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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 968 - See You

Chapter 968: See You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A few young girls were passing by, looking very excited.

“That’s her boyfriend, right? He’s a good match!”

“Ah! Speaking of which, when we went to watch my brother’s concert, a man’s hand appeared on the big screen, and he was holding my sister’s hand. At that time, we guessed that he must be her boyfriend. Later, according to the fans from Xijing University, my sister’s boyfriend is the second young master of the Lu family!”

“The one from the Lu family? All I knew was that he was rich, but I didn’t know that he was so handsome! Just now, when we were three meters away, I felt like there was an invisible fairy-like aura around the two of them!”

“Did you see that just now? There were quite a lot of people around when we went in. He immediately put his arm around her and carefully led her in! Sob, sob, sob, sob, sob, sob, how can this man be so considerate and gentle despite being so handsome? I’m so envious!”

Their voices were not loud, but Xu Yini was able to hear them clearly because of the excitement in their voices.

She pursed her lips.

Needless to say, it was obvious that Lu Huaiyu had accompanied Shen Li here.

Hao Yun looked at her worriedly.

“Yini? Why don’t… we go home?”

Ever since their relationship had fallen apart, Xu Yini had not seen Lu Huaiyu and Shen Li in a long time. She had not expected them to come today.

If they bumped into each other…

“Why do you want to go home?” Xu Yini looked straight ahead with a cold expression on her face. “This art exhibition was not opened by Shen Li. Why should she be the only one who can come and see it, but I can’t?”

Hao Yun’s lips twitched, but she knew that she could not persuade her otherwise.

Forget it. She was already here. If she turned around and left, Xu Yini would definitely feel uncomfortable.

She held Xu Yini’s hand.

“Then, shall we go in?”

This art exhibition hall was quite big, and there were many people, so they might not necessarily run into each other.

Xu Yini took a deep breath and walked in.

A total of more than 80 paintings by Ronai were being displayed at this art exhibition. The scale was not small, and the paintings were divided into six halls.

Shen Li and Lu Huai walked side by side.

“Does Elder Mei know that you’re coming today?” Lu Huaiyu asked in a low voice.

Shen Li replied with a “Hmm”.

Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips twitched slightly.

“I was wondering why you had suddenly invited me.”

Previously, when Shen Li had received a call from Ronai and promised him that she would attend the last exhibition on the tour that would be held in the Capital, she had not mentioned inviting him to come along.

Then, a day before the exhibition started, she had suddenly sent him a message.

Shen Li was caught and immediately felt guilty.

She raised her small face and winked at him.

“No, Second Brother was always my first choice.”

Anyone could tell that she was trying to coax him, but she still managed to succeed.

Lu Huaiyu raised his brows slightly.

“Little friend, your awareness is pretty good.”

The two of them slowly walked around the exhibition hall.

Along the way, Lu Huaiyu’s phone vibrated.

He took it out to take a look, then said to Shen Li, “I’m going to take a call.”

Shen Li nodded. “Okay.”

Lu Huaiyu walked off in the other direction.

Shen Li continued to look at the paintings.

She had seen some of the paintings that were on display today, but it was her first time seeing most of them with her own eyes.

So she looked at them very carefully.

Low voices of discussion came from behind her.

“It really is Shen Li… I didn’t quite believe what they said just now.”

“She actually likes Ronai’s paintings? Ronai and Mei Yanqing’s styles of painting are completely different. I didn’t expect her to come.”

“What’s the big deal? I’ve seen her paintings before, and I don’t think she learned much from Mei Yanqing. I guess she’s young and inexperienced, so her thoughts are quite light.”

Someone said this nonchalantly, but from his tone, it was clear that he did not really approve of Shen Li’s standard.

The surroundings fell silent.

After a moment, someone asked, “Really? Which painting did you see?”

That person replied, “It’s the ‘Sunset in the Mountains’.”

Shen Li turned her head to look. The person who had spoken was a man who looked to be in his thirties. His mid-length hair was tied up on his head, and he had a full beard. He had a thin figure, and he exuded a sense of decadence.

Of course, in some people’s eyes, this was also called “artistic sense.”

Someone asked in a low voice, “But a lot of people have high opinions of that painting!”

He did not notice Shen Li. Seeming to be excited by the attention of the people around him, he deliberately shrugged his shoulders.

“Those people also have to eat. Who knows how much of what they say is true? Have you all forgotten whose disciple she is?”

Everyone fell silent.

Shen Li’s master was Mei Yanqing.

With such a big shot protecting her, she could indeed avoid many detours compared to others.

After a while, a girl in her twenties asked hesitantly, “But… didn’t her master-disciple relationship with Elder Mei only come to light later? At that time, it shocked more than half of the art world!”

The man snorted lightly.

“We don’t know. Could it really be that no one knew?”

In the silence, a voice suddenly came.

“When Shen Li painted that painting, she wasn’t even seventeen years old, right?”

Everyone turned their heads to look.

Shen Li raised her eyelids slightly and her eyebrows raised.

The person who came was actually Xu Yini.

She had been walking in the direction opposite Shen Li, so she just happened to be able to see the other party.

Xu Yuni’s charming gaze paused on Shen Li’s face for a moment before she laughed and said, “She was still in Lincheng at that time. Aren’t you making things too difficult for her by asking her to have had experience and see the world at that time?”

The man was stunned, and the people around them looked at each other.

Shen Li’s lips curved slightly.

These words sounded quite interesting.

It sounded as if she was speaking up for her, but in reality, she was almost pointing at her face and saying that she was ignorant.

She raised her knee slightly and was about to step forward when a cold voice suddenly came from the side.

“If I remember correctly, her painting was sold for 4.7 million. You guys have seen the world, have experience, and have such unique insights. Do you think that the work you have produced is worth much higher than this price?”

Shen Li was slightly stunned and turned around to look.

What a cool and elegant beauty.