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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 947 - Stars Worship the Moon

Chapter 947: Stars Worship the Moon

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After a test run, the whole team was very happy, except for all the members of the LY team who suffered such a critical hit.

Wen Xiao was happy that he did not have to drink Pang Da Hai1 to moisten his throat when he went home today.

Gu Siyang was happy that his forward-looking vision had been confirmed again.

Gu Siqi and Gu Sichengr were happy to have been able to watch an extremely satisfying massacre of a race.

As for Shen Li, she had been staying in the lab for a long time recently. It was a rare opportunity for her to come out to relax, so she was also very happy.

After that, everyone was free to do whatever they wanted. Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng got into Shen Li’s race car and sat for a while. Then, they toured LY and took a lot of photos.

The day passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was five o’clock in the afternoon and Gu Siyang took them away.

The two brothers had a good time today. They were very reluctant to leave and planned to come back the next time they had the chance.

The Capital was always crowded during the holidays.

Gu Siyang drove slowly along the road.

Gu Sicheng looked out of the window and suddenly said, “Cousin, would you like to drink some milk tea?”

Shen Li looked in the rearview mirror and saw that he was looking outside, so she followed his line of sight and looked out as well.

They were in a bustling business district with all kinds of tall buildings.

The nearest building to their right was a large shopping mall, and a milk tea shop was open on the first floor.

The weather in May was far from hot, but they had just watched a race, so it was quite normal for them to want to drink some cold drinks.

She turned to look at the brothers.

“What would you like to drink? I’ll go get it.”

“Cousin, please let us go with you!” Gu Sicheng pleaded.

Shen Li shook her head.

“It’s only few cups of milk tea. It’ll be ready soon. You guys can wait here.”

As she spoke, Gu Siyang slowly parked the car by the roadside.

Gu Siqi raised his hand.

“I want to drink lemonade!”

Gu Sicheng raised his hand.

“I want to drink mango sago!”

Shen Li nodded in affirmation and was about to push the door open to get out of the car, but was suddenly stopped by Gu Siyang.


Shen Li turned around, and Gu Siyang gave her an extremely brilliant smile.

“I want to drink milk tea with sweet taro pop! I want it with full level of sugar! And lots of ice!”

Shen Li replied, “… Got it.”

She put on her baseball cap, lowered the brim of her cap, and pushed the door open to get out of the car.

The business of the milk tea shop was very good. There were seven or eight people queuing in front of Shen Li to order, and the shop was already full.

The sweet fragrance filled the entire milk tea shop. It was noisy and very lively.

Shen Li was waiting in line when a girl suddenly walked toward her and asked in a low voice, “Sister?”

Shen Li looked up.

The girl opposite her saw her face clearly and immediately revealed a pleasantly surprised expression. She covered her mouth in disbelief.

“It really is Sister!”

However, her voice was too sudden and immediately attracted the attention of many people in the shop.

Shen Li instantly felt several pairs of eyes looking at her.

“… Hello.”

Shen Li nodded slightly and greeted her in a lowered tone of voice.

The girl was so happy that she almost fainted.

“Ohhhhhhh… Sister said hello to me!”

Shen Li was speechless.

People around her were already whispering.

“Is it really Sister?”

“It must be her! I have her face as my screensaver. How could I be wrong?”

“She’s so beautiful!”

The girl who recognized her first could not help but say, “Sister, you’re here to buy milk tea too. What a coincidence!”

Shen Li was silent for a moment.

In a milk tea shop, what else could she buy if not milk tea?

But she still nodded.

The person in line at the front turned around and saw a girl asking, “Sister, why don’t you come over and place your order first? I’ll switch places with you!”

Shen Li declined politely, “Thank you, but there’s no need. I’ll wait.”

The girl who had been rejected still looked a little disappointed.

However, not everyone was able to give up their place to her sister..

Because of Shen Li’s arrival, the milk tea shop became even more lively. Everyone even seemed to gather around to look at her with excitement and joy on their faces.

“I heard that Shen Li is here! She is at the milk tea shop over there!”

“Really? I’ll go and take a look!”

“My friend just saw her. She said that she is very beautiful in person!”

Xu Yini, who was wearing sunglasses and a mask, was following Hao Yun into the shopping mall when she heard a few girls who were passing by talking excitedly.

When she heard the name, she stopped in her tracks and subconsciously looked over.

Behind the transparent floor-to-ceiling window of the milk tea shop not far away, Shen Li was standing at the counter to make her order.

Many people were looking at her.

Even from such a distance, one could not miss the eagerness and enthusiasm of those people towards her.

In an instant, in Xu Yini’s mind, only one word flashed through her mind: The stars worshipping the moon.

She pursed her lips.

In the past, wherever she had gone, her fans had followed her in droves.

But now…

The tables had turned on both of them. Shen Li was probably feeling very proud of herself, right?


Seeing that she had not followed her, Hao Yun turned around and called out to her.

“What are you looking at?”

The moment she asked this question, she also spotted Shen Li.

Hao Yun was instantly embarrassed. Although she could not see Xu Yini’s expression, she knew that she must be in a terrible mood.

She walked over and held Xu Yini’s hand.

“Alright, there’s nothing to see. Let’s go in. Your Aunt Zhou is still waiting for us. It’s not good to be late.”

Xu Yini was a little impatient.

“Now that the Yu family is begging us for help, why are you in such a hurry? What can they do even if we’re are really late?”

Hao Yun said, “We still have to give them face.”

Xu Yini looked at Shen Li again and sneered before muttering, “Yu Yu and Yu Cheng… She’s the one who tormented them, right? She is really amazing.”

How could ordinary people have such scheming methods?

She really did not know what Lu Huaiyu liked about her.

Thinking of this, Xu Yini’s mood became even worse. She lifted her feet and walked forward.

“Forget it, Mom, let’s go.”

After Shen Li bought the milk tea, she walked out under the enthusiastic gazes of everyone.

She had to make a note never to forget to wear a mask again…

As Shen Li was thinking, she suddenly noticed something and looked up.

A somewhat familiar back view.

Xu Yini.

It looked like the person beside her was her mother?

Both of them were dressed rather formally, as if they were going to meet someone.

Shen Li stared at their backs for a few seconds, then looked away and walked to the side of the road.