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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 953 - Miracle Ah Li

Chapter 953: Miracle Ah Li

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shen Li stopped unwrapping the candy.

But in just a moment, she put the candy into her mouth and turned to look in the direction that Lu Huaiyu was looking.

“It’s not finished yet.”

She said.

Lu Huaiyu nodded, his gaze still fixed on the painting.

Because it was placed against the wall, he could not see the contents on the front of the painting.

“Will this painting be up for auction?” He asked.

Shen Li shook her head.

Indeed, she had no intention to release this painting.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her with a smile.

“Then, when the painting is finished, can you give it to me?”

A rich, sweet smell spread between her lips and teeth. One of Shen Li’s cheeks bulged, and she sounded confused.

“Second Brother, are you still thinking about “Summer Cicada”? Didn’t I already give you one last Christmas?”

The two of them stood very close to each other. As she spoke, the sweet smell from her lips wafted into the air and blended into every inch of his breath.

“Yes, but I want this one too.”

He admitted with a smile, but he spoke very frankly.

Shen Li’s beautiful peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly.

“Second Brother, don’t think that you can buy a painting without spending any money just because you’ve become a boyfriend.”

Lu Huaiyu could not help but laugh when he heard this. He stood up straight and bowed his head slightly.

The distance between the two of them instantly became closer.

“You clearly know–”

He was clearly not touching her at all, merely looking at her with a pair of deep, dark eyes that were so intense that they even seemed to burn her skin. The hot temperature quickly spread, and the deep and husky voice fell into her ears, one word at a time, which made her heart beat uncontrollably.

“Even I am yours.”

Not to mention a painting.

The tip of Shen Li’s tongue curled slightly. The sweet taste seemed to thicken even the air.

Her eyes curved into a smile.

“Do you want to paint?”

The tip of Lu Huaiyu’s brows raised slightly.

Then, she took out a piece of candy from the candy box and stuffed it into his palm.

“This is for you.”

Lu Huaiyu lowered his eyes and looked at the candy in the palm of his hand. The tip of his tongue pressed against his upper palate, and he smiled.

How loudly this calculative person sounded.

He had given him his candy, and it was only one candy.

Shen Li asked, “Second Brother, you don’t seem to want this?”

As she spoke, she made a gesture to take it back.

Lu Huaiyu put away the candy.

“I do.

“You gave it to me. Why wouldn’t I want it?”

Lu Zheng and Fang Yunyi were coming back.

Xu Yini had spent a few days trying to choose a gift for Fang Yunyi.

She had seen almost all the new ruby jewelry from the major luxury brands.

Fang Yunyi’s ruby necklace was a top-notch item, so she probably would not be able to find something comparable to it. As for a ring, it was not easy to choose one in case it was not the right size.

Therefore, she decided to give her a pair of earrings in the end.

After going through a lot of options, she could not make up her mind among the remaining three pairs.

She showed them to Hao Yun and Xu Rufeng, and the two of them each chose a pair of earrings and argued with each other over which one was better.

After a long struggle, Xu Yini finally chose a pair of square ruby earrings.

“I think Auntie Fang should like this one, right?”

Xu Yini murmured softly before calling the owner of the brand’s only physical shop in the Capital.

However, to her disappointment, the one she had her eyes on had already been ordered.

The jewelry designs at this level were unique, so once someone got to it first, there was no way the design would be recreated.

Xu Yini could only settle for the second best, but she did not expect to encounter failure again this time.

All three of the designs that she liked had all been ordered.

After being rejected repeatedly, Xu Yini was a little annoyed, but she had been one step too late.

So, she could only give up on the few designs that she liked the most and ultimately chose one that she did not like so much.

The shop owner promised to deliver it in two weeks.

Xu Yini then hung up.

Now, she could only hope that Aunt Fang would like the one she had chosen in the end…

Lu Huaiyu’s cell phone rang.

He glanced at it and picked it up.

“Uncle Zhao.”

Shen Li looked at him.

It was unknown what was said on the other end, but Lu Huaiyu responded.


He paused for a moment and the corners of his thin lips raised slightly.

“It’s been a while since you’ve visited our home. Grandfather misses you very much.

“Okay, I’ll tell Grandpa when I get back. You go ahead.

“Goodbye, Uncle Zhao.”

Lu Huaiyu ended the call.

Shen Li probed,”Chief Zhao?”

Lu Huaiyu looked up and pinched her soft little face.

“You able to guess everything.”

He paused for a moment and then said, “Xu Rufeng called him. He requested for him to be flexible with Yu Cheng.”

Shen Li had already expected this and was not surprised. “Oh.”

Seeing that she was so calm, Lu Huaiyu asked, “Aren’t you worried at all? Xu Rufeng and Zhao Hengshan are high school classmates. They have been friends for more than twenty years.”

Shen Li blinked.

“Didn’t Second Brother say that Chief Zhao is an upright person?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“You remember clearly.”

She was still very convinced of his words.

“He really doesn’t intend to help. He only called to send his regards to Grandfather and also to tell me about this matter.”

Previously, Lu Huaiyu had called Zhao Hengshan and asked him to investigate as much as he could.

This was actually the attitude of the Lu family.

Zhao Hengshan had always been an impartial person. No matter who was involved in this matter, it would not affect him in any way.

The difference was that since his old chief was also very concerned about this matter, it was normal for him to bring it up.

Shen Li nodded in understanding.

Yu Yu and the rest should be very happy that the Xu family was willing to help.

Unfortunately, they had been too optimistic.

This matter that had come to Zhao Hengshan’s attention was also known by everyone on the Internet. It was of a bad nature. Even if ten more Xu Rufengs were to appear, it would still be useless.

So she was indeed not worried. She just had to let nature take its course and wait.

Just as Shen Li was thinking, her phone suddenly rang a few times.

She took a look and realized that it was He Xiaochen who had sent several pictures.

[ Ah Li, Ah Li! Look! This is a drawing of you that Sister Carp has recruited a new artist to draw! It’s so cute and beautiful! Woohoo! ]

Seeing this message, Shen Li scrolled on her phone and clicked on one of the pictures that she had been sent.

It was still a cartoon figure.

The figure was dressed in a red knee-length skirt and small black leather boots. It’s long, wavy hair was unbound. There was still a small crown on its head and a pair of square ruby earrings on its ears.

Shen Li was speechless.

She swiped to the next one.

This figure wore a red and white mermaid-style dress with small silver heels. The small crown was sparkling, but the earrings had been replaced with a ruby hexagram.

Shen Li remained quiet.

She looked at the third picture.

Here, this figure wore a red-and-black tight-fitting miniskirt with black lace-up boots. Her hair had finally been tied up, but she still wore a small crown. This time, the earrings had been replaced with round rubies.

Shen Li was quiet.

He Xiaochen sent a total of six pictures.

All with different little skirts and shoes, and always with small crowns on its head.

[ Ahhhhhhhh, Sister Carp wants us to vote for the most beautiful one, but what if I like every single one of them? That mini skirt Ah Li is way too cool! And that mermaid-style skirt is so beautiful! Ah Li, you’re so cute! Ahhhhhhh!!! ]

Shen Li did not know how to respond.

“What are you looking at?”

Seeing that she had been staring at her phone for quite a while, Lu Huaiyu asked as he leaned over and casually glanced at it.

When he saw the pictures clearly, the corner of his eye twitched.