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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 94 - She Did Not Come Home

Chapter 94: She Did Not Come Home

In addition to that, as Ning Li scrolled down, all the related pictures and mentions about the picture had disappeared without a trace.

If Xu Yini had not posted it on her status, one might have been mistaken that nothing had happened at all.

There was more than one comment asking for the picture of that guy. A lot of curious audience members had followed the traces and found the paparazzi’s Weibo account.

A ton of comments on the page were asking for the pictures as well.

[I’ll be frank. I like that guy already!]

[Whether it’s Xu Yini or not, the girl’s not the point. I want the guy on the other side.]

[Hand the picture over, and I’ll spare your life!]

Ning Li was speechless when she combed through the comments. By the time she returned to the trending page, she realized that the terms related to Xu Yini were already gone.

“It’s gone?”

Mei Li frowned tightly as she stared at her phone in disbelief.

Given Xu Yini’s current popularity, she could easily occupy the trending list longer, but everything related to her name had vanished like it never even happened.

As for the trending term, ‘Xu Yini’s relationship’, it vanished into thin air.

“Although the traffic and discussions are impressive, it didn’t go on trending! Who could’ve spent a fortune to suppress the news?”

Mei Li quickly came up with several possibilities.

Xu Yini had quite a few rivals, but what good would suppressing a small scandal like this do?

If she had a break in any of her work or made any attractive performance in any variety shows, it would have been normal for her rivals to spend money to attack her popularity.

However, it was just a groundless scandal.

Those who hoped for her misery would pray that the scandal was real so that it would ruin her image. Why suppress the news at all?

Sitting on the couch, Xu Yini looked rather moody. She knew at first glance whose handiwork it was. He really did not want anything to do with her.

“Mei, I think you should just leave it be.”

Mei Li pondered at her words for a while and realized what she meant. “It’s…is it the guy from the picture?”

Xu Yini did not say a word, which indicated silent acquiescence.

“Then, tell me, who is that man in the picture?” Mei Li asked as she had to understand who she might be facing.

“Lu Huaiyu,” Xu Yini answered.

Mei Li immediately knew what was going on. She had been Xu Yini’s manager for quite some time now, and she had heard that name from her more than once.

Of course, she also knew a thing or two about the man’s background, but she had never seen him in person before. She took a deep breath and said, “That explains it.”

Given Lu Huaiyu’s image, he would never allow his reputation to be affected by such lowly scandals.

The paparazzi who had exposed the picture had poor judgment. He did not even find out who the man was and had simply posted the picture online.

The Lu Corporation would never let this run wild.

“If that’s the case, why don’t you call Second Master Lu out and apologize to him?”

Xu Yini slammed her phone on the table. “No need for that. He’s not mad.”

Time flew by, and Ning Li was still scribbling on her paper. She did not have anything else to draw with except her pencil.

Her frustration gradually calmed down as she drew stroke after stroke on the paper.


The window was blown open by the wind, and the rain came in. Ning Li immediately got up and went to close the window.

It was dark outside but the rain remained heavy. The heavy downpour painted a layer of white splashes on the roof and the street.

She closed the window tightly and stood in front of it blankly for a while. Every year, she hoped that she could forget this day, but it was too difficult.

The painting kept appearing in her head.

As far as she could remember, she could not identify Su Yuan as her mother anymore. Su Yuan was Ye Ci’s mother now. Ning Li’s mother had disappeared from the face of the earth ever since that ominous night.

Her phone suddenly buzzed.

She took a glance at it to see a message from Ye Ci.

[Sister Ning Li, we’ve finished cutting the cake, and I kept a slice for you. I’ll bring it back for you.]

What followed was a picture of a slice of mousse cake. However, she did not care. Instead, she sent a message to Lu Huaiyu.

[Second Brother, I’m back home.]

She then switched off her phone.

At 10:00 p.m., Su Yuan and her family returned home.

Ye Ci was holding that slice of cake that she had packed from the hotel while she had a glance at her phone.

“Sister Ning Li did not reply. I wonder if she saw my message. I’ll go deliver the cake to her.”

Her words reminded Su Yuan of Ning Li’s expression when the girl had left. She said, “You’ve been busy for the whole day. Go wash up and take a rest. I’ll send it to her.”

Ye Ci nodded and then gave her mother the cake.

Su Yuan went upstairs. She stood in front of Ning Li’s door for a while to calm her mood before she knocked on the door.

Alas, there was no reply.

“Ning Li?” she called.

Truth be told, she was moved when she saw the present Ning Li gave her, but Ye Ming and Ye Ting had been there. She had to wait until the dinner was over to go to Ning Li. Maybe she could have a talk with the girl.

She waited patiently, but the door remained closed.

Ye Ci curiously looked at her mother. “Mom, is Sister Ning Li asleep?”

It was then that Aunt Zhao came in and said, “Madam, Ms. Ning isn’t back yet.”

Everyone was surprised. It had been hours since Ning Li left Jinshen Hotel, yet she did not come home.

Su Yuan took a heavy glance at the closed door. “I’ll wait for her then.”

The moment her voice subsided, Ye Ci looked at her in shock.

“Mom, Sister Ning Li has turned off her phone!”

Lu Huaiyu was playing a last game of chess with his grandfather when he saw Ning Li’s message that had been sent to him an hour ago.

He assumed that she was still awake, so he wanted to reply.

When he typed the first word, he got a call from Cheng Xiyue.

Before he could say a word, Cheng Xiyue said in an anxious tone, “Second Master Lu, do you know where Little Ning Li is?”

Lu Huaiyu simply replied, “At home. What’s wrong?”

Cheng Xiyue rubbed his forehead nervously. “Ye Ci gave me a call just now. Little Ning Li isn’t home and she’s turned off her phone.”

Lu Huaiyu’s nonchalant look suddenly turned sober.

“What did you say?”