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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 919 - Toast

Chapter 919: Toast

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Fengdu barbeque shop.

Shen Li had booked the place, and dozens of people from the whole of LY had come.

Everyone had been in a state of nervousness since yesterday’s news that Ji Shu had been suspected of taking drugs. It was not until today’s police investigation results had come out and Ji Shu’s name had finally been cleared that everyone finally felt relieved.

The worries of a day and a night had all dissipated now, so the atmosphere was warm.

“Sister Li, it’s a happy day today. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t drink a little, right?”

Ji Shu sat next to Shen Li with an expectant look on his face.

Under Shen Li’s supervision, all the members of the LY team, including him, had been abstaining from alcohol for a long time.

Hearing him say this, Lu Siyu and the others beside him also looked over excitedly.

Shen Li looked around and nodded with a smile.


Everyone immediately cheered.

“Thank you, Sister Li! Boss! Give me the wine list!”

As Gu Siyang saw this, he could not help but touch his chin.

“Sister, why do I feel as if you are the boss of LY?”

This group of people was much more obedient when they were with her than when they were in front of him.

Shen Li ordered a glass of juice.

“If you want to think that way, it’s not impossible.”

Gu Siyang was stunned into silence.

The drinks were served very quickly. Picking up a bottle opener, Ji Shu opened up a whole row of beer bottles.

The fragrance of the beer instantly filled the air.

Lu Siyu looked at the glass of fruit juice that was in front of Shen Li and asked curiously, “Sister Li, don’t you want some alcohol?”

Ji Shu slapped the back of his head and scolded jokingly, “How dare you persuade Sister Li to drink? You’re too bold!”

He thought back to the time when Shen Li had only gone to the bar to sit down and had not even touched the wine bottle. Yet, she had felt extremely guilty when Lu Huaiyu had come to get her.

How could he dare to let her drink now?

Shen Li smiled and said, “I still have to drive later. This will do.”

Hearing her say this, no one forced her to do otherwise.

Lu Siyu raised his bottle.

“Ji Shu! Here’s to you!”

To… being clean!

Hearing this, everyone started to cheer.

Ji Shu raised his eyebrows and clinked his bottle with Lu Siyu’s.

“Thank you!”

Although he did not say it on the surface, deep down, he still cared about this matter.

Now that this matter had finally been clarified, it was naturally the most satisfying feeling for him.

The two of them directly blew into the bottle.

The cheers became even louder and extremely noisy.

Gu Siyang also became excited and raised his bottle.

“This bottle should go to FN!”

If it had not been for them, how could Ji Shu’s innocence have been revealed?

Right now, the amount of criticism leveled at FN online was as much as the pity that people felt for Ji Shu.

It was right that FN be criticized to death. As for Ji Shu, he had not done anything. He had only been targeted for so long just because of a falsified medical report. How much more innocent could he be than that!

As Gu Siyang said this, he seemed to suddenly remember something and said regretfully, “Ah, I forgot. The police won’t allow them to drink, right?”

Hearing this, everyone burst into laughter.

“Hahahaha! Director Gu! You’re rubbing salt into the wound!”

“Hey! President Gu isn’t wrong! Even if we were to treat them to this beer, they wouldn’t be able to drink it now!”

“Tsk tsk, no matter what, they are defeated opponents who have been on the track together with us. You guys are too unfriendly! Let me drink! I’ll drink on their behalf!”

“It’s only because you want to drink, yet you’re still trying to drag their name down. Don’t you have any sense of shame?”

“Don’t say it. In the past, I really looked down on FN, but this time, they were really awesome. With this kind of courage, it will be a piece of cake for them to go to jail!”

“Hahahahaha! Can you say it or can you say it!”

The people from both FN and LY had long disliked each other, especially previously when Yu Cheng had openly provoked Shen Li. The people from LY had been extremely disgusted with him.

Now that FN was involved in such a shocking scandal, if they did not enjoy the gossip now, when else would they do so?

At that moment, Yang Tao’s phone on the table suddenly vibrated.

He glanced at it and lifted his hand to halt everyone’s chatter.

“It’s a call from the National Racing Association.”

Why was the official call coming at this time?

Everyone quieted down.

Yang Tao answered the call.

“Hello, Chairman Liao, how are you?”

Shen Li glanced at him from the side and raised her eyebrows slightly. She raised her hand to refill her glass of fruit juice.

As he listened to Liao Yuan speak, the smile on Yang Tao’s face suddenly froze, followed by a hint of shock.

After a while, he said, “Okay, I understand. Thank you.”

He then hung up the phone.

Everyone felt that something was wrong.

Gu Siyang asked, “What’s wrong?”

Yang Tao did not answer immediately. He only tapped on his phone a few times.

Everyone was even more puzzled as they looked at each other.

Then, Yang Tao opened his mouth to speak.

“All of FN’s racers that are related to this drug scandal have just been collectively expelled by the National Racing Association. Furthermore, they will be banned from racing for life.”

Everyone was stunned. After a moment, a few gasps sounded.

“So ruthless?”

“Banned for life. Wow… This will be the end of their professional careers, right?”

“Serves them right! Taking drugs and hiding drugs, how could they be so stubborn as to do such a thing?”

“I thought it would be a year-long suspension or something like that. I didn’t expect it to be… but that’s true. FN has caused too much trouble this time. The higher-ups must be using them to set an example, right?”

Gu Siyang asked curiously, “Hey, this punishment is for FN. Why did Liao Yuan call you personally?”

When he said this, everyone realized that something was wrong.

After all, they had nothing to do with FN.

Yang Tao took a deep breath and looked at Ji Shu.

Ji Shu raised his eyes and asked lazily, “What’s wrong?”

Yang Tao spoke each word carefully, “Pang Zhikai tampered with your medical report.”

Ji Shu’s expression changed slightly.

Everyone was also shocked.

Yang Tao raised his phone.

“The National Racing Association has just announced that all drivers from FN related to these drug charges have been collectively removed from the list and will be banned from racing for life. In addition, it’s been discovered that the vice chairman of the National Racing Association, Pang Zhikai, has taken bribes and colluded with FN to tamper with the medical results of Ji Shu and many of Fn’s drivers. He has now been handed over to the police.”

In the silence, Shen Li raised the cup in her hand and her eyes curved as she smiled.

“To FN and Pang Zhikai. Today’s meal was very enjoyable.”