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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 949 - Aunt Fang is Coming Back?

Chapter 949: Aunt Fang is Coming Back?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Yini, why did you speak up for Yu Yu at the dinner party just now?”

After returning to the Xu family’s home, Hao Yun could not hold back her curiosity. So, she asked this question as soon as she entered the house.

She had continually been evasive with Zhou Lan with the intention of ultimately declining politely. Who would have known that Xu Yini would suddenly get involved?

Hao Yun had been caught off guard, but she could not refute her daughter in front of outsiders. Furthermore, when Zhou Lan and Yu Yu heard that Xu Yini was willing to help, they had immediately thanked her profusely. As a result, she had not even gotten the chance to go back on her words or reject her.

Xu Yini threw her bag onto the sofa and lay down on the sofa.

“Mom, I just feel a lot of pity for Auntie Zhou, okay? She only has one son. If something were to really happen to him, I don’t know how she would feel. Look at how exhausted she looked when she came today.”

“Don’t give me that. I know you too well.”

Hao Yun frowned.

After so many years of not communicating, Zhou Lan and her were not that close, what more Xu Yini.

She had never met Zhou Lan more than once, so why would she suddenly sympathize with Zhou Lan and even be willing to help?

“Before we went, weren’t you the one who thought that the Yu family was giving us some trouble and couldn’t be bothered with them?”

As Hao Yun spoke, she sat down on the single-seater sofa beside Xu Yini.

“Tell me, how did Yu Yu persuade you?”

Hao Yun doted on her only daughter so when it came to matters related to her, she was always very unprincipled.

However, she was the wife of the Xu family in the Capital after all. She was not stupid.

The change in Xu Yini had been too much. It was obvious that Yu Yu had said something to her.

Xu Yini shrugged.

“I can help if I want to.”

After all, she always did whatever she wanted anyway.

Hao Yun was disapproving.

“Yini, if it was anything else, I could agree to it. However, the matter with Yu Cheng this time involves a lot. There’s no need for us to get involved.”

When Xu Yini heard that she did not agree, she immediately sat up straight with an unpleasant expression on her face.

“Mom, we’ve already agreed with Aunt Zhou. You can’t go back on your word, right?”

“What do you mean ‘agreed’? Besides, this kind of help can’t be guaranteed just because we want to.”

“Why can’t we help? Dad and Chief Zhao from the Capital Public Security Bureau are high school classmates and have a good relationship with each other. Isn’t this an easy matter for us to help with?”

It was probably because of this relationship that Zhou Lan had taken the initiative to look for the Xu family.

“Besides, although the crime of drug possession is very serious, it was discovered at the FN training base. According to Yu Yu, Yu Cheng was still in Haicheng when the incident happened! Who can be sure that those things were hidden by him?”

As long as he could clear his name of illegal drug possession, everything else was trivial.

Drug abuse?

At most, he would be detained. If it was more serious, he would be forced to enter a drug rehabilitation facility. There would be no jail sentence.


The boss of FN was indeed Yu Cheng, but there were still managers and other people under him. Any one of them could be dragged out and made into a scapegoat.

In short, as long as he did not step on that red line, Yu Cheng still had a chance.

This was the problem that the Yu family cared about the most about right now.

Hao Yun felt a headache coming on.

“Yini, this matter isn’t as simple as you say!”

Putting everything else aside, even just the public opinion alone was like a knife hanging over Yu Cheng’s head. It could fall at any time!

“Yu Cheng has never changed and has a long list of previous misdemeanors. Even if we can save him this time, he will definitely cause more trouble in the future!”

Normal people would want to stay as far away from this kind of person as possible. Now, however, Xu Yini was thinking of helping him?

“Anyway, you don’t have to worry about what happens next,” Hao Yun said.

Xu Yini’s temper instantly flared up and her voice became sharp.

“They’re just asking Father to speak a few words. How is that so difficult? I think you just doing this on purpose!”

Hao Yun had not expected her to suddenly explode. She was momentarily stunned. However, before she could say anything, the front door was pushed open. It was Xu Rufeng who had returned.

He frowned when he saw the tense atmosphere between the mother and daughter.

“What’s wrong?”


Xu Yini immediately pounced on him and quickly recounted the whole incident to him. In the end, she was both angry and aggrieved.

“Shen Li was clearly the one behind the incident with FN! She’s doing so well now! But… why is she so proud of herself?!”

Hao Yun finally understood that Xu Yini was not trying to help the Yu family, but to deal with Shen Li!

Her lips moved, and she wanted to say something, but she stopped herself.

Xu Rufeng patted Xu Yini’s shoulder:

“Alright, alright. Dad knows that you were wronged. About this matter… how about this, I’ll give Zhao Hengshan a call tonight.”

This meant that he was willing to help.

Hao Yun finally could not help but say,”Rufeng, you know Zhao Hengshan’s character the best. I’m afraid that he won’t easily agree to help.”

Xu Rufeng pondered for a moment.

“No matter what, I’ll call him first to ask. He should still give me some face at least.”

At this point, he paused. When he thought of what had happened earlier, his expression was not pleasant either.

“Moreover, Shen Li has indeed made Yini suffer a great grievance. She has to vent her anger somehow.”

He only had one daughter and she had been doted on since she was young. He did not dare to say anything harsh.

However, ever since she met Shen Li, Xu Yini’s life had not been smooth sailing.

Not only had she been forced to retire from the entertainment industry, but she had also become the target of ridicule within the celebrity circle.

How could Xu Rufeng let that go so easily?

Hearing his words, Xu Yini was happy and hugged his arm coquettishly.

“I just knew that Father always treats me the best!”

She did not have a good impression of Yu Yu, but if she could make Shen Li unhappy, she did not mind helping Yu Yu.

At this point, Hao Yun had nothing more to say.

She sighed.

After all, how could her heart not ache for her daughter?

Xu Rufeng thought of something and asked again, “By the way, have you been in contact with Fang Yunyi recently?”


Hao Yun frowned and shook her head.

“Not much.”

Xu Rufeng continued,”Lu Zheng will be transferred back to the Capital in June. Fang Yunyi will be coming back with him. You should mingle around more when the time comes.”

Hao Yun was a little annoyed.

Although on the surface, the Xu family and the Lu family had not had a falling out, Lu Huaiyu’s previous order to ban Xu Yini had already made their relationship quite tenuous. Later, the media had exposed a series of negative news about Xu Yini which had forced her to retreat from the industry. Now, both sides were completely at an impasse.

Moreover, although the Xu family and the Lu family were family friends, her relationship with Fang Yunyi was actually not particularly close.

If she were to contact Fang Yunyi now, wouldn’t she look like she was just trying to kiss up to her?

It was easy for Xu Rufeng to say that, but she would be the one who would have to deal with all the difficulties on her own.

When Xu Yini heard this, she suddenly raised her head with a pleasantly surprised expression.

“Aunt Fang is coming back?”