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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 964 - Blame Your Father for Not Being Able

Chapter 964: Blame Your Father for Not Being Able

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xu Yini was momentarily at a loss for words.

This person had bought all of them just because they did not know which design the other party would like?

One had to know that CHUIN’s high-grade custom-made jewelry was very expensive. Even she did not have the confidence to go so far.

Moreover, although these jewelry designs were different, they were all from CHUIN. Whether it was the grade of the gem itself or its design, all of it was absolutely outstanding.

Anyone who received any one of these as a gift would surely be very happy.

The reason she was being so picky this time was mainly because she wanted to gift this to Fang Yunyi.

Fang Yunyi had always been partial to rubies, and many of them were collector’s items. Ordinary ones would definitely not be able to catch her eye.

She had taken a long time to carefully select just a few of CHUIN’s jewelry designs. Who would have guessed that she would only be able to get the last piece?

The other party had been able to order so many of them in one go, yet they were only there to be options. It was obvious that they were not short of money.

Earlier, however, she had even said that she was willing to increase the price in order to ask the other party to give the items to her.

It was really awkward.

Even though the store manager’s expression and tone did not show any inappropriateness, Xu Yini still felt a little embarrassed.

Her lips moved until she found a way out for herself.

“By the looks of it, that customer probably thinks very highly of this person that they are giving this gift to?”

The store manager nodded with a smile.

“Who said that he didn’t?”

Xu Yini tucked the strands of hair behind her ear.

“Since that’s the case, it’s not good for me to steal from someone else’s love.”

She raised her hand and pointed.

“Help me wrap up these things.”

At the Lu residence.

Lu Huaiyu and Old Master Lu were having a meal together.

Old Master Lu said, “The date of your parents’ return has been set. It’ll be next Saturday.”

Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment.

“So early? Didn’t you say that it would be in mid-June?”

“It’s been brought forward.”

Old Master Lu was quite happy,

“Besides, isn’t it good to be early?”

Without asking, Lu Huaiyu knew what Old Master Lu was thinking.

As expected, Old Master Lu continued to speak.

“When the time comes, you should invite Ah Li over to the house to officially meet your parents. Oh right, have you mentioned to Ah Li that your parents are moving back to the Capital?”

Lu Huaiyu said, “Not yet.”

Old Master Lu immediately frowned.

“Huh? Why haven’t you mentioned such an important matter? No matter what, you should at least give Ah Li some psychological preparation, right?”

Lu Huaiyu recalled the Weibo page that was full of gifts to Ah Li, as well as the heart-bursting princess cartoon pictures of Ah Li and he felt a headache coming on.

He leaned back and looked at Old Master Lu.

“You’re wondering why I didn’t say anything? Are you really not clear or are you not sure?”

“If my future wife is scared away. Are you going to give compensation?”

Old Master Lu hurriedly waved his hand.

“Aiya, aiya! It’s not that serious! You have to have a little faith in your mother! Isn’t she just looking forward to having a daughter-in-law more than anyone else? Look, you can’t count on your big brother now. Our Lu family is counting on you!”

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“Is she really looking forward to meeting her daughter-in-law?”

Old Master Lu coughed lightly and looked away guiltily.

“Isn’t… Isn’t it because your father is too incompetent to have a daughter…? If you want to blame, blame your father. Why are you looking at me?”

Lu Huaiyu nodded.

“I will pass on your words to Father.”

Old Master Lu waved his hand indifferently.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Your mother has scolded him for so many years. He is already used to it.”

There was a moment of silence in the restaurant.

Lu Huaiyu closed his eyes and pinched the space between his eyebrows.

“I forgot.”

Ever since she had married Lu Zheng, Fang Yunyi had always wanted to have a daughter. In the end, the first child she had given birth to had been a son.

Hence, she had placed her hopes on her second child.

However, because her morning sickness had been very severe when she was pregnant, the entire pregnancy had been very difficult. Lu Zheng had not agreed to have another child.

Later on, he could not resist Fang Yunyi’s persuasion and coercion when she asked for a second child.

At that time, it had been even more difficult for her than the first child. In the early stages of pregnancy, she had vomited continuously and could not eat anything. In the later stages of pregnancy, she had become very swollen which made it very difficult to move.

However, she had endured it all because she wanted to have a daughter.

Who could have known that the second child would be a son?

It was rumored that Fang Yunyi, who had not been able to eat or sleep well during the entire pregnancy, had cried the moment she held her youngest son.

Later on, she had placed her hopes on having a third child.

However, this time, Lu Zheng had refused to agree no matter what.

Usually, Lu Zheng would indulge Fang Yunyi in all major and minor matters regarding their family and home.

However, he had not relented on this matter. Both husband and wife had fought a lot because of this matter.

Later on, Fang Yunyi realized that she really could not have a daughter anymore. She could only look at other people’s daughters and envy them all day long.

But in the end, she was still unwilling.

She could not count on her husband, so she could only place her hopes on both of her sons.

No daughter?

It did not matter!

The two brothers would have to marry a daughter-in-law eventually!

It would be the same!

However, Fang Yunyi waited and waited, but the two brothers did not make any moves.

The eldest son was always waiting for the troops. He was either out on missions or training.

The second son stayed in the Capital, but he was extremely arrogant. There were so many young girls, yet he could not even be bothered to give them a glance.

Just as she had been about to give up, Shen Li had appeared.

When Lu Huaiyu thought of that, he felt worried.

Old Master Lu comforted him.

“Hey, they still have to meet her anyway! Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her later!”

Before Lu Huaiyu could speak, Fang Qingyun walked in.

“Old Master, your express delivery package.”

It was another small express delivery box.

Lu Huaiyu’s gaze paused on it for a moment.

Old Master Lu had already stood up happily.

“Come here, come here! Give it to me!”

Lu Huaiyu asked,”Grandpa, what did you buy there?”

Old Master Lu chuckled.

“Nothing, just some small things– Eh? Why is this express delivery box torn?”

Only when he had taken it in his hands did he notice that the express delivery box was squashed and there was a hole in it.

Fang Qingyun said helplessly,”The express delivery said that it was already like this when it was brought over. I’ve already communicated with them to be more careful next time.”

Old Master Lu’s heart ached terribly, and he hurriedly took the box cutter by his side and cut the box open.

“I saw on the news that some people will steal express delivery packages! This can’t be–”

He took out the things that were inside and carefully examined them. Only then did he let out a long sigh of relief and patted his chest.

“Fortunately, the contents were not stolen or damaged by the violent express delivery service!”

Lu Huaiyu looked at the pink mug in Old Master Lu’s hand and was silent for a moment.

The picture on it looked very familiar.