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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 939 - Painting

Chapter 939: Painting

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When FN was first exposed for drug possession, the Yu family had not taken it seriously.

But as time passed, things began to develop in a direction that they had not expected. By the time they realized that something was wrong, the whole thing had gotten out of their control.

Public opinion had been the first thing to explode, and pressure from all sides had followed.

With the Yu family’s background and methods, they had always been able to quickly deal with any negative news that broke out.

This time, however, it was very troublesome.

Firstly, it was because drugs were involved, and secondly, the incident had happened in the Capital.

Just these two points alone meant that the Yu family had not had much leeway to intervene.

Other than that, there was another important point: not long ago, Yu Cheng had forced Pan Jiajia to attempt to commit suicide, which had already aroused great public disgust. After that, in order to protect him, the Yu family had forcefully suppressed the news. It seemed then that the matter had been put behind them, but in reality, the anger in many people’s hearts had not dissipated.

They had only been forcibly deprived of the right to speak out against the Yu family. However, that did not mean that they had forgiven Yu Cheng.

In fact, because they had been muzzled, they had accumulated even more intense antipathy and disgust in their hearts.

All of this had erupted in a collective frenzy after Yu Cheng’s second incident.

This power was extremely terrifying. The Yu family could not control the world, and they could not shut everyone up forever.

Drug use, drug possession, bribery, and colluding with officials to frame their opponents…

With all of these things, Yu Cheng had already been nailed to the pillar of shame!

The most favored young master of the Yu family was now in prison. Old Master Yu was angry and anxious, and his large house was filled with resentment. As a result, the entire Yu family was shrouded in a layer of shadow.

Haicheng, in an upscale residential area.

This was where Yu Yu stayed since she usually did not stay in the old house.

“President Yu, these are the documents that you need to sign today.”

In the study, the assistant stood in front of the desk with his head slightly lowered. He respectfully and carefully handed over the documents in his hands.

A fair-skinned hand took them and flipped them open.

The assistant stepped back and quickly looked over.

After LY’s press conference ended, Yu Yu returned to Haicheng on the same day. However, she had not gone to the company over the next few days.

Every day, the assistant would bring over the things that needed to be dealt with. She did her work online and so on.

Many people in the company guessed that she had not shown up because she was too embarrassed by what had happened at LY’s press conference.


The assistant carefully averted his gaze.

Even though a long time had passed, but the slap marks on Yu Yu’s face still had not subsided.

She was the second miss of the Yu family. Naturally, the only people who could do this to her had to be a member of the Yu family.

Of course, the assistant did not dare to ask about the specifics.

These past few days, he felt as if he was being tortured every day. He was tormented by the oppressive atmosphere.

However, he had no choice. After all, he still had to work, and so did Yu Yu.

Although she was the general manager of Yu Corporation, she was still part of the Yu family. The company could not possibly stop functioning just because of her, right?

However… her situation in the Yu family was clearly much worse than before.

In the suffocating silence, Yu Yu suddenly asked, “What happened? Why hasn’t Liang Yue signed the contract for the movie ‘Chasing the Light’ yet?”

She had seen the project a while back, and if things had progressed well, the contract should already have been sent

But so far, there’s no sign of it.

The assistant tensed up and quickly explained,”President Yu, the script that Director Liang Yue wanted to film was signed by Shengguang Media.”

Yu Yu finally raised her head and frowned. “Shengguang Media?”

“Yes, it happened a few days ago. Also, Manager Wu and the rest of the company didn’t think highly of the script, so they didn’t tell you about it.”

The assistant did not say it explicitly, but Yu Yu guessed that it must have happened two days ago during the LY press conference.

At that time, she had just returned from the Capital and received a slap from Old Master Yu at the Yu family’s old mansion.

It seemed quite normal that the assistant had not told her about it.

However, Yu Yu was still very displeased and coldly said, “In the future, please remember to report on such matters in a timely manner.”

After having been dragged down by Yu Cheng, she was not having a good time in the Yu family.

Moreover, she no longer had YU, so she had to tighten her grip on Yu Media.

In actual fact, she was not really interested in “Chasing the Light”. However, she would not allow her authority in the company to be damaged in the slightest.

Her assistant had followed her for a long time and could roughly guess her current mood. He advised her,”President Yu, Shengguang Media acted very quickly this time. They’re probably trying to take revenge on us for snatching away the “Fantasy God Chronicles”.

Yu Yu sneered.

She had actually deduced the same thing.

Indeed, Liang Yue’s films were of guaranteed quality, but they could not be considered to be very profitable. Since that was the case, if Shengguang Media wanted to steal it, it was up to them.

In any case, they already had “Fantasy God Chronicles” in their hands.

Yu Yu closed her eyes.

It would be fine once “Fantasy God Chronicles” was released, a project that she had personally negotiated.

That idiot, Yu Cheng, had not been able to help himself. Someone who was addicted to drugs would never be able to stand up again in his lifetime.

He was destined to rot in the mud in the future!

Sooner or later, the Yu family business would belong to her!

On the first weekend after the midterm exams, Shen Li went to Jinse Bay.

Yu Pingchuan arrived right after her.

After not seeing each other for a while, Yu Pingchuan said that he would cook for her, no matter what.

However, the moment this suggestion was put forward, Mei Yanqing mercilessly rejected it.

“You can barely see when you’re painting, but you still want to cook. Do you want to see Ah Li get food poisoning?”

Yu Pingchuan was silent.

Shen Li silently sighed.

As expected of the master who had scolded more than half of the art world, his tongue remained as sharp as ever.

She went to the refrigerator, opened the door, and very skillfully took out the lychees and grapes hidden inside.

“These have a high sugar content. I’ll take these away later, don’t eat them.”

Mei Yanqing immediately said,”Pingchuan! How many times have I said it? I don’t eat these! Don’t bring them to me next time!”

Yu Pingchuan was baffled.

This was the first time he had seen these things today! How had those things become something he had brought here?!

Shen Li ignored the two of them and took out the ribs and put them into the pot to wash the blood.

Yu Pingchuan was unable to argue, so he decided to run over to help Shen Li wash the vegetables.

“Oh right, Ah Li, have you been painting recently?” Yu Pingchuan asked casually.

Mei Yanqing was about to leave when he heard this. He stood at the kitchen door and looked over.

Fishing out the ribs, Shen Li shook her head.