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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 948 - Don’t You Want to Get Back at Her for This

Chapter 948: Don’t You Want to Get Back at Her for This

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

She got into the car and handed out the drinks to the others, one by one.

The two brothers raised their handsome little faces and called out obediently, “Thank you, Cousin!”

Gu Siqi said while inserting a straw,”But we shouldn’t trouble Cousin with such things in the future. There were so many people over there. What would happen if Cousin was squeezed by all of them?”

“That’s right!”

Gu Sicheng nodded in agreement. He leaned against the car window and looked in the direction of the milk tea shop. He sighed softly, “But Cousin is so popular…”

As they waited here, they had clearly witnessed Shen Li being surrounded by a crowd of people after she had entered the shop.

Moreover, more and more people had continued to head to the milk tea shop from outside. They had walked over in a hurry, looking excited. Apparently, they had rushed over after hearing that she was there.

Gu Siyang took a sip of the cold and sweet milk tea and nodded in agreement.

There was only one of this special treasure within the Gu family so she needed to be carefully protected.

Shen Li smiled.

Gu Siyang put down the cup of milk tea and looked in the direction of the shopping mall. He smacked his lips and murmured,”By the way, Sister, has the matter of FN been settled yet?”

Shen Li turned her head to look at him.

“I don’t think so. Why are you suddenly talking about this?”

This matter with FN was not just a case of drug addiction. It was a serious case of facing charges of drug possession and bribery.

The investigation of the entire case required time, so Yu Cheng and the others were still being detained at the police station.

Of course, the days there were not easy for the pampered young master Yu, who had been born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

“It’s nothing. I’m just a little surprised. The Yu family must be very anxious right now. I wonder why they still have the time to come to such a place?”

Shen Li’s heart skipped a beat. “What?”

Gu Siyang raised his chin.

“I think I saw Yu Cheng’s mother go in just now.”

Although the Gu family and the Yu family had never had a good relationship, they were after all both top-tier wealthy families so they still knew each other.

Yu Cheng was the eldest grandson of the Yu family. His mother, Zhou Lan, was born to a noble family and had a high status in the Yu family.

Gu Siyang had seen her at a banquet before, so he still remembered her.

Everyone knew that Yu Cheng was grandfather Yu’s favorite grandson. Now that something had happened to him, the entire Yu family was shrouded in a dark cloud.

As his mother, Zhou Lan’s appearance at the mall in the Capital at this time was really…

However, Shen Li instantly thought of Xu Yini and her mother.

She leaned back and said calmly,”I believe they should be here to ask the Xu family for help.”

“Oh? The Xu Family?”

Gu Siyang reacted in surprise for a moment before he quickly understood.

If that was the case, it was understandable.

The Capital was not the territory of the Yu family. If something happened to Yu Cheng here, the Yu family naturally had their hands tied.

The Xu family was a wealthy family in the Capital. If they would be willing to help, Yu Cheng’s situation would indeed be much more optimistic.

“However, I remember that the relationship between the Xu family and the Yu family is also not that good. They’re not really in a position to get involved in this mess, right?”

This matter with FN had spread to the entire Internet. Who would be willing to take on this hot potato?

Shen Li laughed casually.

“Who knows?”

Xu Yini and Hao Yun arrived at a restaurant on the top floor. Zhou Lan was already waiting in the private room.

However, after the two of them entered, they realized that besides Zhou Lan, there was another person here: Yu Yu.

Zhou Lan and Hao Yun stood up.

“Ah Yun, Yini, you’re here. Please take a seat.”

Zhou Lan and Hao Yun had been university classmates. They had maintained a good relationship. However, in recent years, one had been in Haicheng while the other was in the Capital. Thus, they did not interact much.

If it were not for Yu Cheng, Zhou Lan would not have come to look for them.

Yu Yu and Xu Yini looked at each other and smiled politely.

The atmosphere was a little cold, but Yu Yu was very good at talking. Soon, the atmosphere in the entire room became lively.

Xu Yini was not really interested.

Everyone knew the purpose of today’s dinner. The only reason they were here was just because of Yu Cheng’s stupid matter.

Of course, the Xu family did not want to get involved in this.

Zhou Lan and Hao Yun’s friendship was not worth offering the Xu family’s help.

Hao Yun had not wanted to come, but due to their past friendship, she could not refuse and had chosen to agree.

They could meet, have a meal, and then politely decline.

Looking at how Yu Yu tried to coax Zhou Lan and Hao Yun to be happy, Xu Yini looked at her disdainfully.

Everyone in the circle knew what Yu Yu’s situation was like in the Yu family.

Yu Cheng was not even her own brother. Yet, she here she was being so busy because she knew that Yu Cheng was the most favored in the family.

Xu Yini was an only child and had been arrogant and spoiled since she was young. She scoffed at Yu Yu’s humble and ingratiating behavior.

Of course, Yu Yu also noticed Xu Yini’s expression.

This one and only spoiled princess of the Xu family did not know how to hide her emotions. Her impatience was written all over her face.

However, it was also possible that she could not be bothered to hide it.

After all, she had the support of the entire Xu family behind her.

She may have embarrassed herself, ruined her own reputation, or even made the entire Xu family lose face through her own ridiculous actions…

The Xu family would still be endlessly tolerant of her.

Xu Yini and Yu Cheng were the same.

They had gotten lucky and had better reincarnations. However, in reality, they were extremely stupid.

Yu Yu could tell that Xu Yini looked down on her, but that was nothing. After all, she looked down on the other party.

Zhou Lan had not wanted to bring her along to today’s dinner. During this period of time, she had received a lot of criticism and cold looks from the Yu family.

She repeatedly persuaded her to make sure that she could get the Xu family to help her. Only then had Zhou Lan relented.

She did not care what Xu Yini thought of her.

In fact, she had even wanted to ask Xu Yini for help.

Halfway through the dinner, Xu Yini became bored.

“I’m going to the restroom.”

Yu Yu said, “It just so happens that I’d like to go too. Shall we go together?”

Of course, Xu Yini could not refuse. The two of them left the room together.

When they reached the corner, Yu Yu finally opened her mouth to speak.

“Miss Xu, I know that the Xu family is not willing to help us with this matter.”

Xu Yini turned around and looked her up and down.

“Since you know that, why did you follow me here?”

Yu Yu smiled and brought up another matter.

“I remember that back in Hong Kong City, Miss Xu had once apologized to Shen Li in public?”

Xu Yini’s expression changed.

This was the last thing she wanted to recall!

Ever since then, she had become a joke among the celebrities in the Capital. Countless people had ridiculed her in private.

She had not even appeared in public for quite some time because of this.

“What has it got to do with you?!” Xu Yini sneered. “Speaking of which, haven’t you done the same thing before?”

At the LY press conference not too long ago, Yu Yu had publicly bowed and apologized to Ji Shu, and it had even trended on the Internet.

It had appeared to be as if she had been apologizing to Ji Shu, but in reality, had it not been Shen Li that had forced her to apologize?!


When Yu Yu heard this, she did not get angry. Instead, she laughed.

“That’s why I’m here today. I want to ask for Miss Xu’s help in persuading Mr. Xu and Madam Xu. Wouldn’t you like to get back at Shen Li?”