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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 925 - Old Yin and Yang

Chapter 925: Old Yin and Yang

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As soon as she said this, everyone’s attention immediately became focused again.

Several reporters raised their hands in unison.

Yang Tao raised his hand and pointed in a certain direction.

“This way please.”

The person chosen was a young female reporter. She probably had not expected to be the first to be called up. First, she looked left and right. Then, after repeatedly confirming that it was her, she could not hide her excitement and stood up excitedly.

“Hello, Ji Shu! I’m a reporter from Venus Sports Entertainment. What I would like to ask is: after the accident, why didn’t you appeal to the National Racing Association to take another test? Why did you go straight to the police station instead? At that time, did you already have doubts about the National Racing Association?”

This was also what many people wanted to ask.

After all, Ji Shu’s choice at that time had really been quite unexpected.

At first, no one had understood, but when Pang Zhikai had been investigated, they realized how right his decision had been.

With such a person around, even if Ji Shu had applied to be reexamined, he would probably still have gotten another problematic medical report.

If that had been the case, he would not have been able to clear his name.

Ji Shu raised his eyebrows.

At that time, it was Shen Li who asked Gu Siyang to pick him up.

If anything, she must have sensed that something was wrong at that time.

However… These words would only cause trouble for her.


He laughed and said lazily, “That’s not it. It was only after the National Racing Association released an announcement that I found out that my medical report had been deliberately tampered with. Before that, I had never thought of this. After all, I had only won a few races since entering the racing circle. I had never done anything else, much less offended anyone. Who would have thought that someone would deliberately be seeking revenge?

“The main reason I went directly to the police station was because I was also worried. Even elementary school students would know that taking drugs is illegal. My thought was that even though I didn’t know why my urine test had come out positive, I figured that if I had really touched drugs without knowing it, then it would be better to look for the police and turn myself in as soon as possible, right? Fortunately, the facts proved that I had not touched any drugs. Only my physical examination report had said that I did.”

Ji Shu’s lips curled up into a mischievous and sincere smile as he sighed.

“What a false alarm. Fortunately, I’m still a good citizen who obeys the law.”

The entire venue instantly fell into a strange silence.

These words… were really wonderful!

He had only won a few matches and had not offended anyone. Yu Cheng was narrow-minded and such a sore loser. His methods were so dirty and vicious!

Even elementary school students knew that taking drugs was illegal. Yu Cheng and those stupid people from FN’s brains must be impaired!

He was still a law-abiding citizen– FN was full of evil people!

Among everything he had said, he had not mentioned Yu Cheng and FN at all. However, every word had been full of sarcasm, the kind that directly stabbed people in the heart with a knife.

Shen Li looked at the camera in front of her.

This press conference was being broadcast live.

The time was 10 o’clock sharp. In other words, from the moment she finished her sentence, LY’s official blog had started a live broadcast on the entire Internet.

Because there had been no notification before the event, almost no one had watched it when it had just started.

However, LY’s official blog had hundreds of thousands of fans, so when the live broadcast started, it quickly attracted a wave of people.

By the time the first reporter asked a question, there were already more than 10,000 people in the live broadcast room.

When Ji Shu finished answering this question, the number of viewers immediately broke 50,000, and this number was still rising rapidly!

[ LY is live-streaming the press conference?! It’s so sudden?! ]

[ The number of viewers is still rising rapidly! Hubby, I’m here! ]

[ Finally! I’ve been waiting for you! Luckily, I didn’t give up! ]

[ Even after experiencing such a huge storm, Ji Shu doesn’t seem to be affected at all. He’s still as cool as ever! As expected of my hubby! ]

[ Hahahahaha! Ji Shu’s answer is really unique! He really there’s really another unexpected side to him. Hahahahaha! ]

[ I laughed until even all the dogs in the neighborhood began to make noise with me! Hahahaha! Mr. Ji who abides by the law! ]

[ Such a good guy… Is Ji Shu going to smash FN’s face? Hahahaha! ]

All the fans and passersby in the live broadcast room were very happy.

After all, Ji Shu had previously been slandered and insulted previously. Now that the truth had finally been revealed, his reputation was still intact.

Even passersby would feel sorry for him and say that FN could not possibly be human.

Therefore, everyone was very happy that LY had officially called for this press conference today to clarify and give a response regarding Ji Shu.

Shen Li withdrew her gaze and her red lips curved slightly.

Yang Tao glanced at her, then raised his hand again and pointed in another direction.


This time, it was a male reporter in his thirties.

“Hello, Ji Shu. I’m a reporter from Huifeng Entertainment. What I want to ask is, how did you feel when you found out that you were innocent and that FN had been proven to have taken drugs?”

Ji Shu glanced at him and spoke very straightforwardly.

“How did I feel at that time? Very good.”

The male reporter did not seem to have expected Ji Shu to answer so frankly. After a short pause, he immediately seized the opportunity to ask,”The National Racing Association has imposed a lifetime ban on Yu Pan and the others. May I ask if your good mood is also related to this? After all, without strong competitors like Yu Pan and the others, your position in the domestic racing circle will be more stable.”

Ji Shu looked as if he had just heard a joke.

“They were banned for life because they committed crimes. I’m in a good mood because the police discovered another case of drug abuse and drug possession. I just feel very happy about that. Don’t you feel gratified and happy about this?”

The male reporter had never expected Ji Shu to ask such a question in return. He choked and his face immediately turned red.

The national anti-drug investigation had always been very vigorous. The entire population were generally extremely disgusted and resistant towards drugs.

What could he say?!

“I, I’m happy…

“Isn’t that enough?”

Ji Shu shrugged his shoulders and laughed again, the look in his eyes wild and uninhibited.

“As for you saying that there will be fewer competitors… There are so many defeated opponents anyway, what’s a few less to bother about?”

The venue fell silent again.


So crazy!

However, Ji Shu had just won the national rally driver championship, so he trully had the right to say that!

The reporter was very embarrassed. He wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and sat down.

Shen Li’s gaze focused on him for a moment before quickly glancing away.

Yang Tao raised his hand.