock, he was the first to turn his head to look at Fang Yunyi, who was sitting beside him.

Fang Yunyi immediately glared at him. “What are you looking at!”

Lu Zheng tactfully withdrew his gaze.

Time seemed to be passing very slowly at this moment.

Countless explanations flashed through Old Master Lu’s mind, but when they reached his mouth, he could not say anything.

In the end, Shen Li was the first to break the silence.

“… Grandpa Lu, I think this looks… familiar?”

Old Master Lu gritted his teeth and steeled his heart. He quickly adjusted his state of mind and chuckled.

“Is that so? Ah Li, does this look like you?”

Everyone was stupefied.

The surroundings became even quieter.

Old Master Lu clenched his fist to his lips and gave a forceful cough.

“This, this… it’s really interesting. Guess how I came about it? I won it in a lottery on Weibo!”

He sighed.

“Tell me, how lucky am I!”

Everyone remained silent.

Lu Huaiyu tilted his head and took a deep breath.

He was his biological grandfather after all.

Thinking of this, he finally opened his mouth and tried to salvage the situation.

“Grandfather is a fan of your Weibo account.”

Shen Li nodded slowly.

She could tell.

At this point, wasn’t saying this sentence the same as not saying it?

She thought for a while and deliberated over her words.

“I didn’t expect… that Grandfather Lu would be so good at using… Weibo.”

Old Master Lu immediately felt as if he had received recognition. He recalled the days when he had painstakingly groped around. Feeling sad and proud, he waved his hand.

“Hey! It’s just a casual game! It was originally something that you young people play with. At my age, I’ve only learned a little!”

Shen Li said,”… You’re really amazing. You can be considered to have advanced with the times.”

Old Master Lu laughed.

“Not at all!”

Fang Yunyi was sitting elegantly. She smiled reservedly and nodded in agreement.

“Ah Li is right. You’re really amazing. I don’t even know how to play with this Weibo yet.”

Lu Zheng paused.

Lu Huaiyu closed his eyes and held his forehead.

Shen Li’s lips moved and she fell silent.

Only Old Master Lu was extremely happy.

“Yunyi, actually, this Weibo is really interesting!”

Since he had already been discovered, Old Master Lu might as well go all out and tell her in high spirits.

“Let me tell you, I’ve been following Ah Li’s super words. It’s filled with her fans who liked her very much! Usually, everyone will log into the super words and post something on Weibo, and there are often people organizing lucky draws.”

As he spoke, he picked up the bookmark,

“Look at this. It’s a custom-made periphery of her super fan on Weibo. I won it in a lucky draw by retweeting the post on Weibo!”

Fang Yunyi came to a realization.

“Ah… so that’s how it is…”

“Not only that, that fan organizes many activities, all of which are related to Ah Li!”

Old Master Lu thought it through very clearly.

Anyway, this custom-made bookmark had now been exposed and Shen Li had already seen it. She would definitely know that this was a super talk activity, even just by doing a casual search on Weibo.

Since that was the case, what was there to hide?

It was better to be honest!

Fang Yunyi nodded.

“In that case, that big fan of Ah Li must also like her very much?”

Old Master Lu agreed.

“That’s right!”

Shen Li was speechless.

Her gaze swept past Old Master Lu and Fang Yunyi again, but she did not say anything.

Coincidentally, at that moment, Zhang Chunlan came over to invite them to dinner, and this topic finally came to an end.

At the dining table, they began to talk about other things.

Fang Yunyi asked a lot of questions, mostly to understand Shen Li’s preferences and some of the things that had happened before.

This included her daily life at Xijing University, as well as the new year celebration at the Lu family’s residence, and so on.

Shen Li answered a portion of the questions, but Old Master Lu could not help but take the initiative to help answer some of the questions.

From Shen Li’s participation in the national physics competition to her arrival at Xijing University in the Capital, to her final results, and even the fact that she had passed all the exams that she applied for an exemption to the courses with full marks, he told them all. It was as if he knew everything.

In the end, Shen Li basically could not even say anything. She just ate in silence. A few people had taken turns to place some food in her bowl, so her rice bowl had already piled up into a small hill.

In short, the atmosphere at the table remained good even after the meal.

After the meal, Shen Li chatted with him for a while.

When Old Master Lu mentioned the happy part, he did not forget to impart some lessons to Fang Yunyi.

“Yunyi, Ah Li’s super words are really interesting! If you’re interested, you can also join in to play together! Maybe you’ll win a lucky draw too!”

Fang Yunyi nodded.

“Okay, then you can teach me later.”


Listening to their conversation, Shen Li finally could not hold it in anymore. She tilted her head slightly and lowered her voice as she spoke.

“Second Brother, do you think they really can’t see that I’m still here?”

Lu Huaiyu pinched her face comfortingly.


Shen Li was speechless.

This happened to be seen by Fang Yunyi. She stared at Lu Huaiyu and the hand that had landed on the little girl’s face and finally could not hold it in anymore. She waved at Shen Li.

“Ah Li, come over here for a moment.”


Shen Li was stunned, but she still walked over and sat down beside her.

“Aunt Fang?”

Fang Yunyi took her phone out.

“Look, this is the photo that Huaiyu took of us yesterday. I think the background is a little messy. Could you help me photoshop it?”

Shen Li was also stunned when she saw the photo, but she quickly nodded.


Then, she helped Fang Yunyi cut and trim the photo. She even added a filter and finally handed it back to Fang Yunyi to have a look.

“Aunt Fang, is this okay?”

Looking at her fair and soft cheeks, Fang Yunyi was ready to make her move. Finally, she could not help but raise her hand to touch Shen Li’s hair that had been tied into a bun.

She touched it!

Shen Li, whose hair had suddenly been touched, was also stunned for a moment. She looked up with a blank look in her eyes.

Fang Yunyi tried her best to maintain a dignified and elegant posture. She tapped her chin lightly, revealing a perfect smile with eight teeth.

“It looks good. Thank you, Ah Li.”

Shen Li was dumbfounded.

Had she even seen it yet?