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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 916 - They Must Be Going Crazy

Chapter 916: They Must Be Going Crazy

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The official Weibo account that posted this was from the Capital Public Security West Branch, which had just released Ji Shu’s report.

Both Ji Shu and FN’s cases were handled by the police stations of different jurisdictions, but coincidentally, they both belonged to the same branch of the Public Security Bureau.

Thus, these two Weibo posts were released by this official Weibo account.

One after the other, they formed a sharp contrast.

More importantly, this Weibo post was obviously much more explosive than Ji Shu’s!

However, the amount of information contained in those few short lines was extremely shocking.

The comment section exploded.

[Eleven?! Eleven?! There were actually eleven people from FN who tested positive in their drug tests?! I’m dumbfounded! ]

[ F*ck! Am I seeing things? Were there really so many?! FN is a f*cking drug den, isn’t it? ! ]

[ Boss Yu, isn’t that Yu Cheng? As for Driver Yu, the only one who fits that name in the whole of FN’s team is Yu Pan! The general manager and senior manager are all taking drugs as well? FN is really rotten to the core! Rotten! ]

[ Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! It’s so disgusting! So f*cking disgusting! To think that I was actually a fan of FN! Why the f*ck was I even a fan of them?! ]

[They were hiding 100 grams of heroin… FN is really finished now… Don’t they know what level of heroin is? The starting point of the punishment for illegal possession of more than 50 grams of heroin is seven years. The highest penalty is death! They were in possession of a full 100 grams! ]

[ FN! You’re really something! From top to bottom, from the inside to the outside, it’s just a nest of snakes and rats! Drugs addiction and drug possession! They’re dead! ]

As soon as the news was out, the anger of the public was quickly ignited.

When FN was reported for drug possession yesterday, most people had not believed it.

After all, FN was one of the top racing clubs in the country. Although they had lost to LY in this year’s race, their overall results were still okay.

A few years ago, before LY had risen, FN was the most popular club in the country.

Even up till now, there were still countless racing drivers who yearned to join FN.

Who would have thought?

Who would have thought that it would turn out like this?

It had not been just one person who had taken drugs, there were a total of eleven!

From the boss, to the manager, to the drivers… All of them had taken drugs!

What was even more terrifying was that they were actually in possession of the drugs, and it was heroin!

Every word of the police report was clear and irrefutable!

Shen Li clicked open the picture of the report and carefully browsed it twice.

The police were indeed very efficient. In less than a day, they had already found out so many things.

She knew that there were quite a number of people in FN who were drug users, so she had guessed that they would have a certain amount of drugs hidden away.

However, she had not expected that FN would actually give her such a big “surprise”.

Perhaps they had felt that they would not be investigated, or that even if they were investigated, they would be safe with Yu Cheng as their boss. So, perhaps that explained why they were so bold?

However, they probably forgot that this was the Capital, not Haicheng.

Furthermore, after FN was searched, all of them were taken to the police station, and the matter was exposed by the media.

Under such terrifying public pressure, the Yu family had even less room to maneuver.

The result was that this timely, accurate, and shocking police report was finally presented to everyone.

FN’s glamorous and beautiful mask was completely torn apart, revealing its dirty and embarrassing insides, which were clearly seen by countless pairs of eyes.

Shen Li clicked on the screen again, wanting to refresh the comments, but she realized that she was suddenly stuck.

She blinked.

Oh, Weibo had frozen again.

Two days in a row, Weibo had frozen twice, and it was all because of FN.

The difference was everyone’s attitude towards these two incidents.

The first time they had been shocked, while the second time they were angry.

It was easy to imagine what kind of terrible public opinion attack FN would face this time.

Of course, FN might not care about these things anymore.

What they were more worried about now was the penalty they would receive for drug possession.

Shen Li simply quit Weibo and soon quickly received several messages on WeChat.

Obviously, many people already knew the news about FN.

Gu Siyang immediately made a call, and Shen Li answered it.

Because of his shock, even his voice changed a little.

“Sis! Did you have a look on Weibo? There was heroin found on FN’s base! The number of drug users in the entire club has reached eleven?! Are they crazy?!”

Shen Li said, “I saw it.”

In comparison, her tone was exceptionally calm.

Gu Siyang paused for a moment, then he thought of something and his eyes widened slightly.

“No wonder you said to wait… Sis, you couldn’t have known about this a long time ago, right?!”

Shen Li smiled.

“That’s not it. It’s just that Yu Cheng’s mental state has been volatile lately, as if he had some kind of illness. Yesterday, when I saw someone report that FN had been caught for drug possession, I guessed that he might be a user.”

When Gu Siyang heard this, he felt that what she said was very reasonable.

“That’s true! Drugs cause a lot of damage to people’s nerves. Yu Cheng is irritable and easily angered. It does look like he has a problem. The main thing is that he’s not the only one. There are actually eleven people in FN who have been using drugs!”

As he said this, he could not hide his shock.

“Where did they get the courage?”

Shen Li casually asked,”It’s probably because they feel that they have the Yu family to back them up.”

Gu Siyang scoffed.

“The Yu family? I’m afraid that the Yu family must be going crazy with anxiety right now, right?”

Everyone knew that the Yu family’s old master loved this eldest grandson the most. Now that Yu Cheng had caused such a huge disaster, the consequences were obvious.

However, in the end, this was Yu Cheng’s own mistake. Who else could be blamed?

Shen Li tapped her fingers on the table.

“Now, it’s time to let Ji Shu and the others think about what to eat to celebrate.”

The corners of her lips curled up.

“Tell them that this meal is on me. The budget per person is unlimited.”

Haicheng, Yu family’s old residence.

In the study.

Old Master Yu sat behind the desk with an extremely gloomy expression.

In front of him stood a middle-aged couple. They were Yu Cheng’s father, Yu Ming, and his mother, Zhou Lan.

Yu Yu was also standing beside them.

The atmosphere was tense.

“Dad, you have to help Ah Cheng this time!”

Yu Ming couldn’t hold it in any longer and hurriedly said,”He’s being detained now. What kind of place is the police station? He must be suffering greatly!”

Old Master Yu’s expression was extremely ugly.

“Do you think I don’t want to get him out?! But don’t you see how much trouble he has caused this time?! If not for this incident, I wouldn’t have known that he was actually using drugs!”

Yu Cheng had made many mistakes since he was young, and Old Master Yu had always turned a blind eye to them.

But this time was different. He had been taking drugs! He had even been in possession of drugs!

“Is that even something he can touch?! He’s been given everything he wants by his family but now that he’s grown up, he still dares to touch drugs!”

The more Old Master Yu spoke, the angrier he got. He raised his hand and pointed at Yu Ming.

“Is this how you teach your son?!”

Yu Ming’s heart trembled as he hurriedly explained,”Dad! I didn’t know about this either! If I had known, why would I let him behave so wild like this?!”

Old Master Yu looked at Yu Yu again and asked sternly,”You’re close to him. Did you know about this?!”

Yu Yu’s eyes were still red as if she had just been crying.

She bit her lip and shook her head.

“Grandpa, I… I only found out today…”