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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 936 - Shen Tangtang, Grow Up Quickly

Chapter 936: Shen Tangtang, Grow Up Quickly

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There was a moment of silence on the phone.

After a moment, Lu Huaiyu chuckled.

“Ah Li, do you know what Grandpa said today?”

Shen Li had not expected him to suddenly mention this.

“Hmm? What did Grandpa Lu say?”

“He was wondering why it was me who is celebrating his birthday and not you?”

Lu Huaiyu looked out of the window. His deep and slightly hoarse voice seemed to blend into the heavy night. Every word carried a slight heat, and even the silent night was lit up.

“Shen Tangtang, please grow up quickly.”

The next day was the weekend.

At 10 am, the black Panamera stopped at the ninth building in Skyleaf City.

A tall and handsome figure stood beside the car.

A gentle breeze blew, stirring up his pure black shirt. The perfect muscle lines were faintly visible underneath.

One of his hands was in his pocket. His sleeves were half-rolled up, revealing his strong, fair forearms.

His black hair fell over his face. The lines from the brow bone to the bridge of the nose were extremely smooth, and the line of his jaw was clean and sharp.

His posture was casual and languid, but it also showed the ascetic nobility in his bones. He was as unreachable as the snow on the mountain peak.

The moment Shen Li walked out, this was what she saw.

Even though she had seen his stunning looks so many times, it still amazed her even now.

As if he had noticed something, he raised his head and looked over. His black eyes focused.

Today, she was wearing low-waisted jeans and white shoes. On top, she wore a black tight-fitting short-sleeved shirt, as well as a cropped denim jacket.

The girl’s graceful and exquisite curves were carefully outlined. Her legs were long and straight, and her slim waist did not even seem to fill a grip.

Her long wavy hair was tied up into a loose bun, which made her swan-like neck look even more white and slender. A few strands of soft hair fell from her forehead, making her look lazily beautiful.

She was already extremely fair-skinned. Wearing the black tight-fitting short-sleeved shirt now made the small patch of skin revealed by the collar look even more fair and clear. Her skin was as milky as cream and showed off her exquisite collarbones.

The moment he saw her, his cold face relaxed, and a gentle smile appeared in his eyes.

“Ah Li.”

Shen Li walked to stand in front of him before raising her small face and smiling at him.

“Second Brother.”

Lu Huaiyu helped her open the car door. Shen Li grabbed the small black satchel and climbed into the back seat. Lu Huaiyu followed behind her.

Fang Qingyun smiled and said, “Ah Li is so beautiful today!”

Shen Li smiled.

“Thank you, Uncle Fang.”

“Speaking of which, you haven’t visited for a long time. The old man has been talking about it non-stop for a long time. Today, you finally going over!”

Shen Li had indeed been very busy recently. Since it was Lu Huaiyu’s birthday today, she had said that she would go to the Lu family home to celebrate his birthday together.

“I miss you and Grandpa Lu too.”

Fang Qingyun was elated when he heard this.

“Aunt Chun Lan bought a lot of ingredients today, and she plans to show off her skills. The dishes she’s making today are all of your favorites!”

Shen Li blinked.

“Today is Second Brother’s birthday. Isn’t it better to choose Second Brother’s favorite–”

Fang Qingyun laughed and said, “The old man said that Second Master will definitely like whatever you like! Then it’s better to choose what you like!”

Of course, there was another sentence: Lu Huaiyu often came back, but Ah Li rarely came to visit. Of course, they had to keep her close!

However, considering that Lu Huaiyu was also there, Fang Qingyun did not say this sentence out loud.

Shen Li coughed lightly.

“Then… I’ll have to thank Grandpa Lu and Aunt Chun Lan first.”

Half an hour later, the car arrived at the Lu residence.

Old Master Lu was watering the flowers in the courtyard. When he saw Shen Li get out of the car, he immediately put down the empty watering can.

“Ah Li!”

“Grandpa Lu.”

Old Master Lu went forward and looked at Shen Li carefully.

“Why has Ah Li lost weight again?”

Shen Li was silent.

“I don’t think so.”

“You have lost weight! You’re a lot thinner than when you were in Bai City! Now that you’ve come home today, you must be well-nourished!”

Shen Li was stunned.

“Bai City?”

Standing at the side, Lu Huaiyu, who had been completely ignored by his grandfather, explained,”Grandfather watched the live broadcast of the ‘Embrace of a Star’ show.”

Shen Li understood but for a moment, she did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Old Master Lu had actually watched this as well…

“The camera will naturally widen the proportions of people on screen, so you don’t have to worry. On the other hand, have you been feeling well recently?”

“Yes! Yes!”

Old Master Lu smiled brightly.

“Quickly, let’s enter the house!”

Lu Huaiyu had always kept a low profile on his birthday, and it was the same this year.

At noon, the dishes were served one after another, and the aroma was rich and alluring.

Shen Li looked around and asked in a low voice, “Aunt Chun Lan, is Second Brother’s birthday cake cut before or after the meal?”

Zhang Chun Lan smiled and waved her hand.

“Second Master has never liked those, so we didn’t prepare one.”

Shen Li was stunned for a moment, but then she felt that it was quite normal.

After all, Lu Huaiyu came from a family background that was very outstanding in all aspects, and they lacked for nothing.

Having a birthday cake was indeed a bit cliché.

She nodded.

The meal was very lively.

It had been a long time since Old Master Lu had seen Shen Li, so he kept engaging her in conversation.

After the meal finally ended, he suggested playing chess with her.

Of course, Shen Li could not refuse, and Lu Huaiyu merely watched from the side.

Old Master Lu’s chess skills had miraculously stayed at the same level for many years.

Shen Li had played with him a few times before, and she had basically figured out his level and skill, so she planned on giving in to him without batting an eyelid.

However, she soon found that this was quite difficult to do. That was because Old Master Lu did not regret his moves at all.

In this way, his skill level was even higher. Shen Li could not even give him a chance.

In the end, she had been unable to hold it in anymore and carefully said, “Grandpa Lu, I don’t think you made the right move just now. Did you make a mistake?”

Old Master Lu’s eyes lit up. Just as he was about to nod, he saw Lu Huaiyu sitting next to him with a half-smile.

He coughed forcefully.

“No, no! I think it’s okay to place my piece there too!”

Shen Li asked, “… Are you sure?”

Old Master Lu’s heart was bleeding. He forced himself to say, “Yes! Yes!”

Shen Li replied with an “Oh”.


She placed a piece.

“I believe you’ve lost.”

Old Master Lu was baffled.

Hurriedly, he looked at the chessboard. Lost? How had he lost?!

“No, I just–”

His words suddenly stuck in his throat.

Shen Li looked over inquisitively, and she stopped in the middle of retrieving the chess pieces.

Old Master Lu’s lips moved, but in the end, he could only bear the pain and look away.

“Then, then it seems that I did make a mistake just now… Let’s play again!”

He had learned his lesson, and he would definitely win next time!

An hour later.

Old Master Lu looked at his chess pieces that were trapped again and finally gave up.

“No more, no more.”

Shen Li asked, “Do you really not want to play anymore?”

Old Master Lu endured it.

“It’s easy to lose one’s will when playing with these things. It’s not good, not good.”

Shen Li was stunned into silence.

Lu Huaiyu did not seem surprised. He started to help put away the chess pieces and put everything back into the cabinet.

“Grandpa, are you tired?”

Old Master Lu was extremely tired.

“I’m tired, I’m tired.”

Lu Huaiyu said, “Then, I’ll be taking Ah Li to watch a movie, alright?”

Old Master Lu sighed. He had planned so many things but they did not seem to be interested. He waved his hand dejectedly.

“Go, go, go.”