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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 920 - Lu Family

Chapter 920: Lu Family

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While everyone had been busy insulting FN and expressing their pity for Ji Shu, someone had discovered that there was a new piece of gossip.

The announcement of the National Racing Association immediately exploded within the entire racing circle.

They were all expelled! They were banned for life!

FN was the top racing club in the country, and its drivers were definitely the mainstay of the racing circle in the country.

Such a severe punishment was equivalent to reshuffling the entire racing circle!

However, this was not the most shocking part.

It was Pang Zhikai! This high-ranking vice president of the National Racing Association had actually colluded with FN for his own interests, framing Ji Shu and shielding FN!

Once the news was out, the whole of the Internet was in an uproar.

[ Colluding with the authorities, concealing the fact that his drivers were using drugs, and even throwing dirt onto Ji Shu?? FN! Such a total misuse of power! ]

[ It’s no wonder the fact that so many people in FN were using drugs yet it had never been exposed before. It was because they had been under such a protective umbrella! ]

[ Hehe, they had the vice chairman’s protection, so of course, everything had gone smoothly for them. It’s just that poor Ji Shu had been targeted just because he had beat them once in a competition. How many curses has Ji Shu received in the past two days? ]

[ I truly feel pity for Ji Shu and LY. It just shows that even the people who train and compete well can still be smeared. FN will go bankrupt immediately! ]

[ I just want to say that in these past two days, I feel as if I’ve been on a roller coaster. However, it’s been very exciting! ]

This was true.

From yesterday until now, a series of extremely explosive news had come one after another. No one had been given any time to react, each piece of news had continuously hit them until they were dizzy.

Every time they thought that the news was big enough, there would be a new wave of even more shocking news, subverting their understanding.

Now, the news that FN had colluded with Pang Zhikai to frame Ji Shu shocked countless people.

Some bloggers even began to summarize the events of the past two days and carried out a detailed analysis.

[ It’s important to think about this! Ji Shu was truly framed by FN! They first partnered with Pang Zhikai to produce a problematic medical report, and then deliberately leaked this report. I don’t know if everyone still remembers, but as soon as this matter was exposed, the first comments on the Internet had been of one-sided criticism and abuse. At that time, the matter had not even been clearly investigated yet. However, many people had already determined that he was a drug abuser. ]

[ I remember! At that time, I had said that the official results were not out yet, so I couldn’t be sure that Ji Shu had definitely taken drugs. Many people had come after me and scolded me, saying that I was trying to defend a drug addict. Now that I think about it, it really wasn’t right. ]

[ Ah! I remember now. At that time, many people were so sure that Ji Shu was a drug addict. Other than the medical report, there was also the photo of him going to the police station! Everyone said that it must have been because the police had taken action and took it as proof that he was definitely not clean. Who would’ve guessed that Ji Shu had gone of his own initiative… That photo had also appeared very strangely. Was it really not FN who had found someone beforehand to take the photo? ]

[ I’m 80% sure that was the case! FN did this to catch Ji Shu and LY off guard! As long as most people believed that Ji Shu had taken drugs first, how many people would believe it even if he tried to clarify it later? They had been really determined to completely destroy Ji Shu. ]

[ FN’s boss is Yu Cheng. Previously, Ji Shu had beaten him, so he must be deliberately taking revenge! How terrifying! It’s best to let him spend his life in prison! He shouldn’t be allowed to come out to harm others again! ]

FN was first investigated for drug abuse and possession. It was also proven that they had secretly colluded with the vice chairman of the National Racing Association, Pang Zhikai, to deliberately frame Ji Shu.

A series of solid blows landed on FN.

If their own mental weakness was blamed for them taking drugs and possessing drugs, then framing Ji Shu had been based on their pleasure of hurting others. It was absolutely evil act.

Even if they had wanted to court death and did not care about their own lives, what right did they have to do this to others?

Had the scolding that Ji Shu received been enough?

How could he make up for the loss of his reputation this time?!

This was still the truth. If FN had not been reported, investigated, and proven to have conspired with Pang Zhikai to harm Ji Shu, what kind of situation would Ji Shu have been in now?

If anything went wrong, Ji Shu would never be able to clear his name!

After understanding this, not only were Ji Shu’s fans furious, but many onlookers were also furious.

Their anger toward FN quickly spread to the rest of the Yu family.

Wasn’t the reason why FN was so arrogant because Yu Cheng is the boss?

He had the Yu family behind him.

Naturally, with such a backer, he had nothing to fear.

[ This isn’t the first time Yu Cheng has stepped on the wrong end of the law, is it? Previously, he beat Pan Jiajia to such a state that she had almost been forced to die. What happened in the end? Wasn’t the matter left just like that? ]

[ It’s really hard to say with the Yu family! With such a family background, it’s no wonder that Yu Cheng won’t change his ways! Hehe, no one can afford to offend him! ]

[ Ji Shu was in such a miserable position! His opponent and the officials were ganging up to frame him. Who could possibly withstand this? ]

[ The Yu family has disregarded the laws of the country and trampled on the lives of others. They are really outrageous, I wouldn’t even dare to talk about them. ]

Previously, Yu Cheng had practically forced Pan Jiajia to attempt to commit suicide which almost resulted in her death. However, while a lot of noise had been made about it, not much had been done. Thus, in the end, Yu Cheng had remained safe and sound.

It had only been a short while since this had happened.

When these things were added up, the anger of the people reached its peak.

No matter how powerful the Yu family was, they could no longer suppress it this time.

At the Yu family’s old residence.

Yu Yu frowned as she stood in front of Old Master Yu.

“… This is basically the situation now. We can’t interfere with the Capital police at all, and the public opinion on the internet is becoming increasingly unfavorable to us. Previously, we forcefully suppressed Pan Jiajia’s matter, but it wasn’t completely resolved. This time, the public’s emotions will rebound wildly…”

They could shut the mouths of one person, ten people, or hundreds of people, but they could not shut everyone up.

The situation this time was several times worse than they had expected.

Even though they had exhausted all methods, there was still no obvious effect.

Old Master Yu’s expression was tense.

Yu Ming could not help but ask,”What’s wrong with him? Why did he have to target Ji Shu like this? Not only did he arrange for the medical reports to be falsified, he even specially got someone to take photos of Ji Shu at the police station! Normally, he wouldn’t be so obvious about his actions, but now, he’s been making one move after another! Ultimately, it has caused him to end up like this! How is he going to end up?”

Yu Yu lowered her eyes and recalled that before Yu Cheng had gone to the Capital, he seemed to have said that he had not had anything to do with those photos.

However, everyone now believed that he had done it on purpose and that it was because he was extremely vicious.

Setting aside the fact that he was currently being detained at the police station, even if he were able to come out and defend himself, how many people would believe him?

Once all these crimes were brought to attention, they would become a stain on his life.

Naturally, she was happy to see this happen.

However, the prerequisite was that the Yu family could not be dragged down by him.

She suddenly thought of something and said, “Grandpa, I seem to remember that Chief Zhao was a subordinate of Old Master Lu?”