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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 963 - I Don’t Know Which One She Likes

Chapter 963: I Don’t Know Which One She Likes

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Zheng, Lu Huaiyu’s father.

This famous legendary figure in the air force had been admired by countless people for many years.

Special-class merit once, first-class merit twice.

His other meritorious deeds were countless.

A few years ago after getting injured, he had retired from the frontline. However, he was still heavily involved in the army.

Shen Li had heard of this person before she met Lu Huaiyu.

She guessed that Aunt Fang was Lu Huaiyu’s mother, Fang Yunyi.

Shen Li did not know much about this person. Lu Huaiyu rarely mentioned her. However, she had heard of her occasionally after she had come to the Capital.

When she was young, this person had been a famous beauty in the Capital.

However, she had been following Lu Zheng all these years and rarely stayed in the Capital.

Now, they were coming back?

Xu Yini had been observing Shen Li’s reaction and could not help but secretly sneer.

It looked like she did not know anything at all, right?

“Lu Huaiyu did not tell you such an important matter?”

Xu Yini did not bother to hide her sarcastic and mocking tone from her voice.

Lu Zheng was officially being transferred back to the Capital this time. It was an important job transfer. Fang Yunyi would come back with him and would basically stay in the Capital after that.

Shen Li actually did not know anything about such an important matter.

Everyone in the Capital said that Lu Huaiyu doted on his girlfriend.

He accompanied her while she had taken her college entrance examination, returned to the Capital together, and paid a sky-high price for the “Night of the Galaxy” watch in Hong Kong City which he had gifted her in public…

Even more so, although Xu Yini was very unwilling to think about it or admit it, it could not be ignored that in order to help Shen Li vent her anger, Lu Huaiyu had not hesitated to offend the Xu family and had forced her to retreat from the entertainment industry!

Because of all of these things, everyone knew just how much he liked Shen Li.

However, now that Lu Zheng and his wife were coming back, he still had not mentioned it to Shen Li.

If a man were to treat a person with sincerity, he would definitely introduce her to his parents.

But now, it seemed that Lu Huaiyu had no intention of doing so.

Xu Yini felt the urge to laugh, so she really started to.

However, just as the smile crept up to the corners of her lips, Shen Li, who was standing across from her, said lightly, “So, did Second Brother tell you about such an important matter?”

Xu Yini’s expression suddenly froze.

She had learned about this matter from Xu Rufeng, and as for Lu Huaiyu–

She didn’t even have the chance to talk to him now, let alone about something like this.

She was embarrassed by Shen Li’s words. Her expression changed several times before she sneered,”I don’t think I need to remind you about the relationship between the Xu and Lu families. I don’t need to ask for such information. It’s natural that I would know about it.”

Shen Li recalled what she had said before and finally understood.

That was why Xu Yini had come over today. She had come to specially choose a gift for Fang Yunyi.

It was obvious that she had come to CHUIN to choose a gift for Fang Yunyi.

Shen Li nodded, her expression somewhat comforting.

“That’s good.”

Xu Yini was stunned.

Was Shen Li not angry after hearing all this?

Then, she heard Shen Li continue to speak.

“After what happened earlier, I was quite concerned. Because of me, the Lu family and the Xu family’s long-standing friendship was damaged. Now it seems that I was worrying too much.”

She gave Xu Yini a concerned look.

“After hearing what Miss Xu said today, I am relieved.”


Xu Yini’s face instantly turned pale.

It would have been better if she had not mentioned it. After Shen Li said that, she recalled the difficult days she had gone through previously.

She had lost all of her fans overnight. The abuse on Weibo had been overwhelming. Countless contracts had suddenly been terminated. One after another, all the promotional posters featuring her had been removed overnight…

From being the first love of the nation that everyone had admired and pursued to the one that everyone despised, it had only taken one night!

Even after that, she had not dared to go out for quite a long time, having been afraid of being recognized and criticized by others.

She had even refused to socialize with others in public. She had remained very quiet within the circle of celebrities in the Capital for a period of time.

All of this had been because of Shen Li!

And Lu Huaiyu had been the most important instigator from behind the scenes!

How could she not care? How could the Xu family pretend that nothing had happened?

On the surface, even though they had not cut ties with each other, there was still a deep gap between the two families.

Why else had she and Xu Rufeng not visited the Lu family in such a long time?

However, the Xu family did not want to stand on the opposite side of the Lu family. Therefore, when they heard the news that Lu Zheng and Fang Yunyi were coming back, Xu Rufeng specifically told Hao Yun to contact Fang Yunyi.

They planned to use this opportunity to break the ice and repair the relationship between the two families.

Now, Shen Li’s words were as sharp as knives, stabbing into Xu Yini’s heart.

Several pairs of eyes looked at her.

Although no one said a word, Xu Yini felt as if they were looking at her as if she was a joke!

The people served by the store assistants were the wealthiest people in the Capital. Of course, they would hear a lot of gossip.

Xu Yini had offended Shen Li and angered Lu Huaiyu, which was why she had ended up in this situation.

Now that his parents were coming back, even if chose a gift, the first thing she should do was to apologize, right?

Why was she behaving so smugly?

Xu Yini’s knuckles turned white, and her lips trembled slightly from anger.

Shen Li could not be bothered to waste any time with her, so she just decided to walk out.

The store manager quickly followed her and personally sent her to the door.

Xu Yini wanted to say something, but she did not know how to say it. She could only watch as Shen Li left.

The store manager only came back after Shen Li had completely disappeared.

“Miss Xu, would you like to take a look at your earrings now?”

Xu Yini glanced at him.

“Why? Are you free to receive me now?”

The store manager was a smart person. Of course, he could see that Xu Yini was extremely angry.

However, if he had to pick someone to offend between Xu Yini and Shen Li, he would still choose Xu Yini.

Yes, Xu Yini was a high-class VIP customer in their shop, and she was backed by the Xu family. She was an important customer that they needed to treat with caution.

However, Shen Li was here today to represent the first lady of the Gu family, Liang Su!

Not to mention that Shen Li was now the thirteenth lifetime member of the Bai City Fashion Association. She already had an extremely high status in the luxury fashion industry. Just her status as the only young lady of the Gu family alone was enough to make her the guest of honor that all the major luxury brands would not dare to neglect. It was enough to ensure that the most important luxury brands would not dare to neglect their guests.

Besides, there was also the Lu family.

After all, this was the Capital.

The shopkeeper bowed and apologized.

“Miss Xu, I’m sorry to have given you such an unpleasant experience today. Your earring–”

Xu Yini was very upset.

“Never mind, just let me see it first!”

Those were meant to be a gift for Aunt Fang. She had to be careful.

The store manager raised his hand.

“Please follow me.”

Xu Yini entered the VIP lounge. The store manager wore gloves as he opened the box.

A pair of oval-shaped ruby earrings lay quietly in the box.

Xu Yini frowned.

This was not the main design, after all. Compared to the three pairs that she had chosen before, this seemed a little inferior.

She asked, “Who ordered the three designs that I asked about before? Can you go and ask about them? I’m willing to increase the price for them.”

This was actually not appropriate. Since the other party was able to come and spend, the person definitely did not lack money.

However, Xu Yini was really a little anxious.

The store manager was momentarily stunned. He smiled politely but shook his head.

“Miss Xu, I’m afraid that won’t do. The three models were all ordered by the same customer.”

Xu Yini was stunned.

“Ordered three pairs at the same time? That many?”

The store manager nodded.

“Yes. That person wants to give them as a gift, but he didn’t know which one he would like, so he simply chose a few more models. So… he probably won’t agree to let you have them.”