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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 931 - The Book You Carried With You

Chapter 931: The Book You Carried With You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The entire lecture hall instantly fell silent.

Professor Fang’s smile froze slightly.

“Oh? I seem to remember that you already published an article before?”

Although he was a mathematician, he knew that Universe was like the ceiling of academic journals in the field of physics. It was as difficult as climbing to the heavens to publish an article in it.

At that time, Shen Li had broken Shen Zhijin’s record of 20 years and became the youngest first author in Universe’s 100-year history. It had shocked countless people.

But now, why did she mention–

“This is the second article,” Shen Li said.

Professor Fang’s expression was complicated.

Many students looked at Shen Li in disbelief.

“F*ck! The second article… in “Universe”?!”

“This god of learning is only eighteen years old, right? That meanstwo articles in “Universe”?!”

“I’m actually in the same classroom as such a big-shot academic…”

“The god of learning was playing with her phone in class when she saw that another of her articles had been published in “Universe”. I was playing with my phone in class and was tricked by my teammates again! F*ck! It must be because my phone isn’t good enough!”

“I’m feeling numb, I’m really feeling numb. For some people, publishing an article in “Universe” is no different from eating and drinking. I’m different. I only know how to eat and drink.”

Professor Fang gave up the idea of having students hand over their phones during class.

After all, being able to publish an article in “Universe” was truly important.

Shen Li left the classroom under the watchful eyes of the crowd.

Lu Huaiyu sent her back to the Institute of Physics.

But soon, Shen Li found that many people were looking at her as she walked along the road.

Usually, when she and Lu Huaiyu walked around the campus, many people would look at them as well. After all, both of these people were extremely good-looking, and they were always the most eye-catching people in a crowd.

However, today was a little different.

Lu Huaiyu’s lips curled up slightly.

“It seems that the news of you posting the second article in “Universe” has already spread.”

In fact, at this moment, there were indeed people who had already posted on the Xijing University Campus Forum, and this news was quickly pushed up.

Posting a thesis of this level was the goal that many scientific researchers pursued their entire lives. However, the number of people who could do it was always in the minority.

However, Shen Li had published two before she had even turned nineteen.

The students of the Institute of Physics were the first to go crazy.

Just as Shen Li was about to say something, her phone rang. She had received a message.

Before she could open it, her phone rang several times.

She took it out and took a look. In such a short time, there were already several unread messages.

Her first uncle had sent a red packet.

[ Ah Li, I heard that your thesis was just published, is that right? Would you like to come over for a meal? Your first aunt just recently acquired a new batch of colorful treasures. Why don’t you come over and pick some out? ]

Her second uncle had sent a red packet.

[ Congratulations, Ah Li. The scallops at Nine Stars Pier are at their freshest now. If you’re free, you can also make a trip out to sea. Take a look at these boats. Which one do you like? ]

Third Uncle had sent a red envelope.

[ Ah Li, the speed of you publishing your thesis is even faster than the construction speed of the gallery. I saw two paintings at an auction today. I didn’t know which one you would like better, so I bought them both. You can make your selection later. ]

Eldest Uncle transferred money to you.

Second Uncle transferred money to you.

Little Uncle transferred money to you.

Shen Li was speechless.

She could only pause and reply to each message, one by one.


Gu Siqi sent a message.

[ Cousin, you’re awesome! ]

There was also a selfie of the two brothers below.

It looked like they were in the study. Two young and handsome little faces were smiling very brightly at the camera.

Shen Li could not help but laugh. Just as she was about to reply, her gaze suddenly focused.

After a moment, she hesitantly zoomed in on the photo and saw that the bookshelf behind was filled with copies of ‘Universe’.

This was her second uncle’s study room. Why were there so many copies of ‘Universe’?

Shen Li carefully looked at the picture again.


This seemed to be–

Lu Huaiyu suddenly said,

“You didn’t see wrongly. The three levels above are full of copies of the sub-issue of “Universe” that you got published in. The three levels below are full of the issues in which your paper was published in the main issue of “Universe”. As for that box on the floor, that should be the latest issue.”

Shen Li was speechless.

She remained silent for a long while before she raised her eyelashes slightly and asked faintly,”It’s so faint. How did Second Brother manage to see it?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled faintly.

“What a coincidence. Grandfather’s study room has also been decorated like this.”

Shen Li was completely stunned into silence.

Forget I asked.

Just like that, all the way to the Institute of Physics laboratory building, Shen Li continued to receive countless stares.

It was not easy for her to reach the ground floor. She bid farewell to Lu Huaiyu and quickly went upstairs.

It was not until her figure disappeared behind the door that Lu Huaiyu smiled and turned around to leave.

He walked some distance away before giving Gu Tinglan a call.

“I’m free tomorrow morning. The physical examination that I postponed before, let’s schedule it for tomorrow.”

Shen Li published the second piece of news about “Universe” very quickly.

The Internet was abuzz again.

Previously, when she had published the first piece, she had already the youngest person to do so. Who would have thought that after only a few months had passed, she would actually have published another piece?

Xijing’s official Weibo account once again published the good news, and the reposts all contained the message “Congratulations to Shen Li”.

Even many people who did not generally pay attention to the physics academic circle also knew about this matter.

The next morning, Shen Li drove to pick up Wen Xiao.

Today was the day he would go to LY to sign the contract. At the same time, it was also the day that Wen Xiao would go to the LY training base for the first time and would be going to meet the many racers officially.

He had rented a house in the Capital. When Shen Li arrived, he was standing at the entrance of the residential area with a cigarette in his mouth. She did not know what he was looking at on his phone.

“Uncle Wen.”

Shen Li parked the car by the side of the road, rolled down the window, and called out to him.

Only then did Wen Xiao raise his head, put out the cigarette, and casually threw the cigarette butt into the dustbin beside him. Only then did he walk over to her.

When he got into the passenger seat, Shen Li saw that he was still looking at his phone, and casually asked, “Uncle Wen, what are you looking at?”

Wen Xiao looked over.

“I heard that you’ve posted another article in U… U… U… What do you call it?”

Shen Li said, “… Universe.”

“Oh, right.”

Wen Xiao did not really understand these things. Just looking at it gave him a headache,

“Anyway, I can’t tell the difference between all those physics books that you read.”

Shen Li was silent for a moment, but she did not correct him over this “physics book”.

Wen Xiao leaned back and lazily said, “You’ve always liked to read these things since you were young. When you used to race, you often brought a book along with you. I remember the one you read the most at that time, what was it called?”

Shen Li started the car. “The Physical Universe”