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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 955 - Lu Er: “My Heart Is So Tired"

Chapter 955: Lu Er: “My Heart Is So Tired”

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Old Master Lu had not expected him to suddenly call to ask about this matter. He thought for a moment and said, “I believe it will be in mid-June. The exact date is still to be decided. What’s wrong?”

Lu Huaiyu pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Nothing. I’m just asking.”

He calculated how many peaceful days he still had.

Old Master Lu chuckled and said, “It’s good that they’ll be back. Your parents haven’t officially met Ah Li yet, right? It’ll be a good opportunity for them to meet her properly this time!”

Lu Huaiyu fell silent for a moment.

It was hard to say about his father, but his mother should already be very familiar with Ah Li.

Oh, in that case, his father should also be very familiar with Ah Li. After all, both of his parents were basically together most of the time.

Thinking of this, Lu Huaiyu felt even more troubled.

“I know.”

Old Master Lu continued to mutter to himself.

“Look, the two of them will be back in June. Ah Li’s birthday will also be in June. By then, she will be nineteen! Recently, I have mentioned the matter of the engagement to Mei Yanqing a few times. His attitude is much better than before! I feel very hopeful about this!”

Lu Huaiyu was speechless.

Although he hoped more than anyone else that they would be able to reach this point, he remained clear-headed.

“Do you mean that Elder Mei has agreed to it?”


Old Master Lu coughed forcefully.

“Not yet, but soon! Soon!”

Now, whenever he mentioned the engagement, Mei Yanqing’s curses were no longer as fierce as before!

This was the dawn of hope!

With the addition of Lu Zheng and his wife, wouldn’t this matter be settled soon?

Lu Huaiyu kindly reminded him, “Grandfather, you seem to have forgotten about the Gu family and Teacher Shen.”

Mei Yanqing was Shen Li’s master, her mentor, and also her patron. She was extremely indebted to him.

If she wanted to get engaged, of course, she would have to ask Mei Yanqing for his opinion.

But other than that, there were also the Gu family and Shen Zhijin.

Neither side was any easier to convince than Mei Yanqing. In fact, it would only be more difficult.

Old Master Lu waved his hand.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Your parents will be back soon anyway! Can’t you just ask them to put in more effort when the time comes?”

Lu Huaiyou was speechless.

For some reason, he felt that this matter seemed to be even more difficult.

Fang Qingyun’s voice could suddenly be heard through the phone.

“Old Master, your express delivery is here.”

Old Master Lu was instantly delighted. “It’s here!”

He said hurriedly, “Huaiyu, if there’s nothing else, I’ll hang up now!”

He was in a hurry to open the express delivery package!

Lu Huaiyu paused.

He had heard Fang Qingyun mention that the number of express deliveries that Old Master Lu had received recently had increased significantly.

Moreover, every time the packages arrived, he would become very happy. He would then take them to the study where he would open them alone.

As for what was inside the packages, Fang Qingyun and the others did not know.

However, the items seemed to be small, so they did not ask much.

Hearing the unconcealable joy and anticipation in Old Master Lu’s words, Lu Huaiyu thought for a moment, but in the end, he did not ask about it.

“Then that’s all for now. Take care–”

Old Master Lu had already hung up the phone.

Lu Huaiyu looked at his phone in silence.

Yi Bin looked at the rearview mirror and asked with a smile, “Second Master, are Mr. and Mrs. Lu coming back?”

Lu Huaiyu placed a hand on his knee and tapped his well-defined fingers lightly. He answered casually.


Yi Bin felt that his reaction was a little strange.

Because of work, Lu Zheng and his wife had rarely stayed in the Capital these past few years. Logically speaking, the second master should be very happy that they would be coming back this time.

However, looking at his reaction now, why did it seem like he was troubled by something?

In any case, this was a family matter of the Lu family. Naturally, he would not overstep his boundaries.

The black Bentley continued to drive forward.

The Lu family home.

Old Master Lu once again took the express delivery package into the study.

He picked up a box cutter and neatly cut open the express delivery box.

Inside was an acrylic key chain and a human-shaped sign.

The key chain featured a cartoon figure of Ah Li wearing a white puffy dress. Her soft, wavy hair hung down, and she had a small crown on her head. She also wore lace gloves on her hands, and her small face was slightly raised. She looked delicate and beautiful.

The human-shaped sign was of a cartoon figure of Ah Li wearing a blue and white racing uniform. She was holding a helmet. The crown was shining, and her small face looked very cool.

Old Master Lu admired her for a long time. She was so beautiful. She was really good-looking, no matter which way he looked at her!

He held his phone for a long time and found the light and the right angle– click!

After taking the photo, Old Master Lu checked it a few times to make sure that it was a good photo. Then, he chose one and posted it on Weibo.

Then, he carefully put away the key chain and the human-shaped sign and placed them into the drawer.

Lu Huaiyu looked out of the window and thought about the pictures he saw from Shen Li. After thinking for a long time, he finally unlocked his phone again and clicked on Weibo.

He had no interest in such apps. Usually, he would not click on them except for situations that related to Shen Li.

However, although he did not use them often, he still quickly searched for the super words related to Shen Li.

At this time, the Weibo post of [ Is Carp Married Today? ] had been placed at the top by the super words host. It was at the top position and could be seen as soon as he entered.

Probably because these pictures were so beautiful, the chat fans were very enthusiastic. In the comments section, there was a heated discussion about which dress and which jewelry looked better. It was very lively.

Lu Huaiyu clicked on her homepage and scrolled down for a while.

Shen Li was right. Almost all of the luck draws were related to her.

When she held a showcase, published her thesis, or even when she got full marks in the exam… this blogger would definitely follow up immediately and celebrate with a lucky draw.

In addition to some mobile phone cases, throw pillows, fragrances, and so on, there were also scarves, mobile phones, and so on.

One of them even forwarded the Weibo post from Xijing University congratulating Shen Li for publishing her second article in “Universe.”.

The special prize of that lucky draw was: An astronomy telescope.

Of course, all these items were related to Shen Li.

Either her picture was printed on them, or her name was written on them.

Lu Huaiyu saw one cartoon Ah Li after another.

There were all kinds of styles. These include a cute style, cool style, ladylike style, and so on, but most of them were in the princess style.

There were countless little outfits and small boots, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and all kinds of jewelry.

If someone in the industry saw these, they would recognize at a glance that these were all samples of jewelry from various high-end brands.

For a long time, Lu Huaiyu held his breath. Then he closed his eyes and exhaled lightly.