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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 922 - Press Conference

Chapter 922: Press Conference

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This light laugh seemed to be full of mockery, which made Yu Yu feel extremely embarrassed.

She took a deep breath and braced herself.

“Shen Li, I know this might be a little difficult for you, but we really don’t have a better way. My brother did make a mistake, but he doesn’t deserve to die, does he? We just hope that you can give him another chance… As long as you’re willing to agree, we can discuss any conditions.”

The smile on Shen Li’s face gradually disappeared, and there seemed to be frost in her eyes. All that was left was a bone-chilling feeling.

Give Yu Cheng another chance?

Had anyone given Ji Shu another chance?

The price he had to pay would not have been just the price of his life!

Up until now, Yu Yu and the others clearly had not truly realized their mistakes. If not for Yu Cheng’s predicament, why would they apologize?

Even while they were begging for help, they were still so high and mighty.

The words “I’m sorry” from their mouths were extremely cheap and despicable!

Just hearing that one sentence made her ears feel dirty!

Yu Cheng did not deserve to die?

She still felt that it was not enough!

Worried about Shen Li’s tough attitude, Yu Yu quickly added another sentence.

“Actually, these words are not just for me. They also represent the wishes of our entire family… We are sincerely apologizing. We only hope that you can help us. I’ve booked a flight to the Capital this afternoon. There are many things that I think we can discuss more clearly when we meet–”

“I really don’t have any free time tonight,” Shen Li interrupted her.

It was probably because her tone was so straightforward that Yu Yu felt very uncomfortable.

She had already humbled herself so much and only asked to see her once, yet Shen Li would not even agree?!

“Shen Li, I–”

“However, if you really want to meet, let’s do it tomorrow morning,” said Shen Li.

This turn of events was something that Yu Yu had never expected, so she had a rare momentary slow reaction.


“Let’s do it at 10. The venue will be at the Longmao Building.”

Longmao Building was a famous landmark in the Capital so it was normal for Shen Li to choose that location.

Naturally, after waiting for her to agree, Yu Yu did not have any objections.

“Alright, it’s settled then. I’ll be there on time.”

Shen Li replied indifferently and ended the call.

Yang Tao sized up her expression.

He had vaguely overheard some of the contents of the call and guessed that Shen Li had agreed to meet Yu Yu the next day.

Based on his understanding of Shen Li, she would not have bothered with Yu Yu’s request.

However, he knew that this was not something that he could ask about.

Hence, he said, “Then, shall I send the others back first?”

Shen Li nodded. Just as Yang Tao was about to leave, she suddenly called out to him.

“I’ve already thought of the time for the press conference.”

Turning around in surprise, Yang Tao saw that Shen Li was smiling.

“Tomorrow at 10 am, at the Longmao Building.”

When Shen Li returned home, it was almost three o’clock.

Since the smell of the barbecue restaurant was still clinging to her, she took a shower and changed her clothes.

After coming out of the bathroom, she dried her hair with a towel and picked up her phone.

After thinking for a moment, she sent a message to Zhao Xuan.

[ I asked you to get in touch with Director Liang Yue regarding his new script, ‘Chasing the Light’. How did it go? ]

Zhao Xuan replied very quickly.

[ It didn’t go very well. As you know, Director Liang Yue has worked on three films with the Yu Corporation, all of which were well-received. Her first choice is still the Yu Corporation. ]

Shen Li was obviously aware of this, which was why she had specifically told Zhao Xuan to put in more effort into this.

[ Today, you should fly over to Haicheng to try and meet Director Liang Yue again. No matter what, you have to get this script. ]

Zhao Xuan knew that she was very concerned about this matter, but he had not expected it to be to this extent.

[ Yes, President Shen. However, Director Liang Yue is quite stubborn. I am not completely confident about going this time. ]

[ Just show enough sincerity. Yu Media will likely not devote too much attention to this matter in the next few days. This is your chance. ]

Liang Yue was one of the best female directors in the country. She had always been good at telling stories from a delicate female perspective, and she was especially good at making art films.

Although the box office results were not that eye-catching, she had a pretty good reputation. She had also received quite a few awards over the years.

So she did not lack investors.

This time, ‘Chasing the Light’ would be an extremely important milestone in her career as a director.

This was because this movie would break the national box office record after being released for a week. It would be well-received at the box office.

Because of this movie, she became the highest-grossing female director in the country.

The reason why Yu Yu had been able to become the head of Yu Corporation was because she managed Yu Media very well.

Investing in ‘Chasing the Light’ would be one of the most crucial steps.

Previously, this film had allowed Yu Media to make a lot of money, and Yu Yu had also benefited greatly from it.

However, in the beginning, Yu Media had not thought highly of this film.

This was because this was a realistic film about child trafficking. It was not the type of film that could sell well.

The reason it had been chosen was because Liang Yue had worked with them a few times before, and they had a good foundation for cooperation.

In the end, ‘Chasing the Light’ had been released and it had created a box office miracle.

Yu Media could be considered to have won easily and attracted a lot of envy.

Hence, this time, Shen Li was determined to obtain the script.

On one hand, most of Yu Yu’s time and energy was spent on dealing with Yu Cheng’s problems, so she did not have time to bother about anything else. On the other hand, Yu Media had already decided to cast ‘Fantasy God Chronicles’, which was the project that they valued the most. In comparison, Liang Yue’s ‘Chasing the Light’ was obviously not highly regarded.

It was a godsend opportunity.

After hearing what she said, Zhao Xuan did not ask any more questions and immediately agreed.

[ Yes, President Shen, I understand. ]

After Shen Li replied to the message, she went to the studio again.

She had already completed more than half of her painting.

The next morning, 9:40 am.

A white car stopped at the front of the Longmao Building. A young woman dressed elegantly got out of the car while making a phone call.

“Auntie, I’m already at the place. Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to persuade her to agree when I meet her later.”

“Since she agreed to meet me, there should be a good chance. I’ll go in first and tell you more later.”

After repeatedly reassuring Zhou Lan, Yu Yu ended the call.

She looked ahead and let out a soft sigh. Then, she called Shen Li again.

Shen Li picked up very quickly, but it was a little noisy where she was.

However, Yu Yu did not mind and only said, “I’m already here. Where shall we meet?”

Shen Li had only said that they would meet at Longmao Building yesterday, but she had not mentioned the specific floor and location.

Shen Li said,”The banquet hall on the second floor.”

Yu Yu was stunned and felt that it was a little strange. However, all she wanted to do was to see Shen Li as soon as possible, so she did not ask too many questions. She only replied with an “Okay” and walked inside.

She soon arrived and found that the main door of the banquet hall was tightly shut.

She adjusted her expression and pushed the door open to enter…