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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 973 - Did I Recite It Wrongly?

Chapter 973: Did I Recite It Wrongly?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Zheng had already returned to the Lu family home and was currently chatting with Old Master Lu. When he heard the unconcealed joy and pride in Fang Yunyi’s words, he also smiled.

“Is that so?”

“That’s right!”

Fang Yunyi looked at her hand. It was fair and slender, just like a top-quality jade.

It was a pity… such a pity, that this hand had not managed to touch little Ah Li today.

Forget it, there would always be a chance in the future!

“At the art exhibition today, Ah Li and I chatted a lot!”

Although she had been a little stuck at the beginning, the more she had chatted with Shen Li, the more smoothly the conversation had become, and the happier they had become.

As a whole, she felt that her performance deserved at least nine points!

Lu Zheng was a little surprised.

“So, yesterday’s effort was not wasted?”

“Of course. I only memorized half of the book yesterday, but there are many paintings on display today that I had already seen! More importantly, there were a few paintings that Ah Li very much likes! Do you know what this is called?”

Fang Yunyi leaned back, her beautiful fingers lightly tapping on her knees.

“When the hearts are connected, mother and daughter are also connected!”

Lu Huaiyu opened his eyes and silently lowered the car window.

The cool night wind blew, and he tugged at the collar of his shirt.

Fang Yunyi did not notice his unusual behavior at all. She was still immersed in the intoxicating feeling of her self-affirmation.

Lu Zheng asked with a smile,”Does Ah Li know that she has a mother and daughter heart connection to you?”

How could Fang Yunyi not hear the ridicule in his words? She snorted lightly.

“She will, sooner or later.

“Lu Zheng, admit it. You’re just envious.”

Lu Huaiyu turned his head and looked at Fang Qingyun.

“Uncle Fang, how much longer until we get home?”

Fang Qingyun coughed lightly.

“Soon, soon.”

Lu Huaiyu took his phone out and lowered his head, wanting to send a message to Shen Li.

Fang Yunyi’s voice sounded.

“I’ll hang up first. I’ll let you be envious when we get home.”

Lu Huaiyu chose to give up on what he was typing on his phone screen.

Forget it.

Nothing could save her.

After Lu Zheng hung up the phone, Old Master Lu looked over.

“Was that a call from Yunyi?”

Lu Zheng nodded and poured out a cup of tea for Old Master Lu.

“She went to see the Ronai’s art exhibition today and happened to meet Ah Li, so they went around together.”

Old Master Lu was suddenly curious.

“How was it? How was it?”

Lu Zheng recalled the contents of the phone call just now and said, “Yunyi said that she and Ah Li hit it off very well. She was very happy to see the art exhibition today. I believe that Ah Li also likes her a lot.”

“I knew it!”

Old Master Lu chuckled, picked up the teacup, and blew on it.

“Yunyi has never been able to look at an art exhibition for more than an hour in the past, yet she was there almost the whole day today. Isn’t it obvious enough?”

Lu Zheng nodded.

“You’re right.”

However, he did not know whether she had been looking at paintings or a young lady.

Twenty minutes later, the black Panamera slowly stopped at the Lu family’s door.

Lu Huaiyu got out of the car and helped to open the car door for Fang Yunyi.

Fang Yunyi stepped out in her stilettos and walked into the house with an aura of victory surrounding her.


Fang Yunyi greeted Old Master Lu first.

Old Master Lu smiled and waved.

“Ah, Yunyi, you’re back. You’ve been wandering outside for a whole day. Are you tired? Sit down and rest!”

Fang Yunyi walked over and sat down on the sofa.

“I’m not tired. I talked to Ah Li for a long time.”

Lu Huaiyu followed behind and walked in.

“Grandpa, Dad.”

No one cared about him.

Old Master Lu sat forward and picked up a book on the coffee table.

“Really? Then tell me, what are Ah Li’s favorite paintings of Ronai?”

He could participate as well next time!

Fang Yunyi saw the book “Appreciation of the Collection of Ronai’s Works” in his hand and found that it was quite familiar.

“Dad, I think looks like my book?”

She had found this book on the spot yesterday when she got off the plane and found out that Shen Li likedRonai’s paintings.

How had it ended up with the old man now?

Lu Zheng explained, “I brought it over here. Dad happened to see it and was quite interested in it, so he picked it up to read.”

Old Man Lu felt that Fang Yunyi’s train of thought was very correct.

“Although we are not as professional as Mei Yanqing, it’s still good to know more about the subject!”

Fang Yunyi nodded in agreement. She took the book and started flipping through it.

“I remember Ah Li said today that she really liked that “Dusk” painting! Yes, that’s it!”

She flipped to a certain page, with a hint of pride in her bright eyes.

“Ah Li and I had a lot to talk about this painting today. She–”

Suddenly, her voice abruptly stopped.

Lu Huaiyu opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of ice water.

Old Master Lu asked curiously, “Yunyi, what’s wrong?”

Fang Yunyi held the book in front of her eyes and stared at the page in disbelief.

On the top was the “Dusk” painting, and the following two paragraphs were an analysis of it.

There was no problem with this painting, but the analysis–

She closed her eyes before starting to read from the book, word by word again.

It was really different from what she had memorized!

An absurd thought emerged in her mind.

Fang Yunyi put down the book stiffly and slowly said, “Huaiyu, did I…”

Lu Huaiyu took off the bottle cap and the cold liquid flowed down his throat.

Hearing this, he turned his head and looked over with a smile.


Fang Yunyi was lost for words.

That cool and beautiful face instantly became more and more interesting.

Old Master Lu and Lu Zheng both sensed that something was wrong.

Old Master Lu’s puzzled gaze swept over the two of them:

“Yunyi, Huaiyu, what’s wrong?”

Weren’t they just talking about this subject nicely? How had it suddenly become like this?

Lu Zheng narrowed his eyes. His gaze paused on Fang Yunyi’s face for a moment, and he vaguely guessed something.

“Did I recite it wrong?”

The moment these three words were spoken, the entire living room became deathly silent.

Old Master Lu looked at Fang Yunyi who was tightly clutching the book. He held himself back for a while, but he ultimately could not help but whisper, “That… Yunyi, don’t tear the book. I’m still reading it…”

Fang Yunyi suddenly stood up.

“Lu Huaiyu! Why didn’t you remind me at that time?! Do you still see me as your mother in your eyes?!”

Lu Huaiyu calmly reminded him.

“You told me to go to another hall to look at the exhibition by myself.”

Later, although he insisted on going along with her, he had failed time and time again. Fang Yunyi had only cared that both she and Shen Li had been chatting happily and had not given him a chance to speak at all.

Fang Yunyi’s breath was stuck in her chest and she was extremely vexed.

“I memorized it wrongly! How could I have memorized this wrongly?!”

Lu Zheng said, “Huaiyu, how could you talk to your mother like that?”

Lu Huaiyou paused for a moment, and finally comforted her.

“It’s fine.”

“That wasn’t the only mistake. But didn’t you and Ah Li have a good chat throughout?”

What was so important about the process, as long as the result was good?

Fang Yunyi quieted down.

Lu Zheng gave Lu Huaiyu a warning look before standing up. Then, he walked to Fang Yunyi’s side and gently patted her shoulder.

“Didn’t you say that you and Ah Li have a telepathic connection?”

“She definitely understands.”

Fang Yunyi still did not say anything.

Lu Zheng called out to her, “Yunyi?”

Expressionlessly, Fang Yunyi took out her phone and began to make a call. Her tone was exceptionally calm.

“Hello? Is this Millie, the store manager for FEI? Do you have any new designs?”

“Send them all over tomorrow.”