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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 928 - Only Shen Li Could Invite Him

Chapter 928: Only Shen Li Could Invite Him

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Forced by life.

God d*mned forced by life.

In that moment, the expression on everyone’s face became complicated.

For many years, there were many people who had wanted to ask Wen Xiao to come out of retirement.

In the beginning, they had wanted to ask him to continue to participate in competitions. Later, however, they wanted to invite him to coach.

Even though he had suddenly retired, even though he had disappeared from the public eye for so long, even if all these years of misunderstanding and entanglement, and many accusations and speculations about him had never stopped– he was still an absolute benchmark figure in the racing circle, a legend that would never fade.

As long as he was willing, as long as he nodded his head, countless clubs would pay any price just to invite him to join.

Anyone else could be compelled by life, except for Wen Xiao.

How on earth did he say these words with such a straight face?!

At the LY training base, the room was eerily silent.

After a long while, Lu Siyu turned to look at Gu Siyang with a complicated expression on his face.

He seemed a little incredulous, but at the same time, he also seemed a little proud.

“Director Gu, did your family invest some money again?”

To be able to invite Wen Xiao, they must have spent a lot of money!

Gu Siyang was still staring at the screen, and his mind was filled with the thoughts that “He is actually Wen Xiao, Wen Xiao is actually him!”

He had seen the video of Wen Xiao as he competed in his younger days, but when he had seen Null in Lincheng, he had not even made that connection at all.

After all, it had been ten years. Everyone had to change a little, right?

Moreover, at that time, his mind had been on his fourth aunt’s car. How could he have cared about anything else?

It was not until now as Null was standing there and saying, “I am Wen Xiao,” that he finally put the two identities together.

Gu Siyang rubbed his face hard.

“Yes, they did… but I’ve also only just found out that Wen Xiao has become the chief coach of LY.”

Lu Siyu and the others were shocked for a moment.

“What do you mean? Director Yang said that he just found out, and now you’re saying the same thing, Director Gu. So… who invited him?”

Gu Siyang looked at the screen and let out a long sigh.

Who else could it have been?

Wasn’t there only one person who had the right to address him as “Uncle Wen”?!

He could not help but mutter,”I told you my sister is the boss of LY…”

Everyone finally realized something.

“Sister Li hired him?”

After Wen Xiao appeared, the number of people in the live broadcast room suddenly soared, directly surpassing 1.5 million.

While everyone was shocked that he had actually come out of retirement and become LY’s new head coach, they were also speechless by his reply.

[ What did Wen Xiao just say??? ]

[ Forced by life… I don’t believe it! ]

[ Everyone, don’t be fooled by this man! When he was at his peak, his signing fee for a year was as high as eight figures! It was even in US dollars, and that was ten years ago! ]

[ On the bright side, maybe he lost all his money to gambling? ]

[ Wait, this man made so much money in a year?! He just bought over my workshop a while ago and even ruthlessly got me to cut the price! I saw that he was wearing very ordinary clothes, so I agreed to lower the price for him! ]

The former boss of an auto repair workshop started cursing in the live broadcast room but was quickly drowned out.

That was because the bullet screen was flashing too quickly.

Ever since LY had won the rally championship and announced that Doyle was fired after the race, they had been looking for a new head coach.

However, this candidate was not so easy to find.

There were very few people in the country who had the strength and qualifications to hold this position. Moreover, after the incident with Doyle, LY was also very cautious in this aspect.

Therefore, this matter had dragged on and on.

Who would have thought that Wen Xiao would suddenly drop in today?

Yang Tao was indeed very good at being in charge of LY’s public relations. When faced with this kind of answer that no one believed, he was actually able to nod his head with a normal expression, as if he was both relieved and glad.

“I see. Then I believe that the collaboration between Mr. Wen Xiao and LY in the future will definitely be very pleasant.”

His words were extremely sincere.

Everyone reacted for a moment and once again became speechless.


Wen Xiao said that he was forced to live. Who did not know that LY did not lack for money?!

“On behalf of the staff of LY, I would like to welcome Mr. Wen Xiao once again.”

Although he had only just found out about this matter and he had not even seen a shadow of the contract.


What could be more convincing than personally appearing at the press conference?

It was not that Yang Tao had never thought of this before. At that time, he had only felt that it was an extravagant hope, so it had only remained as a thought.

Who would have thought that, just by waiting, good things would come knocking on his door?

When he thought about it carefully, there was no one more suitable for this position than Wen Xiao!

Yang Tao felt that today’s press conference was really worth it.

“Everyone can continue to ask questions. Next.”

This time, it was a female reporter who was called up.

She stood up with an excited expression on her face.

“Wen Xiao, Shen Li! I’m a reporter from Feitian Mutual Entertainment, and I’m also a fan of the two of you. It looks like the two of you seem to have known each other for a long time. I wonder what kind of relationship the two of you have, and what kind of origins of the connection that you have? Is it because of Shen Li that Wen Xiao is joining LY?”

Everyone could tell that the two of them must have known each other for a long time, and they had quite a close relationship.

That kind of familiarity could not be faked.

Wen Xiao replied with an “Oh”, his tone calm and casual.

“She used to work part-time at my auto repair workshop, helping to wash cars, paint them, and so on.”

Everyone was speechless.

Very good.

Very powerful.

Basically, everyone knew about Shen Li’s background. She had relied on her grandmother since she was young. When she was in her teens, she had worked part-time to earn money.

However, working part-time at an auto repair shop… That was indeed unexpected.

The female reporter recalled that Shen Li’s past had definitely not been an easy one. For a moment, she was too embarrassed to ask any more questions.

They knew each other. Indeed, they really knew each other.

A boss and a worker.

There was nothing wrong with that.

As for whether Wen Xiao had joined LY for Shen Li’s sake… That was already very obvious.

However, with their relationship, it was not appropriate for others to say anything.

In short, LY currently had Shen Li, Ji Shu, and Wen Xiao.

That could really be considered as a jackpot!

At 11 am, the never-ending LY press conference finally came to an end.

At this moment, half of the top ten searches were related to it.

# Wen Xiao LY’s new head coach #

# Mr. Ji Shu who abides by the law #

# Coach Wen Xiao who is forced by life #

# Yu Yu apologizes to Ji Shu and LY #

# LY jackpot #

Especially for Ji Shu and Wen Xiao who were not show-offs. These two sentences were quickly turned into emojis, attracting countless people to collect and repost them.

The front page was filled with excitement and joy.

Ji Shu had completely gotten cleared his name from being associated with the words ‘drug addict’, and Wen Xiao’s appearance at the end had shocked countless people, turning this press conference into a carnival for countless people.

In short, LY had made a comeback in one go!

When the press conference ended, Yu Yu rejected all interview requests from the media and left in a hurry.

After Yang Tao finished dealing with the matters here, he looked around and finally saw Wen Xiao in the corner of the corridor.

Shen Li and Ji Shu were also there.

He walked forward and was about to speak when he saw Wen Xiao take a cigarette case out of his pocket.

Red Gold Star.