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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 966 - She Likes Ronai’s Paintings

Chapter 966: She Likes Ronai’s Paintings

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the blink of an eye, it was Thursday.

At noon, Shen Li had just finished her experiment when she received a call from Yu Pingchuan.

“Ah Li? Are you free at noon? Can you come to Jinse Bay?”

Shen Li paused.

“I’m free. What’s the matter?”

Yu Pingchuan’s voice was very helpless.

“Master quarreled with someone today. He’s so angry that he doesn’t want to eat anymore. I really can’t persuade him to. Since he listens to you the most, why don’t you come and have a look?”

Shen Li was silent for a moment, almost thinking that she had heard wrongly.

“… Did he argue with someone, or did he scold them unilaterally?”


As expected, nothing could be hidden from his little junior sister.

Yu Pingchuan’s voice became a little softer,

“… it was Master who scolded a group of people unilaterally.”

Shen Li was silent.

Yu Pingchuan seemed to feel that the way he spoke made it seem as if his master was a little too overbearing, so he spoke out to save his face.

“Actually, it’s like this. Shi Yang just released a new painting and it was sold at a high price at the auction. Someone came to ask what Master thought about it, but Master only said this: It’s not worth it.”

Shen Li’s eyelids twitched.

“Isn’t this just going to cause a bombshell? Many people complained about the injustice against Shi Yang. Some of them had even bothered Master this morning. They said that no matter what, Shi Yang was also the vice-chairman of the art association. Master’s words did not show Shi Yang any respect. For the sake of the art association, they hoped that Master could take back that comment. But it’s not like you don’t know Master’s temper. He scolded all of them on the spot and chased them out.”

Shen Li pressed her temples.

No wonder.

Mei Yanqing was notorious for his bad temper. For so many years, he had always said whatever he wanted in the art world. Furthermore, he had an extremely sharp and venomous tongue.

Because of this, he had offended many people. However, he had never admitted defeat before and had remained the same as before.

Although many people were troubled because of this, Mei Yanqing was really capable. He was the true master of the art world in the country.

Who had the right to stop him from saying anything?

This time, he had publicly made such an evaluation of Shi Yang’s paintings. There was no doubt that it had a great impact on Shi Yang and the art association.

It was no wonder that those people had come to persuade him otherwise.

In the end, Mei Yanqing had been thoroughly angered.

Shen Li said, “I got it. I’ve just finished the experiment here. I’ll go over in a moment.”

Yu Pingchuan’s worried heart finally relaxed.

“Alright, alright. Then I’ll wait for you.”

Half an hour later, Shen Li arrived at Jinse Bay.

Yu Pingchuan was waiting at the door. When he saw her coming, his originally tense and worried expression immediately relaxed, as if he had just seen his savior.

“Ah Li! You’re finally here!”

Shen Li looked inside. “How’s Master now?”

Yu Pingchuan led her inside as he whispered,”He’s still angry! He’s been staying in the study alone and refuses to come out!”

It was clear that he was really furious.

Shen Li went to the study.

The door was locked. She knocked on the door.

“Master, it’s me.”

It was quiet inside for a while before footsteps could be heard.

Mei Yan opened the door and saw Shen Li. His expression softened greatly, but a sudden realization came to him. He frowned and looked at Yu Pingchuan.

“Ah Li is so busy. Why did you call her over?”

Of course, he knew that Yu Pingchuan had invited Shen Li over to persuade him.

Yu Pingchuan coughed lightly.

Shen Li smiled and said, “Master, I wasn’t busy today.”

Mei Yanqing could not bring himself to be angry at her, so he could only glare at Yu Pingchuan again.

Yu Pingchuan could only pretend that he did not see him.

“Ah Li, you haven’t eaten lunch yet, right?”

Shen Li shook her head. “No.”

Mei Yanqing immediately frowned. “What time is it already? Why aren’t you eating on time?”

Shen Li looked at him quietly.

Mei Yanqing was suddenly at a loss for words.

Yu Pingchuan hurriedly said, “Then come quickly! The food is ready!”

Shen Li said, “Master, let’s eat together.”

Mei Yanqing gritted his teeth.

“I’m coming.”

All three of them finally sat down at the dining table together.

Shen Li scooped out some soup for Mei Yanqing and placed it beside his hand.

“Although your surgery was quite successful and your subsequent recovery has been pretty good, you still have to be more careful. Eat on time and eat a balanced diet.”

Her tone was light, so Mei Yanqing was unable to get angry at all. All he could do was lower his head and drink the soup. His voice was a little muffled as he spoke.

“I know.”

“Also, didn’t I tell you many times before not to get angry?”

“How can you blame me for this? It’s all because those people went too far!” Mei Yanqing said, feeling really annoyed, “It was them who insisted on asking for my opinion. I told them the truth. Is this also wrong? What else did they say? They told me not to bring my personal likes and dislikes into the evaluation of the painting. Bullsh*t! His painting really is not worth that price!”

Hearing this, Shen Li finally understood why he was so angry.

Mei Yanqing was sharp and picky, but he was indeed fair.

He did not like Shi Yang. It was not a secret in the art association. Now that they had such a misunderstanding, of course, he would be angry.

Yu Pingchuan tried to persuade him.

“Master, Shi Yang is not on the same path as us anyway. Why do you have to have such a serious attitude about him? Look at the situation now. It’s a little too awkward.”

Mei Yanqing was still angry.

Shen Li picked up some food for him and smiled.

“You can’t blame Master for this. In the end, Master only gave his own opinion. Shi Yang is not the first artist he has criticized, and he definitely won’t be the last. There’s no need to make such a big fuss.”

Only then did Mei Yanqing feel satisfied.

“Listen! Ah Li is right! Shi Yang doesn’t care about that painting at all. He only cares about his own face!”

Yu Pingchuan was stunned.

It seemed like… It did seem like that…

Shen Li said, “However, all this has already happened. You’ve already said it and scolded the people. Don’t even think about it any more. It’s not worth it to ruin your body because of this. You don’t want to stay in the hospital again, right?”

Mei Yanqing snorted, but in the end, he decided to let the matter go.

“I’ll listen to Ah Li’s advice.”

Yu Pingchuan finally heaved a sigh of relief.

He chuckled and asked, “Oh right, Ah Li, you’re going to the art exhibition tomorrow, right?”

Mei Yanqing stopped moving and asked slowly, “Art exhibition? What art exhibition?”

The dining room suddenly fell silent.

Yu Pingchuan was filled with regret. How could he have let it slip just because he was happy?!

The only person who would be opening an art exhibition in the Capital tomorrow would be Ronai!

Shen Li calmly picked up a piece of potato.

“Mr. Ronai’s art exhibition.”

Mei Yanqing said, “Oh?”

It was only one word, but it made the surroundings even more deathly silent.

Shen Li nodded as usual.

“Yes, Second Brother really likes his paintings. I’ll be accompanying him to take a look.”

Mei Yanqing snorted coldly.

“This kid is quite active when it comes to dating!”

Shen Li stayed silent.

Without batting an eyelid, she took out her phone and sent a message to Lu Huaiyu.

[ Second Brother, let’s go to Mr. Ronai’s art exhibition tomorrow. ]

At the same time, at the Lu family home.

Old Master Lu asked in surprise, “Ronai’s art exhibition? Does Ah Li still like his paintings?”

Lu Huaiyu nodded.

Old Master Lu exclaimed, “Oh, oh, I didn’t know that before!”

Seeing that Lu Huaiyu had lowered his head to reply to Shen Li’s message, Old Master Lu immediately took his phone out and went on Weibo.

[ Ah Li No. 1: Today’s news: Ah Li actually likes Ronai’s paintings! ]