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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 969 - Cannot Be Compared

Chapter 969: Cannot Be Compared

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The woman looked to be in her thirties. She wore a long black silk dress that outlined her tall and exquisite curves. Her soft and shiny long hair was perfectly curled as it draped over her shoulders. She had snow-white skin and red lips. Her facial features were bright and beautiful, but also with a hint of coldness and nobility between her brows. Just by standing there, one could feel the aura of a queen that was almost tangible that she emitted.

She was an extremely cold, elegant, and untouchable beauty.

After what she said, even the temperature around her instantly seemed to drop greatly.

Shen Li blinked her eyes lightly.

She did not know this person. She had not expected that she would actually stand up for her. However, for some reason, this person looked somewhat familiar…

Just then, the beauty also looked at her.

Shen Li did not know if it was an illusion, but she felt that the moment the beauty saw her, her beautiful and cold eyes seemed to brighten instantly.

Their eyes met.

The corners of Shen Li’s lips curved into a smile, and she politely nodded her head to express her gratitude.

In the next moment, she felt that the way the beauty looked at her seemed to brighten even more.

For the sake of today’s art exhibition, Fang Yunyi had crammed an entire night’s worth of knowledge into her brain. She had fallen asleep several times in the middle of it, and it was with great difficulty that she had managed to memorize all those messy painting styles, techniques, ideas, and so on.

After arriving today, every time she had seen a familiar painting, she had silently stood in front of the painting and recited the relevant information in her heart.

The first three paintings had been fine, but when it had come to the fourth one, she had gotten stuck. She had stood there for a long time, trying to think about it.

Just then, she had happened to hear someone saying that Shen Li’s paintings were just of average quality. The person had insinuated that she was young, inexperienced, and that she did not know her mind well.

The fire that she had been suppressing in her heart instantly flared up!

When she walked over, she had heard them saying that Shen Li had gotten to where she was today all because of Mei Yanqing’s favoritism.

Fang Yunyi had always been a person who would not be wronged. If anyone bullied her, she would definitely return the favor tenfold. Furthermore, were these people actually making up things about her future daughter-in-law in front of her?!

After saying that, her gaze shifted to Shen Li, and she immediately felt her heart begin to pound.

That little white dress!

Those little white shoes!

That little satchel!

She did not have on any makeup, but her eyes were so big! Her eyelashes were so long!

Her cheeks were white and soft. That was baby fat, right?? It had to be!

She wondered what it felt like to touch it…

Moreover, she had dimples when she smiled!

It was only when Shen Li looked over with some confusion and doubt in her eyes that Fang Yunyi managed to come back to reality.

She forced herself to look away and turned her gaze back to the group of people opposite her again.

Perhaps they were intimidated by her overly powerful aura, but the people opposite her actually went silent at the same time. In fact, beneath her casual glance, they became embarrassed and nervously shifted their eyes away.

Fang Yunyi lifted her chin slightly and fixed her gaze on the man who had spouted the nonsense. She gave him a faint smile.

“I wonder if it would be convenient for you to tell me your name so that I can have a chance to admire your masterpiece? I think it should be a treasure that starts with a price of five million?”

The man’s face instantly turned red.

He was also an oil painter and felt that he was overflowing with talent. However, even after so many years, he still had no achievements to speak of. He had been wandering around the 18th line and was unknown.

It was also because of this that he particularly disliked Shen Li, who was already famous at such a young age. That was why he said those words earlier.

Who would have known that he would be rebuked so rudely?

Five million?

He was not even capable of selling a painting for 50,000 yuan!

How could he compare to Shen Li?

At that moment, Xu Yini looked at Fang Yunyi, who had suddenly appeared, and finally came back to her senses. She was surprised and delighted.

“Aunt Fang! You’re back?!”

Hearing this, Shen Li’s eyebrows twitched slightly. She finally understood the identity of the person in front of her.

This was Lu Huaiyu’s mother– Fang Yunyi.

It was no wonder that she found her familiar at first glance.

Lu Huaiyu’s eyebrows and eyes were very similar to Fang Yunyi’s, especially that cold and noble temperament. Both mother and son were exactly the same.

It was just that Fang Yunyi preferred to be cold and beautiful, while Lu Huaiyu was abstinent and pure.

Most of Lu Huaiyu’s peerless beauty must have been inherited from her.

As expected of the bright and beautiful beauty who had once shaken up the Capital.

As Xu Yini spoke, she had walked over with quick steps, a joyful and intimate smile on her face.

“Didn’t you say that you would be back in the middle of the month? Why are you so early? This is such a surprise!”

Her gaze swept past Shen Li who was not far away before she moved closer to Fang Yunyi’s side and said coquettishly,”Aunt Fang, we haven’t seen each other in such a long time. I’ve missed you so much!”

Fang Yunyi looked at her.

When she was not smiling, her eyes were always clear and cool, making her appear to be very aloof and noble.

Xu Yini’s footsteps subconsciously stopped, and her heart inexplicably jumped.

“Aunt… Aunt Fang? What’s wrong?”

Fang Yunyi had never looked at her like that before…

Fang Yunyi then said slowly, “There’s no rush to reminisce about the past. I need to explain to these people about Ah Li’s matter first.”

Once these words were said, the surroundings fell silent.

A deep sense of disbelief flashed across Xu Yini’s eyes.

Ah… Ah Li?

When had Aunt Fang and Shen Li become so close?

Shen Li, who had suddenly been mentioned, was also stunned.

Today was the first time she and Fang Yunyi had ever met. They had never even called each other before. This was truly the first time they had ever met.

However, when her name, “Ah Li”, came out of her mouth, why had it seemed so natural and smooth…

Just as she was thinking about it, Fang Yunyi actually walked over to her.

Her high heels made a clear sound as they stepped on the ground.

As Xu Yini watched her leave, the uneasiness in her heart grew stronger.

This… how did this…

The small group of people also subconsciously looked over. Only then did they realize in shock and panic that Shen Li was actually right behind them!

Had she also heard those words just now?

“Ah Li.”

Fang Yunyi stood a step away from Shen Li and took the opportunity to carefully size up the young girl in front of her again, barely resisting the urge to get her hands on her. She tried her best to display the dignified and magnanimous mother-in-law demeanor that she should have when they first met. She smiled slightly.

“I’m Huaiyu’s mother. He should have mentioned me to you, right?”

Shen Li did not know what to say.

It did not appear to be so.

She nodded and the corners of her lips curled up.

“Hello, Aunt Fang. I’m Shen Li.”

Fang Yunyi saw her smiling and extremely obedient appearance and gave her a huge affirmation in her heart.

Very good!

This was the first time they were meeting!

She should have left a very good impression on Ah Li!

Fang Yunyi turned her head and looked at the man.

“You haven’t answered my earlier question.”

How could that man not know what Fang Yunyi meant?

Whether it was Shen Li or this lady of the Lu family, neither of them were people that he could afford to provoke!

His lips moved, and his face turned pale.

“I… I was spouting nonsense just now. I’m… I’m sorry!”

Fang Yunyi’s beautiful brows raised slightly, and she looked at the people beside her.

Those few people also hurriedly said,”I’m sorry!”

Fang Yunyi listened but did not express her stance. Instead, she looked at Xu Yini, whose face was stiff.

She smiled.

“Actually, what you said just now was not wrong. When Ah Li was sixteen years old, she only knew how to draw and earn some pocket money.

“That can’t possibly be compared to you.”