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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 915 - Two Weibo Posts

Chapter 915: Two Weibo Posts

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Gu Siyang saw this and slapped his thigh.

[ I was so happy to see the results of Ji Shu’s test that I almost forgot about this! I haven’t heard any news yet, but it should be soon! ]

He was the boss of LY, and he was a good friend of Ji Shu. Naturally, that meant that he cared about Ji Shu’s situation the most.

Since yesterday until now, his heart had felt as if it had been left, afraid that something would go wrong again.

Fortunately, everything had gone smoothly!

As for FN, he really had not had the time to look into that.

Shen Li thought about it.

[ There’s no rush. Let’s wait for the results on FN to come out first. ]

Gu Siyang stared at this line of words for a long time. He had the feeling that something was not quite right.

What did FN’s result have to do with them?

[ Sister, so what you’re saying is that we should wait for the results concerning FN to be confirmed before we can go celebrate? ]

That was not enough.

Since when had their relationship with FN become so good?

Shen Li raised her eyebrows slightly.

[ We are in the same industry after all. We should at least have some empathy. ]

Gu Siyang recalled the time when she had beaten Yu Cheng by four and a half laps on the track and forced him out of the first-tier team. He had serious doubts about this sentence.

However, since this was what she had said, there was nothing wrong else to do about it.

After all, for the entire day and night, the Internet had indeed been discussing Ji Shu and FN together, and it had even implicated the entire racing circle.

There was nothing wrong with waiting for a while.

[ Alright. By the way, Yang Tao asked me just now about when we would be holding a press conference to officially clarify this matter. ]

The police report confirming Ji Shu’s innocence had already been released.

However, this was far from enough.

The impact of rumors was extensive and far-reaching.

Once a person started a rumor, they would break their legs trying to refute it.

Many times, even if the truth was out, it would still not be able to make up for the damage that those rumors had caused.

Many people would only remember those rumors that were full of attacks and absurdities, but they would not remember the subsequent clarification.

This one day and one night had been enough for many people to associate the name “Ji Shu” closely with the phrase “drug abuse.”

If they searched for “Ji Shu” now, the related words at the end would be “drug abuse” and “police station.”

To put it bluntly, his name had already been dirtied by this crazy rumor.

How could it be so easy to completely clear his name and return him a clean slate?

Shen Li replied unhurriedly.

[ There’s no rush. Let Ji Shu and everyone have a good rest first. I’ll consider the timing of the press conference first. I’ll let you know when I’ve made up my mind. ]

Gu Siyang actually felt that it would be better for this matter to be settled as early as possible. But now, he was more willing to listen to Shen Li’s opinion.

From the beginning until now, Shen Li had remained extremely calm and composed. When Gu Siyang looked at her, he felt as if everything was under her control.

So when Shen Li said that, he agreed without any hesitation.

[ Okay! I’ll listen to what you say! ]

After replying to Gu Siyang, Shen Li congratulated Ji Shu and opened the Weibo link.

[ Capital Public Security West Branch: On April 13th, accompanied by a friend, Ji Shu (21 years old) took the initiative to go to the Public Security Bureau for a drug hair test. After the test, no drug ingredients were detected in his body, proving that he had not taken any drugs in the past half a year. Police reminder: Taking drugs is harmful to others and yourself. Refusing to take drugs starts with you. ]

This notice was not very long, but once it was released, it immediately caused a huge storm.

[ Ji Shu did not take drugs! Ji Shu did not take drugs! Ji Shu did not take drugs! ]

[ Ahhh! I knew it! I knew that Ji Shu was innocent! ]

[ He actually went to the police station on his own initiative? He must have really had the guts to do this, right? Moreover, the hair test he did would have tested for traces of the poison within the past half a year. If he had really touched any drugs, how would he have dared to do this? ]

[ It was only a half a year period. Who knows if he had taken drugs before? ]

[ Wait! The person above just reminded me. Wasn’t the reason why Ji Shu had been suspected of taking drugs because of the urine test results? I remember that it indicated that he had taken drugs within the past week! But now the police test has indicated that he has not touched drugs for at least half a year. This… doesn’t match up! ]

This comment quickly attracted everyone’s attention. It was quickly pushed up, and the number of replies also soared.

[ The person who commented this is right! Why are these two results contradicting each other? ]

[ Then does this prove that one of the test results is problematic? ]

[ I wouldn’t dare to say anything else. With the anti-drug measures in the country, the police’s test results can’t be wrong, right? On the other hand, Ji Shu’s previous physical examination report was first submitted to the National Racing Association from the hospital that had been designated for their physical examination. It was equivalent to having been tampered with somewhere in the middle. Who knew how many hands it had passed through? And everyone should not forget that his report seemed to have been leaked from the National Racing Association in the beginning, right? With such lax supervision, who could ensure that there was no problem with the report? ]

[ What the person above said makes sense! It’s terrifying to think about it! ]

[ No matter what you think, I believe in the test results from the police. ]

[ Me too… ]

[ This matter itself is very strange. Logically speaking, if there was a problem with Ji Shu’s medical report, the National Racing Association would have immediately contacted LY. Under normal circumstances, LY would definitely ask Ji Shu to apply for a reexamination. If there really was a problem, then LY would announce it to the public. But at that time, Ji Shu’s medical report had been leaked, which was… ]

[ Have you guys ever thought about why Ji Shu had not applied for a reexamination? Instead, he chose to go directly to the police station? Could it be that he already knew that there was a problem, so– ]

The direction of the comments section quickly changed.

At first, they had not thought so, but now that the police had reported it, it could be considered as having cleared Ji Shu’s name. When everyone looked back carefully, they realized that there was indeed something wrong with this whole matter.

How could it be so coincidental that his urine test results were wrong, and then a photo of it happened to have been taken of it and exposed on the Internet?

If it weren’t for the timely report from the police, Ji Lyu would still be under endless criticism.

Many guesses arose.

Shen Li scrolled through the comment section, then exited and refreshed it.

The next second, a new Weibo post appeared at the top of the page.

Capital Public Security Xicheng Branch: On April 13, according to a public report, FN Racing Club has been suspected of drug possession. Our bureau quickly responded and launched a search. According to the statistics, our bureau found a total of 100 grams of heroin and 900 grams of marijuana at the FN training base. In addition to that, after testing, including FN Boss Yu (24 years old) , General Manager Zhang (32 years old) , Senior Manager Su (31 years old) , Racer Yu (23 years old) and a total of 11 people, were found to have tested positive in all their the drug tests, which proved that all of them had taken drugs. In this regard, our bureau attaches great importance, and will soon launch a further investigation on this case. The law is lenient and thorough, so we will deal with it seriously and thoroughly! ]