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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 924 - Bow Your Head

Chapter 924: Bow Your Head

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As soon as she finished speaking, the huge banquet hall fell into a short period of dead silence, followed by an uproar!


Yu Yu had personally come over to apologize?

Subconsciously, everyone turned to look at Yu Yu. Did this second miss of the Yu family, who was famous for her outstanding ability, actually wanted to publicly apologize at LY’s press conference?

Yu Yu’s mind went blank for a moment.

She almost immediately wanted to deny it, but countless pairs of eyes were staring at her!

If she denied it… if she denied it…

What would the reporters write?!

After all, from the beginning to the end, it had indeed been Yu Cheng’s fault, and they were the ones in the wrong.

In everyone’s opinion, it was right that she should come to say “Sorry”!


Yu Cheng was the one who should be saying these words. Yu Cheng was the one who should bear all these harsh and mocking gazes. How had it ended up being thrust completely onto her?

Yu Yu’s lips moved. Just as she was about to say something, her eyes met Shen Li’s gaze.

She was leaning back in her chair as she sat on the stage, looking extremely lazy and relaxed.

Her eyes were calm and dark, giving off a cold and sharp glint.


Yu Yu felt her chest tighten, and the words were stuck in her throat. She could not say it or swallow it down.

Shen Li had done this on purpose!

She wanted her to humble herself before LY in front of everyone!

Yu Yu clenched her hands tightly, and her knuckles turned white from the force.

There was a suffocating silence all around her, and the air seemed to freeze.

Everyone was waiting for her answer.

It seemed that someone became impatient and frowned slightly.

“Did Yu Yu really come to apologize? This doesn’t look like it…”

“It looks more like she’s here to cause trouble…”

“It can’t be? How can she be so bold? She knows this is LY’s home ground, yet she still dares to come here alone?”

“She’s the second miss of the Yu family from Haicheng. With the support of the Yu family behind her, what’s there to be afraid of? Don’t forget what her cousin did. It was said that the relationship between her and Yu Cheng is very good. Birds of a feather flock together. Who is this second Miss Yu? It’s hard to say…”

She could hear all the soft murmurs around her, mixing into a cacophony of voices that entered Yu Yu’s ears.

Her face turned ashen.

After so many years, even though she was not valued in the Yu family, she was still the second miss of the Yu family.

Most people treated her with respect. When had she ever been criticized in public?

However, she had no other choice now.

She could not turn around and leave, much less reveal her true purpose for coming here today.

She was not in a position to back down.

After a while, Yu Yu took a deep breath and forced out a stiff smile.

“Yes, Miss Shen is right. I came here today to apologize to Ji Shu and LY. I’m deeply sorry for my brother’s impulsiveness and the harm he caused to everyone. I’m sorry.”

As she spoke, she bowed slightly to Ji Shu who was on the stage and made a sincere apology.

The surrounding flashlights flashed wildly again.

Someone raised his voice and asked, “Miss Yu!”

“Miss Yu! May I ask if this apology of yours represents yourself or the entire Yu family?”

As Yu Yu remained bent over, she shut her eyes to hide her emotions.

When she straightened up again, her expression had already returned to its usual calm.

This was an extremely tricky question.

Because of Yu Cheng, the entire Yu family’s reputation had been affected. If she said that she was only representing herself, then the outside world would have no idea how to criticize the Yu family!

However, if she said that she was representing the Yu family, then the entire Yu family would be forced to bow down!

She could already imagine how furious Old Master Yu would be when she returned home!

After thinking about it, all she could say was,”I… Of course, I’m representing myself and my family.”

Ji Shu glanced sideways at Shen Li.

When she came this morning, Shen Li had said that she had prepared a surprise. Could she be referring to this?

“Ji Shu, Miss Yu is apologizing on behalf of the Yu family. What do you think?”

The reporters finally got what they wanted to hear and turned to question Ji Shu again.

Ji Shu leaned back in his chair, the corners of his lips curling into a smile.

“I’m a petty person. Perhaps you should talk to the police instead. If they’re happy, they might release Yu Cheng and let bygones be bygones.”


Someone could not help but laugh out loud and quickly covered his mouth.

However, many people in the venue could not help but stifle their laughter.

Too ruthless!

Ji Shu’s words were too ruthless!

After all, what Yu Cheng had done was illegal and criminal!

He might even have to stay in there for a few years.

Now, she just wanted this matter to be put behind them just by making a casual apology. How could it be this easy?

Even if Ji Shu forgave him, would he be forgiven in the eyes of the law?

Moreover, Yu Cheng had set up a series of traps this time in his determination to completely destroy Ji Shu.

If not for Ji Shu and LY’s quick response, if FN had not been reported, if Pang Zhikai had not been investigated…

Ji Shu would not have had the chance to clear his name. On the contrary, he would have been branded as a drug addict for the rest of his life.

If anyone were to be in Ji Shu’s shoes, who would be able to tolerate this?

Yu Yu’s chest felt stifled.

Ji Shu’s words were equivalent to giving her a slap in the face in public. All of her face and dignity had been shattered.

However, she had to endure it.

She gritted her teeth and tried her best to sound sincere.

“Ji Shu, I know that my brother has let you down. I came here today to apologize. I wasn’t expecting any forgiveness from you. I just wanted to express our sincerity. So once again, I’m here to apologize to you.”

Shen Li watched this scene quietly.

As expected of Yu Yu, who had ultimately become the person in charge of the family business. Just based on her ability to adapt to any situation made her much better than the rest of the Yu family.

Even though that idiot, Yu Cheng, had been sold by her, he was still helping her count the money. How could he win against her?

“Ji Shu.”

Shen Li opened her mouth.

“Miss Yu came to apologize on behalf of the Yu family. Moreover, she wasn’t the one who forced Yu Cheng to take drugs, nor was she the one who made FN do those things, was she?”

Ji Shu raised his eyebrows and looked at Yu Yu a few times. In the end, he nodded lazily and replied, “Yes.”

Shen Li looked at Yu Yu politely.

“Miss Yu, the seat over there was specially arranged for you. Please take a seat.”

Yu Yu looked in the direction that she was pointing and indeed saw that there was an empty seat near the center of the first row.

Sitting there, she was almost facing the people on the stage and was surrounded by many cameras!

Yu Yu was so angry that her body started to tremble slightly.

However, everyone was watching!

After a short stalemate, she finally lifted her leg and walked over stiffly.

Since she was here to apologize, naturally, she had to put up a good front.

Otherwise, wouldn’t all of the humiliation earlier have been in vain?!

Yu Yu did not even know how she managed to sit down. All she could hear was a buzzing sound in her ears and her mind was a mess.

She could only rely on her last bit of willpower to try her best to maintain her dignity.

Of course, there was nothing to be proud of anyway.

Shen Li smiled as she watched her take her seat.

“Now, the press conference can officially begin.”