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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 972 - Was a Hit

Chapter 972: Was a Hit

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xu Yini’s mood finally improved when she heard this.

No matter what, Mr. Ronai still remembered her, so it could be considered as saving some face.

Otherwise, she would really have been completely embarrassed here.

Fang Yunyi looked at Shen Li.

“Ah Li, since it’s such a coincidence, why don’t we look around the exhibition together?”

They were both here to attend the art exhibition and had just happened to bump into each other. This was truly fated, so it was only natural for them to walk around the art exhibition together, wasn’t it?

Thinking about this logic in her heart, Fang Yunyi nodded her head affirmatively.

Yes, this was completely natural!

Sure enough, in the next moment, Shen Li nodded her head and agreed.


Fang Yunyi raised her hand and pointed to the painting on the left.

“I like this painting “Dusk” very much. Look at the water pattern drawn by these hasty lines. How well the light and shadow are handled!”

Hearing this, Lu Huaiyu glanced at her and fell silent.

After so many years, he had never known that his mother was so knowledgeable about oil paintings.

Shen Li looked in the direction that Fang Yunyi was pointing, and the corners of her lips curled up.

“Yes, this painting is one of Mr. Ronai’s early works. I like it very much too.”

Hearing that she liked it, Fang Yunyi’s interest was immediately piqued.

“Is that right? This painting no longer focuses on the clear and definite outlines, but focuses on the relationship between the colors of the picture and the influence of the external light. Through the water light, it reflects the subtle changes of light and color. It’s too good!”

Shen Li suddenly paused and looked over carefully.

Hmm? That’s right, that painting was “Dusk”.

But this analysis… why did it seem to be referring to “Spring at the Harbor”?

Lu Huaiyu pinched the bridge of his nose.

Forget it, her research was wrong.

As expected, he should not have had any illusions.

When Fang Yunyi saw that Shen Li did t speak and seemed to be lost in her thoughts, she called out to her.

“Ah Li?”

Lu Huaiyu’s lips moved slightly, wanting to remind her.

“Mom, that painting–”

Fang Yunyi turned around to look at him and asked curiously, “Huaiyu, why do you keep following us around to look? You can also go to the exhibition hall to look around on your own.”

Was it that difficult to look at the art exhibition on your own?

Lu Huaiyou was speechless.

Shen Li was silent for a moment before she looked up and smiled.

“It’s a very good painting.”

Fang Yunyi was very happy: her efforts last night had not been in vain!

Her eyes lit up.

“Ah Li, I didn’t expect our aesthetic standards to be the same!”

For a moment, Lu Huaiyu really wanted to leave.

But after much thought, he remained where he was.

He said, “Mom, Ah Li, let’s go and see the next one.”

Fang Yunyi was very dissatisfied with his urging.

What was he urging her for?

Couldn’t he see that she was having a good time chatting with Ah Li?

However, Shen Li also spoke up.

“Aunt Fang, shall we go take a look at the front?”

Fang Yunyi quickly looked over. Oh, this one looked familiar too. She had memorized it before!

Yes, yes, yes.

This one could be rushed.

With this thought in mind, she tilted her head and smiled at Shen Li.


Looking at this harmonious scene, Xu Yini’s face was mottled red and white as she clutched her handbag tightly.

Only then did she manage to suppress the surging emotions in her heart.

It had already been bad enough to bump into Lu Huaiyu here with Shen Li. Who would have known that Fang Yunyi would also come?

At this point, if she still could not tell that Fang Yunyi liked Shen Li, then she was really blind!

A strong sense of unwillingness and jealousy surged up, causing her body to tremble slightly.

Suddenly, Hao Yun gently pulled her hand and reminded her, “Yini, Mr. Ronai is here!”

Xu Yini came back to her senses and looked in the direction that she had indicated.

A group of people was walking over. The person leading the group was Ronai. Two men and a woman were following behind him. They seemed to be his translators and assistants.

Xu Yini quickly adjusted her expression and went up to greet him.

“Mr. Ronai, long time no see.”

When Ronai saw her, he was at first stunned. Then, he spotted Hao Yun beside her. Only then did he connect the name “Xu Yini” with the face in front of him.

He smiled and greeted her.

“Miss Xu.”

“The last time I saw Mr. Ronai was when I was still in school,” Xu Yini said with a smile, “It was a pity. I was planning to the first exhibition of Mr. Ronai’s tour that was held in Leland, but I was delayed by something.Fortunately, the last stop was in the Capital so I wouldn’t miss it.”

Ronai was about to speak when he looked up and saw a familiar figure in front of her.

“Shen Li?”

Xu Yini was stunned. “What?”

Ronai raised his voice slightly.

“Shen Li?”

Shen Li turned around when she heard this.

Ronai saw that Fang Yunyi and Lu Huaiyu were following beside her. She thought for a moment and said to Xu Yini, “Miss Xu, I’m sorry. I need to go over there for a moment.”

Before Xu Yini could react, Ronai had already walked past her.

She turned around subconsciously and saw Ronai walking over to Shen Li’s side.

She was not too far away from them, so she could still vaguely hear their conversation.

Ronai smiled and said, “I’ve invited you so many times before, but you’ve always declined. Now that the show is in the Capital, I’ve finally managed to get you to come.”

Xu Yini’s mind went blank for a moment.

They… knew each other?

Oh, right, how could she forget that Shen Li was the thirteenth member of the Bai City Fashion Association, and Ronai was the president!

Shen Li had originally thought that since Hao Yun and Xu Yini were planning to meet with Ronai, she would not intrude. She planned on accompanying Fang Yunyi for a stroll first before looking for a suitable opportunity to go over later.

She had not expected him to come over directly.

“Mr. Ronai.”

Only then did Ronai look at Lu Huaiyu and Fang Yunyi.

Both he and Lu Huaiyu knew each other, but he had never met Fang Yunyi before.

But looking at her, Lu Huaiyu and Fang Yunyi looked quite similar.

“This is–”

Fang Yunyi gave him a dignified smile.

“Hello, Mr. Ronai. I’m Ah Li’s– I’m Huaiyu’s mother.”

Only then did Ronai realize.

“So it’s Madam Lu.”

Looking at the two people standing together, as well as Lu Huaiyu, who was obviously left behind, he said with a smile, “Madam Lu, did you accompany Ah Li to this art exhibition?”

“No.” Unexpectedly, Fang Yunyi shook her head, and her red lips curved into a smile. “Ah Li and I both happen to like your paintings very much, and we just happened to bump into each other.”

“I see.” Ronai also seemed to find it interesting. “I didn’t expect Madam Lu and Ah Li to hit it off so well.”

Fang Yunyi nodded reservedly.


After chatting for a while, Ronai remembered that Hao Yun and Xu Yini were still around, so he said, “Please feel free. If you need anything, please feel free to call me.”

Shen Li nodded politely.

“Mr. Ronai, please go ahead.”

After saying that, both of them separated.

Ronai turned around, but Hao Yun and Xu Yini were nowhere to be seen.

“That Miss Xu just now–”

The assistant said, “Mr. Ronai, Miss Xu suddenly felt unwell. Ms. Hao has already taken her home. She asked me to convey their apologies to you.”

Ronai nodded, without paying much attention to it.

“Got it.”

After spending the day touring the art exhibition, Fang Yunyi was very satisfied with her performance.

She insisted on sending Shen Li home with Lu Huaiyu before rushing back.

She sat in the back seat and called Lu Zheng, her tone smug.

“Lu Zheng, let me tell you, I really hit it off with Ah Li today!”

Sitting in the front passenger seat, Lu Huaiyu slowly exhaled and closed his eyes.