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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 945 - Do You Still Want to Look Up L

Chapter 945: Do You Still Want to Look Up L

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

With Shen Li’s consent, the two brothers instantly became excited.

“Thank you, Cousin!”

Gu Siyang said indignantly, “… I say, do you even still see me as your cousin?”

Could it be that he was that non-existent in this family?!

Without waiting for the two brothers to answer, Gu Tingfeng came over.

“Ah Li, Siqi, Sicheng, it’s time to eat.”

As he spoke, his gaze swept over Gu Siyang quizzically.

“Siyang, didn’t your mother say that you were leaving? Why are you still here?”

Gu Siyang was at a loss for words.

Gu Sicheng tugged at his sleeve and whispered,”Cousin, look, Uncle and Aunt still care a lot about you!”

Gu Siyang muttered, “Shut up.”

The next morning, Gu Siyang drove to Skyleaf City with the twin Gu brothers to pick Shen Li up.

Shen Li got into the front passenger seat.

The two brothers in the back seat could not contain their excitement and kept asking questions along the way.

“Cousin, will you be racing today?”

Although they had watched the video of Shen Li’s rally many times, they were still separated by the screen and had not been able to witness it with their own eyes.

There was still a big difference.

Shen Li knew what they were thinking and smiled.

“If you want to watch it, you can.”

The two brothers cheered.

“Cousin, I heard that the new head coach of LY is also very powerful. He is the only Chinese who has topped the list of world-class drivers! Did you learn from him in the past?”

Shen Li and Wen Xiao were very close. Anyone who had watched the LY press conference the other day would know that.

It was also because of this that many people had made the same deduction.

Shen Li leaned against the back of the chair and tilted her head slightly. Her posture was casual, and when she heard this, she smiled.

“If you think so, then so be it.”

Actually, this matter was a little too complicated to be explained.

In the beginning, Ning Haizhou had been sentenced to prison for a drunken hit-and-run that had resulted in the victim’s death.

Logically speaking, she knew that she should have been very resistant to cars because of the accident he had caused with his driving.

However, perhaps it was because of her personality, or perhaps she had had enough of the bullying and abuse she had received, so she had developed a rebellious spirit.

She wanted to see what exactly was going on with the cars.

So, she had snuck into the garage time and time again to watch them repair cars, look at the dismantled parts, and see the scratches on those cars.

Her thought was that this was what had taken everything away from her.

Of course, Wen Xiao knew that she came over. Initially, he had thought that having a little girl around every day was very troublesome. He had wanted to chase her away, but later, when he heard about her family matters, he had felt quite sorry for her so he had simply turned a blind eye to her coming over.

That was until one day, he realized that Shen Li had secretly learned a lot from him.

Not only in terms of repairing cars, but she was also capable of modifying them.

Originally, he used to make money from this too.

It was not until later, when Shen Li had modified a car completely on her own for the first time that he had taken her out to race on a whim and he realized that things had gone terribly wrong.

Shen Li had even stolen his final trump card completely.

When it came to learning, he had not taught her anything in a proper and systematic way.

However, to be more precise, Shen Li could be considered to have been brought up by him.

He would only occasionally reveal a little bit of his ability, yet she had been able to quickly absorb it and draw inferences from it.

This kind of ability depended on one’s talent. There was really no other way.

It was only after that trip to Leland that Wen Xiao hadfinally decided to accept the circumstances. From then on, all he hoped was that she would calm down and not lose her temper on the track.

Of course, that was a useless wish.

An hour later, the group arrived at the LY training base.

Gu Siyang got out of the car and led them inside.

“Originally, they were supposed to have a holiday because it’s May Day but Lu Siyu and the others strongly requested for more training, so everyone stayed back. “Siqi, the two of you are quite lucky to be here today. You’ll be able to watch them train and compete.”

Actually, the two brothers mainly wanted to see Shen Li. However, after arriving at the base, they felt the intense racing atmosphere and became interested in the team’s training.

The two of them obediently followed inside, but their eyes were full of curiosity as they kept looking around.

Shen Li was a little surprised.

“They took the initiative to ask for extra training?”

Gu Siyang shrugged.

“Of course. Yang Tao and the manager originally didn’t agree, but they couldn’t persuade them otherwise.”

Shen Li was silent for a moment.

Although she did not come here often, she was quite familiar with the character of the LY team members.

This… really did not seem like their style..

However, she soon understood why.

On the training ground, several LY team members stood in a neat formation.

Wen Xiao was standing right in front of them, with his back facing Shen Li and the others.

However, his words were still transmitted over very clearly.

“Let me remind you again. In the weekly test three days from now, the one with the worst results, I… will give that person some personal training.”

Shen Li’s footsteps paused slightly.

When everyone heard the last few words that Wen Xiao said, everyone tensed up.

“Do you understand?”

Wen Xiao asked lazily.

Everyone replied in unison,”We understand!”

Wen Xiao raised his hand.

“Alright, let’s begin.”

Just as everyone was about to move, Ji Shu was the first to spot Shen Li.

“Sister Li!”

Everyone looked over when he shouted. Even Wen Xiao turned around.

Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng could not hide their excitement.

“Is it time for training? Is Cousin going to be on the field?”

Shen Li tilted her head and glanced at the two of them. The corners of her lips curved up slightly as she walked forward.

“Coach, I’d like to join the training as well.”

Wen Xiao raised his eyebrows.

Everyone was shocked as well.

Shen Li rarely trained with them. This was the first time since Wen Xiao had taken up the job.

Only the look in Ji Shu’s eyes went dark.

“It’s over.”

Lu Siyu heard his dejected voice. He moved closer and whispered to him,”What’s wrong? It’s so rare for Sister Li to train with us!”

Ji Shu was in extreme pain as he ran his fingers through his hair.

He was afraid of the comparisons that would be made! How could he not understand such a simple principle!

He had thought that today would be a harmonious day, but now it was all over!

Wen Xiao raised his chin.


Ji Shu patted Lu Siyu’s shoulder.

“Good luck, Brother.”

Yang Tao stood in front of the office window, holding his phone. From here, he could see the entire training ground.

Seeing the pure black race car slowly getting onto the track, Wen Xiao chose to sit on a chair during the training.

“Yang Tao?”

A lazy and cold voice came through the receiver.

“When you’re discussing contracts, do you also get easily distracted?”

Yang Tao came back to his senses.

“Lu Er, do you still want to look up L now?”