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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 967 - Common Topic

Chapter 967: Common Topic

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As soon as this Weibo post was posted, it immediately attracted a lot of gossipy girls.

[ Big boss number one has appeared again! ]

[ Ah Li likes Ronai paintings? Really?! But isn’t she Mei Yanqing’s disciple? ]

[ That doesn’t matter! I also like the paintings of Ronai! Rounding up, I posted it with Ah Li! ]

[ … Can the person upstairs stop fantasizing? Don’t you already have a wife? Why are you posting with my wife? ]

[ Since it’s the big boss number one who said it, then it must be true! I’ll start studying Ronai now! ]

The comment section was very lively.

[ Ah Li No. 1] This account was very famous among Shen Li’s fans.

Firstly, it because every popular Weibo post related to Shen Li was filled with his praises that could shake the heavens and earth, and he also relied on this to draw a lot of surrounding gifts from Sister Carp.

Two, he would occasionally post some content related to Shen Li’s life. The little sister fans acknowledged that he must definitely know Shen Li in real life, and that they must have quite a close relationship.

Therefore, when he said this, everyone firmly believed it.

Around this point, the entire Chatterbox became lively again.

9:30 pm, the Capital Airport.

A black car slowly drove away.

When they saw the license plate number, the surrounding cars automatically moved further away.

“It’s too late. Today, we’ll go to Wufeng Road first. We’ll go home tomorrow morning. We don’t want to disturb the old man.”

A deep voice sounded in the car.

They had told the old man that they would be back on Saturday. In fact, it was earlier because they wanted to give him a surprise.

The driver in the front row immediately agreed.

After Lu Zheng finished speaking, he looked at Fang Yunyi, who was sitting next to him.

“Yunyi, what are you looking at?”

Ever since she had gotten off the plane, she had been looking at her phone.

The neon lights by the side of the road shone through the car window and landed on her beautiful and exquisite face.

Fang Yunyi raised her fair and beautiful fingers. This beauty, who had once been famous in the Capital when she was young, seemed to have been especially well-treated by time. Her every move exuded a cool and elegant air.

She gently tapped on the screen.

“Ah Li actually likes Ronai’s work.”

Lu Zheng followed her line of sight and looked over.

“Is that so?”

He did not have these apps on his phone, but Fang Yunyi was very interested in them and enjoyed looking through them every day.

Lu Zheng was deep in thought.

“Although she studied under Mei Yanqing, she likes Ronai’s paintings. It’s a little surprising.”

“Exactly.” Fang Yunyi nodded and said with admiration, “Tsk, Ah Li really has a wide range of interests.”

Lu Zheng stayed quiet.

Fang Yunyi was finally willing to look up from her phone, but she did not look at Lu Zheng. Instead, she looked towards the front row.

“Xiao Zhang, please help me book a ticket for tomorrow for Ronai’s Art Exhibition.”

Xiao Zhang, the secretary who was sitting in the front row, immediately said, “Yes.”

It was obvious that a ticket to the Ronai art exhibition would be difficult to obtain, especially the night before the art exhibition. It was really difficult to get a ticket.

Naturally, however, this was not a problem for the Lu family.

Lu Zheng raised his eyebrows.

“You’re going to see the Ronai Art Exhibition?”

Fang Yunyi’s chin was slightly lowered. Only then did she look at him, seeming a little strange.

“Why, do you have a problem with it?”

Lu Zheng laughed. One could vaguely see the determination and valor of his youth.

He reminded her.

“Yunyun, the last time you went to an art exhibition, you only stayed in there for an hour. Moreover, you spent more than half of the time picking out souvenirs.”

Fang Yunyi was not interested in activities like art exhibitions or concerts. In comparison, those little trinkets were more attractive to her.

Now that she suddenly said that she was going to see Ronai’s art exhibition, Lu Zheng did not think that she would be able to see anything.

“So what? Do you know how beautiful those souvenirs were? Besides, it’s not like I didn’t bring them for you.” Fang Yunyi understood what he meant and was quite dissatisfied.

Lu Zheng was silent for a moment.

“I was the one who accompanied you that time.”


“I was also the one who helped you carry those two bags of souvenirs back. In the end, one of the seals fell off and you gave it to me.”


Fang Yunyi coughed. “Wasn’t that seal pretty good?”

Lu Zheng could not be bothered to argue with her.

Fang Yunyi thought of the art exhibition tomorrow and her confidence rose again.

“I’m going to the art exhibition so that I can have more common topics to talk about with Ah Li. Do you understand?”

Lu Zheng nodded.

“I understand.”

“You don’t understand.”

Fang Yunyi’s red lips twitched slightly. Her hair was tucked behind her ears. She leaned back in her chair, looking very languid and noble.

She uttered, “I thought your son would never be able to marry a wife in this lifetime.”

Now that he finally got a potential one, how could he not be anxious?!

Lu Zheng thought for a long time and nodded.

“That’s true.”

Friday, 9 a.m.

Lu Huaiyu and Shen Li went to the Capital Art Museum together.

The Ronai art exhibition was being held here.

They had come early, but when they arrived, there were already many people outside the art museum, and the atmosphere was very lively.

It had been ten years since Ronai had held an art exhibition in China, so it was natural that everyone’s enthusiasm was high.

Lu Huaiyu got out of the car, walked around the front, and opened the car door for Shen Li.

Shen Li was wearing a little white dress with a V-neckline today which showed off her straight and delicate collarbones. The skirt covered her knees. Her calves were slender and straight.

Her long, wavy hair hung down, and her face looked beautiful and clear.

Lu Huaiyu held her hand as they walked in.

The sight of the two of them standing together was very eye-catching. Soon, they attracted the attention of many people.

Several people recognized Shen Li and looked excited.

However, since they were all here to see the art exhibition, they did not come forward to disturb her. They only nodded from afar in greeting towards her.

The two of them entered the art museum smoothly.

“Mom, I heard that Mr. Ronai will be here today.”

Xu Yini accompanied Hao Yun as they walked toward the entrance of the art museum. Her face was filled with excitement and anticipation.

While she was studying abroad, she had chosen to study art history. Ever since then, she had been very fond of Ronai’s paintings.

Now that Ronai was holding an art exhibition in the Capital, she had brought Hao Yun along.

Hao Yun smiled and said, “Is that so? Speaking of which, you haven’t seen him in a long time, right?”

Xu Yini nodded. “Yes, the last time I saw him was when he came to our school to give a lecture. I was in charge of receiving him. It’s been two years–”

“That was Shen Li just now, right? She’s so beautiful in person!”

A voice that could not be concealed suddenly sounded, interrupting Xu Yini’s train of thought.

“And the man next to her is really stunning! I’ve never seen anyone in real life who could be so handsome!”

Xu Yini’s smile froze, and she looked in the direction of the voice.