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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 914 - It’s Just Getting Started

Chapter 914: It’s Just Getting Started

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As time went on, things got worse and worse.

From the afternoon when Ji Shu had been suspected of drug abuse, a series of news broke out one after another, and by the evening, it was all over the Internet.

Everyone’s attention was focused here, and everyone was talking about these matters.

Some of it was about Ji Shu, but more of it was about FN.

In short, it was a mess.

However, neither LY nor FN had any response to these rumors.

This made the outside world speculate even more about this.

If Ji Shu was innocent, why didn’t LY come out to clarify the situation?

If FN was not in possession of drugs, how could they all be taken away?

There were even people who rushed over to the National Racing Association’s official website to leave messages, and there were even people who called to ask for an explanation.

A lot of pressure came. As the president of the NRA, Liao Yuan called for an emergency meeting.

It was already dark outside, but the meeting room was brightly lit.

Liao Yuan sat at the main seat with his brows furrowed.

“The matter between FN and Ji Shu has become very big on the Internet. As the authorities, we have to express our attitude as soon as possible. If there are any countermeasures, please let us know.”

The higher-ups looked at each other.

“The police have already intervened. We have no right to interfere. I’m afraid it won’t be easy to handle.”

“That’s right. Moreover, if only Ji Shu was involved, it would be fine. Now that FN is involved, once it’s proven that they were truly in possession of drugs, it will be much more serious than Ji Shu’s charge of drug abuse!”

“Why don’t we wait for the results of the police investigation first…”

In his heart, Liao Yuan actually understood their reasoning.

After a moment of silence, he said, “In that case, let’s wait first–”

“Chairman Liao.”

A voice suddenly interrupted him. Liao Yuan raised his head and saw that the person who spoke was vice-chairman Pang Zhikai.

Pang Zhikai’s expression was solemn.

“FN is one of the top clubs in this country. It’ll be a great loss for the country as well as the domestic racing circle. I think it’s better to express our support first. At the very least, we can give everyone some reassurance and minimize the damage to FN’s reputation.”

Liao Yuan thought for a moment and said, “But right now, whether FN is innocent or not is still unknown. It’s not good for us to decide on our position.”

If there was really something wrong with FN, would it still be worth it to keep their official face intact?

Pang Zhikai frowned.

“FN has been developing well these past few years. How could they do such a thing? Someone must have reported them out of maliciousness!”

Liao Yuan paused.

“Ji Shu’s results were also another big thing. Didn’t his urine test come back as positive as well?”

Pang Zhikai was instantly dumbfounded.

Liao Yuan’s expression became more stern.

“Speaking of which, Ji Shu’s physical examination report was leaked from within our organization. The nature of this matter is bad. We must investigate this as soon as possible. Once we find out who did it, we will punish have to punish them severely!”

Pang Zhikai lowered his eyes.

“Chairman Liao is right. We must investigate this matter carefully.”

Everyone agreed.

However, regarding Ji Shu and FN, they were unable to reach a conclusion.

In the end, Liao Yuan finally made a firm decision.

“We will first issue a statement, saying that the association will fully cooperate with the police investigation and wait for the police results. If there is really a problem with Ji Shu and FN, the association will definitely not cover it up and will definitely deal with the matter seriously!”

When the National Racing Association’s statement was issued, it finally pacified some people.

However, ultimately, it was still only a small number.

Most people’s attention was still on Ji Shu and FN.

They were unable to truly feel at ease until the final results were released.

Fans of LY and FN were frantically cursing each other, with both sides firmly believing that their own side was innocent.

Throughout the night, countless people were eagerly waiting.

After Ji Shu returned to LY, Yang Tao took away his phone.

Although everyone believed him, he did not want Ji Shu’s feelings to be affected due to the fierce criticism online.

Initially, Ji Shu had wanted to say that there was no need, but seeing that Yang Tao and the others insisted, he simply agreed.

Yang Tao even gave him extra time off.

As a result, Ji Shu who rarely got to relax, played games the entire night.

However, compared to his relaxed side, FN’s people, including Yu Cheng, were having a much harder time.

Yu Cheng had rushed to the Capital overnight.

This was because he knew very well that the longer this matter dragged on, the more disadvantageous it would be for them.

Originally, he had asked Yu Yu to contact someone to take down the trending searches, but that had not worked out.

FN remained at the top of the trending topic list, from afternoon until late at night.

Not only did it not seem like it was going to go down, but the popularity of the topic only increased further.

Yu Cheng was extremely frustrated, but soon, he found that he could not care about these things.

After arriving at the police station in the Capital, he realized that the matter was much more serious than he had thought.

He did not even have the time to say anything before he was taken away to undergo a drug test.

Only then did he realize that he was not the only one. All the superiors from FN had also undergone this test.

Furthermore, because the crime involved was suspicion of possession of drugs, after the test, none of them were released. Instead, they were detained at the police station.

At this point, Yu Cheng finally had a vague feeling that things were starting to get out of control.

This time, Shen Li slept very well.

The next morning, she woke up and had breakfast with Shen Zhijin.

Shen Zhijin was resting today.

He looked at her and asked,”Tang Tang seems to be in a good mood today?”

Shen Li nodded as she ate a bun.

“I plan to do some painting at home.”

Shen Zhijin nodded.

After eating, Shen Zhijin went to the study while Shen Li went into the art studio to continue the unfinished painting from yesterday.

The morning passed quickly.

At twelve o’clock, her phone rang.

She put down her brush and got up to take her phone.

It was a message from Gu Siyang.

[ Sister! Ji Shu’s test results are out! The official Weibo of the Capital Public Security Bureau has just announced that he is innocent! ]

Below was a Weibo link that he had sent.

One could feel his excitement and joy through the screen.

[ This is great! This is really great! Hahahahaha! This matter is finally settled! I’ll call Ji Shu now. Let’s have a meal together to celebrate today! ]

It had clearly been less than 24 hours since yesterday until now, but to them, it had been like a roller coaster ride.

Now that the dust had finally settled, of course they had to celebrate properly!

Shen Li laughed silently.

In what way was it over?

Everything had only just begun.

She typed a line of words.

[ The results of the investigation on FN should be out by now, right? ]