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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 952 - Ah Li is a Sensible Child

Chapter 952: Ah Li is a Sensible Child

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Huaiyu had a deep look in his eyes.

“Why did you suddenly think to ask this?”

Shen Li told him about Mei Yanqing’s suggestion.

“… Master has always wanted to help me hold an art exhibition, but I don’t have many paintings left in my hands. I thought that there might be a few at Second Brother’s place…”

Lu Huaiyu tilted his head and gave her a sincere smile.

“Well, I do have a lot.”

That is, except for the “Summer Cicada” that he still could not get from Elder Mei.

However, after Shen Li had finished that painting, she had sent it directly to Jinse Bay and had not put it up for auction.

So, to be precise, all of her paintings that had ever appeared on the market were in his hands.

However, if he did not say it clearly, Shen Li would not think of it.


Lu Huaiyu gave a faint smile.

“I have no intention of taking out my private collection of paintings for an exhibition.”

For anyone who wanted to look at them, one look would never be enough.

Shen Li was not surprised at his way of thinking.

Many collectors bought paintings for their own enjoyment.

After all, they had spent a lot of money to buy them, so there was no reason for them to share them with others.

So she simply nodded.


Now it was Lu Huaiyu’s turn to be surprised.

He raised his eyebrows slightly.

“If that’s the case, you probably won’t be able to hold an art exhibition for quite a long time.”

Shen Li looked up.

“Second Brother, didn’t you just say that you didn’t want to take them out?”

Lu Huaiyu paused in his steps, then he stared into her eyes for a while before lowering his voice.

“But if it’s you, Ah Li, as long as you say the word–”

He would agree.

He had never been able to say no to her.

He did not finish the rest of his words, but it was already obvious.

Shen Li looked up at him and shook her head.

“Those paintings already belong to Second Brother. Of course, it’s your prerogative to do whatever you want with them. Moreover, I’m not really that interested in holding an art exhibition. It’s just that Master keeps bringing this matter up. Since Second Brother isn’t willing to do it, then we can forget it.”

She spoke frankly and straightforwardly with clear eyes.

Lu Huaiyu could not help but laugh, although there was a hint of ridicule in his words.

“In that case, your paintings won’t be able to be seen by more people. Only I will be able to look at them. Doesn’t Ah Li feel that it’s kind of a pity?”

Any painter would surely want their works to be recognized by the public.

Shen Li’s eyes widened as she seemed a little surprised.

“Why is it a pity?”

She had been painting since she was very young. Before she met Mei Yanqing, she had never even taken a day of art classes.

However, she still painted very well.

It was more like an instinct.

She had an extremely keen sense of color. Other than that, the lines, light and shadow, composition, light and dark…

As long as she started to draw, it had always come naturally to her.

For many years, it had been more like a way for her to vent her emotions.

When she was happy, everything was bright.

When she was unhappy, everything was depressing.

All the emotions that she could not express had been poured into those paintings.

“I don’t need my paintings to be liked by many people.”

She kicked the ground with her heel, her tone casual as she spoke.

“It’s fine as long as Second Brother likes them.”

She knew that many of her paintings were in Lu Huaiyu’s hands.

He had bid for them one by one before they had even known each other.

The reason why Tree’s Shadow had been able to quickly become popular and occupy a place in the domestic art scene was because those paintings had been auctioned off at an astonishingly high price.

He had acknowledged those paintings.

He understood them.

Otherwise, he would not have gone to such great lengths to collect those paintings and even visited several times just to try and get her “Summer Cicada” painting from Mei Yanqing.

This was enough.

This was enough for her.

Her words came from the bottom of her heart but she was so nonchalant about it, as if she was just commenting on the good weather today.

However, she did not know what these words meant to Lu Huaiyu.

He looked at the little girl in front of him. One of her hands was still obediently curled in his palm. She lowered her head slightly and kicked her feet casually.

The May sunlight was bright and brilliant. As it fell on her face, her delicate and fair skin almost seemed translucent.

A breeze blew past, and her fine hair fluttered in the wind. Her raven-feather-like eyelashes cast a faint shadow under her eyes.

Something seemed to be surging within his chest, but it also felt as if it was being gently scratched by something.

It seemed to go on for a long time, but it also seemed to be only for a moment.

His Adam’s apple moved up and down before he then exerted a little strength with his hands.

“Ah Li.”


Shen Li raised her head when she heard that.

In the next moment, that peerlessly beautiful face was already close to him. Before she could react, she felt a slightly cool and soft touch on her lips.

The refreshing smell of cedar instantly filled her.

Her eyes widened slightly, but she only had time to see the deep and dark color in the depths of his eyes.

The moment they touched, they parted.

Vaguely, she heard his deep and smiling voice.

“The child is so sensible. You deserve a reward.”

Shen Li had driven here, so Lu Huaiyu put all the things she had bought into the trunk of her car and got into the passenger seat of Shen Li’s car.

Shen Li started the car. In the rearview mirror, she saw a black Bentley following her from a distance.

When they reached Skyleaf City, the two of them got out of the car.

Lu Huaiyu went back to his car first. Shen Li turned around and saw that he had taken something out.

Then, Lu Huaiyu handed her the bag.

“Let’s go.”

He helped her carry the paints and other things she had bought and sent her upstairs.

As soon as they got out of the elevator, they bumped into Shen Zhijin, who had just come back and was opening the door.


Shen Li was a little surprised.

“Why did you come back so early?”

Shen Zhijin said, “The meeting ended early.”

As he spoke, his gaze fell on Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu greeted him with a smile.

“Teacher Shen, I was helping Ah Li bring the paints up.”

Shen Zhijin glanced at the bag in his hand and nodded.

Then, he pushed the door open and entered the house.

Shen Li and Lu Huaiyu followed behind.

“Second Brother, please take these to the studio.”

Shen Li raised her finger and pointed.

Lu Huaiyu followed her there.

Shen Zhijin turned his head to take a look before going to his study.

This was the first time Lu Huaiyu had ever entered Shen Li’s art studio.

It could be seen that the decor in the room was very meticulous.

Other than the easel, palette, various colors, brushes, and toner oils, there was also a rattan chair on the balcony with a pony throw pillow on it.

Lu Huaiyu put the things down.

“Thank you, Second Brother.”

Only then did Shen Li have the time to look at the bag in her hand.

“But what’s inside?”

Lu Huaiyu’s his long legs were slightly bent as he leaned against the side of the cabinet, with the corners of his lips slightly raised.

“Lunch meeting. I passed by a candy store. Business seemed to be good there. I thought you would like it, so I brought you one back.”

Shen Li opened the bag and realized that inside was an exquisite candy-shaped candy box. Inside was a bag of taffy.

She took out one and peeled off the wrapping.

Lu Huaiyu’s gaze suddenly fell on a square canvas in a corner of the room.

He raised his eyebrows.

“Did you paint another painting?”