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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 927 - Forced by Life

Chapter 927: Forced by Life

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As soon as he finished speaking, the entire venue fell silent.

Many people were stunned to the spot and could not help but look at each other in dismay, not knowing how to respond.

“Wen Xiao? Who is this?”

“I don’t know. Is there such a person in the domestic racing circle?”

“But it sounds a little familiar…”


Suddenly, someone came back to his senses and cried out in shock.

“Wen Xiao?! Is it the World Championship champion from ten years ago… Wen Xiao?!”

These words finally awakened many people’s long-forgotten memories.

Wen Xiao!

Back then, he had appeared out of nowhere and won the World Championship after only debuting a year before. He was a true legend in the racing world!

Could it be that… Shen Li was talking about him?!

“That’s impossible, right? Hasn’t he already been retired for ten years?”

“That’s right! Since the announcement of his retirement, Wen Xiao has never made another public appearance again. How did LY manage to hire him?”

“Surely it’s just someone with the same name, right?”

Due to the legendary name that Shen Li had mentioned, the entire venue was in an uproar.

Even Yang Tao and the others were shocked and looked at Shen Li in disbelief.

Wen Xiao?

There was only one Wen Xiao in the racing world!

Just then, the side door was pushed open and a figure appeared in everyone’s line of sight.

It was a man who looked to be in his early thirties. He wore a black casual jacket and pants of the same color. He had a neat buzz cut, handsome features, and wheat-colored skin. He had very manly and handsome looks.

When he raised his head and casually looked over, he frowned slightly.


There were so many people.

Someone in the crowd immediately exclaimed,”It’s Wen Xiao! It’s really him!”

Due to his excitement, even the tone of his voice changed a little.

Hearing this, Wen Xiao became even more annoyed, which made him feel feel like he wanted to turn around and leave.

However, when he glanced at Shen Li who was waiting for him on the stage from the corner of his eye, he managed to suppress this impulse.

At that moment, Shen Li looked over as well.

He paused for a moment before finally lifting his foot and continued walking forward.

He moved as if on auto-pilot. In the huge venue, the sound of the cameras taking frantically taking pictures, and the lights were flashing non-stop, so much so that it was almost impossible to open one’s eyes.

The live broadcast camera was aimed at him.

This still handsome face was clearly displayed in front of the millions of people in the live broadcast room.

At the LY training base, those who had not been able to attend the press conference were gathered together to watch the live broadcast on the screen.

Hearing Wen Xiao’s name, everyone was shocked and turned to look at Gu Siyang.

“President Gu, you actually managed to sign Wen Xiao on?!”

Seeing that familiar face, Gu Siyang was also dumbfounded.

Wen Xiao!


The man in the camera frame came to the stage.

Shen Li smiled at him.

Then, he came to her side and stood at the last position on the stage.

He picked up the microphone and faced countless pairs of shocked eyes. He said lazily, “I’m LY’s new head coach, Wen Xiao.”

I’m Wen Xiao.

Just this short sentence was like a huge rock that had been thrown into a lake, causing a huge wave!

It really was him…

It really was him!

This genius race driver who had once stunned countless people, who had endless glory, who had suddenly chosen to retire at his peak, and who had finally disappeared from the eyes of the world in the past ten years… had actually appeared in front of everyone again just like that!

This matter was so sudden and so shocking that even the reporters with the fastest reactions were all frozen to the spot. It was a long time before the waves in their hearts could even calm down!

Shen Li said,”Uncle Wen, please sit.”

Once again, this familiar and comfortable voice exploded like thunder in everyone’s ears.

Looking at the two people who were obviously familiar with each other, everyone reacted as if they had just seen a ghost. The bullet screens in the live broadcast room went crazy.

[ ? ? ? ? ? ]

[ Wen Xiao?! It’s the Wen Xiao that I know! Am I f*cking deaf or blind?! ]

[ That face! It’s definitely him! I’ve seen him live before! It’s him! ]

[ Who would have known that the racer you were a fan of ten years ago would become the head coach of the team that you are a fan of ten years later?! ]

[ LY is so f*cking awesome. They’ve even managed to invite Wen Xiao to join them?! ]

[ Didn’t you hear how Shen Li addressed him?! Uncle Wen! This means that the two of them must have known each other for a long time! I knew it. I knew that Shen Li was an extremely good racer. Is that how she knows such a person?? ]

[ No wonder there were only three people on the stage even though there were four chairs. It’s because the last one had been reserved for Wen Xiao! LY’s operations are really good! ]

Wen Xiao sat down and lazily leaned back in the chair.

Ten years had passed, and the pride and sharpness that had once hidden between his brows seemed to have disappeared, hidden away in the years.

Only that lazy and casual posture showed a hint of the past.

Everyone was deeply shocked. There were countless questions that they wanted to ask him, but just as they were about to speak, they suddenly did not know where to begin.

Thus, the entire venue fell into a strange silence.

Ji Shu came back to his senses and his gaze swept back and forth between Wen Xiao and Shen Li. He could not help but move closer to Shen Li and ask, “Sister Li, why didn’t you–”

She had not told him this in advance!

A few days ago, he had still been wondering when this person would agree, but in the blink of an eye, he had appeared at the press conference?

Sister Li had not been considerate of his little heart.

Actually, Shen Li had not done it on purpose. That was because this matter had only been decided the night before. She had thought that it would not be long before she said it sooner or later, so she had not been bothered about it.

Now, however, she still had to deal with the media first.

She looked forward and said, “Everyone, if you have any questions now, you may ask.”

After a short silence, a male reporter in his thirties quickly raised his hand.

“Director Yang! May I ask how you managed to get Wen Xiao to join LY?”

Yang Tao’s expression was very subtle.

He seemed to smile and said very sincerely, “I’m sorry, I also just found out about this matter.”

Dead silence.

Yang Tao let out a light breath and finally regained his rationality. He turned his head to look.

“So actually, I would also really like to ask Mr. Wen Xiao what reason made him choose LY?”

Everyone looked at Wen Xiao at the same time. They held their breaths as they nervously and excitedly waited for his answer.

This would absolutely be the headline!

Wen Xiao was silent for a few seconds before he looked at the camera and expressionlessly said a few words.

“I was forced by life.”