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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 944 - I Really Like Her Paintings

Chapter 944: I Really Like Her Paintings

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A deep and magnetic voice that seemed to contain a smile could be heard.

“Elder Yu, long time no see.”

Yu Pingchuan recalled that his flight had been delayed previously. So, if he were to call at this time…

“Are you in the Capital?”

“Yes. I just left the airport and am on my way to the art gallery.”

Yu Pingchuan looked at the time. The airport was quite far from here.

“The gallery will probably be closed by the time you arrive. Besides, you took an international flight. You should go home and rest first. It’ll be the same even if you come back tomorrow.”

“I believe that I heard that you went to the art gallery today?” Shi Yang smiled. “When Wang Kai and the others told me, I thought they were joking.”

Yu Pingchuan was a master of oil painting. It was indeed rare for him to go to a Chinese art exhibition.

Hearing this, Yu Pingchuan smiled and said, “Among the works on display this time, there are a few that I like very much. Of course, I had to come.”

Shi Yang paused for a moment before asking, “I heard that you brought your little junior sister along with you?”

“You mean Ah Li?” Yu Pingchuan’s voice softened greatly when Shen Li was mentioned. “She came with her father.”

“Is that so?”

Shi Yang seemed to smile.

“I’ve seen that her oil paintings are very good. I didn’t expect that she also liked Chinese paintings.”

“Her mother used to study Chinese painting. I guess that’s a big part of the reason. However, after today’s art exhibition, I could see that she genuinely has an appreciation for Chinese paintings, especially Teacher Yuan Ye’s landscape painting. She looked at it for a long time.”

Yu Pingchuan felt rather emotional.

“I seem to remember that my paintings are being displayed together with Teacher Yuan Ye’s paintings. If you put it that way, doesn’t that mean that she doesn’t like my paintings?” Shi Yang joked.

Yu Pingchuan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Shi Yang had always been shrewd. Moreover, when he had chatted with Shen Li, he could tell that she really did not have any interest in Shi Yang’s paintings.

However, this was not a good thing to admit outright.

“Ah Li–”

“However, it’s true. I still can’t compare to Teacher Yuan Ye.” Shi Yang teased and quickly skirted around the topic. “However, I quite like her paintings.”

Yu Pingchuan was a little surprised by this.

Shi Yang had very high standards. It was rare to hear such a straightforward compliment from him.

As a senior brother, he was naturally happy and proud that his junior sister was so capable.

“Is that so? Then if there’s a chance, I can introduce you both. However, it’s not possible today. She has already left.”

Shi Yang was silent for a moment and felt a little regretful.

“It seems like I will have to take a rain check.”

Yu Pingchuan was not too bothered about this. Anyway, if he really wanted to meet her, there would always be another chance.

Shi Yang asked again, “Wang Kai and the others are organizing a welcome gathering for me tonight. Would you like to come along?”

Regretfully, Yu Pingchuan politely refused him.

“I’m afraid it’s not convenient today. I have to go to Jinse Bay later.”

“In that case… I’ll pay you a visit on another day.”

The two of them exchanged a few more words before hanging up.

A black car arrived outside the Capital Art Museum.

The driver asked, “Mr. Shi, you–”

“Let’s go.”

The man sitting in the back put away his phone and said calmly.

The driver was a little surprised and looked in the direction of the art gallery.

Shi Yang had come directly from the airport, but why was he not going in?

There was still a little time before the closing of the gallery, and with Shi Yang’s status, this would not be a problem at all.

As he was thinking, he saw the man in the back seat adjust his gold-rimmed glasses from the rearview mirror and speak gently and elegantly.

“Let’s not keep Wang Kai and the others waiting for too long.”

Even though he had passed the age of confusion, he was still elegant and had an outstanding temperament.

The driver refocused his thoughts.

“Yes, Mr. Shi.”

The car drove away slowly and soon joined the heavy traffic on the road.

After leaving the art gallery, Shen Li and Shen Zhijin did not go home immediately. Instead, they went to Jinshui No. 1 Courtyard.

Gu Siqi and Gu Sicheng had already arrived in the Capital with Gu Tingchuan and his wife that afternoon. They were waiting for Shen Li and the others to arrive for dinner.

When Shen Li arrived, she realized that her uncle’s family was also there.

That’s right. These two villas were adjacent to each other, so it was extremely convenient.

The twin Gu brothers were currently in the living room, engrossed in watching a video on their tablet. Their two little heads were squeezed together, and they were so focused on watching that they did not even notice Shen Li coming over.

“What are you looking at? Why do you look so serious?”

Shen Li asked as she came to stand in front of the two of them.

The two little heads instantly looked up. The moment they saw Shen Li, their eyes lit up.


“Cousin, you’re here!”

Gu Siqi raised his tablet and exclaimed, “We’re watching the video of your last race!”

Shen Li glanced at it and realized that they were watching the video of the final race of the previous rally.

She raised her eyebrows.

“Didn’t you watch it before?”

She remembered that the two of them had watched the live broadcast together with Grandpa Gu and Old Madam Gu in Hong Kong City.

“We watch it quite often! And Cousin, you’re so cool in this race!”

Boys might not be able to resist the charm of a race car, especially Shen Li in this race. Her performance had indeed been impeccable.

Gu Sicheng looked up at her and asked, “Cousin, can you take me and my brother to LY tomorrow? We haven’t been there yet!”

Before Shen Li could say anything, Gu Siyang, who had just entered the room, snorted.

“I invited you two to the LY before, but you didn’t want to go. Now you want to go?”

Shen Li turned around and looked at him in surprise.

“Why is Brother home?”

Gu Siyang raised his eyebrows proudly.

“How can I be absent from the family dinner?”

Gu Sicheng raised his hand honestly.

“Cousin gave us a red packet and told us to tell him as soon as we arrived in the Capital.”

Shen Li was speechless.

So this was premeditated freeloading…

Gu Siyang walked over and tapped Gu Sicheng on the forehead.

“You talk too much. Be careful, or I won’t let you guys go to LY tomorrow.”

Gu Sicheng rubbed his forehead, looking puzzled.

“But cousin, doesn’t LY belong to Shen Li?”

Gu Siyang’s smile froze.

As Gu Sicheng spoke, he counted with his fingers.

“Father has been talking about expanding LY’s current track, or else Cousin won’t be able to drive properly. Third Uncle also said that the lounge area and all the equipment had to be changed so Cousin can choose the style of decor that she likes. Youngest Uncle also said that he would consider making more medical resources available to LY, so as to ensure that all the drivers are in the best condition. Then Cousin won’t need to worry… Ah, right, I also heard that the chief coach of LY was also hired by Cousin!”

Come to think of it, it really did seem that LY belonged to her!

Gu Siyang was stunned into speechlessness.

He looked at Gu Siqi expressionlessly.

“Gu Siqi, can you control your younger brother?”

Gu Siqi nodded and then said to Gu Sicheng seriously, “Younger brother, honesty is a very precious quality, but sometimes you don’t have to tell the truth.”

Gu Siyang was flabbergasted. “… Then should I leave???”

Liang Su, who happened to pass by, hurriedly looked over.

“Siyang, are you leaving? Then be careful on the road.”

Gu Siyang was outraged.

He really should not have come back!

Shen Li met the twin brothers’ expectant eyes and lowered her chin slightly.