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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 92 - Can’t Even Clarify It?

Chapter 92: Can’t Even Clarify It?

The location of the picture was a parking lot, and the two of them were standing in front of the car. Lu Huaiyu was leaning against the door, his towering back giving him away.

There was a clearer shot of Xu Yini compared to Lu Huaiyu. Half of her face was caught on camera with her tucking her hair behind her ear.

The picture might have been a blur, but there was a distinct smile on her face.

The comments below the picture were growing rapidly.

[I’m barely breathing in this flood of comments! Help!]

[NetiFlower: Sobs! I just became her fan, and she is in love with another man?]

[YiniDreamsANN: Don’t believe in rumors! A picture is not solid evidence! Just wait for the management to release a statement! Believe in Yini!”

[UpUpStone: You’re right! Judging from her clothes, it must be a private meeting. Can’t Yini meet a friend? Besides, they are quite far apart from each other, so how can you call that being in love?]

Xu Yini’s fans came to her defense and started to suppress the malicious comments.

Ning Li refreshed the page and saw the comments from the fans being pushed to the top.

Xu Yini made her debut in a school romance comedy and was called the nation’s first love for her performance. Her character had always been the innocent girl-next-door.

Now, with the scandal revolving around her relationship, her fans could not accept it while the others were shocked. There were even haters among the comments, bashing her ruthlessly.

[IDoNotWantToRevealMyName: I thought she claimed to be single on some variety programs. She said she has never been in a relationship. Look at her smile. You know what that means, right? That’s a smile just for someone you like!]

[AnAnDoesn’tSleepSilently: I think so! Even if it’s not a relationship, there must be something between the two of them!]

[OFail: Am I the only one that thinks the guy is kinda handsome?]

The comment about the guy received a lot of likes and replies in a short period of time.

[YouYoou: I agree! +1]

[OrangeJelly: Add me! *Phone number* It’s only just a shot of his back, but the back of his head, his broad shoulders, his trim waist, and his lanky legs! He’s at least 2 meters tall! I want to know everything about this man in a minute!]

[SugarSoup: He is just a normal person, isn’t he? If he’s someone in the industry, his perfect traits would have already made him famous! Please debut!]

Even though the man in the picture did not show his face, his regal bearing was unique, and it caught people’s eyes.

One of the comments stood out from the rest.

[DownTTDown: Wash your face and dream on! Did you see the watch on his wrist!? That’s a Gloye commemorative edition! It’s $35 million!]

The topic of the swiftly switched focus.

[OrangeJelly: Sorry, excuse me!]

[SugarSoup: Sorry, what?!]

[YouYoou: Wait, no way!]

The audience was in a riot when they found out about the watch.

Ning Li scanned through the comments before she had another look at the picture.

Did Lu Huaiyu go back to the capital for Xu Yini?

His face was hidden in the picture, but judging from Xu Yini’s reaction, he should have been thrilled.

Ning Li tightened his lips and shut her phone.

In the waiting parlor on the third floor of Huanxing Entertainment, Xu Yini was sitting on the couch when her manager, Mei Li, came in in a hurry.

“Yini! What is this? Who is that man?! Why did you get your photo taken?!”

Compared to her anxiety, Xu Yini was rather relaxed. “Oh, it’s fine. I just coincidentally ran into him.”

Mei Li gasped. “Coincidentally? Yini, do you know how serious this scandal will affect your image?!”

She sized up Xu Yini doubtfully. “Tell me the truth. Are you in a relationship?”

Mei Li had been Xu Yini’s manager since her debut and she knew the girl quite well. If Xu Yini had that smile on her face, she must be in love with that guy.

Frustrated, Xu Yini kicked the chair away. “No!”

She wanted to be in a relationship with the man as well, but despite so many years of effort, she still could not see a light of hope. She was actually quite pleased when she saw the scandal.

Mei Li sighed a breath of relief. “Good then.”

As long as it was just a scandal, it could be solved.

The assistant said, “Yini, why don’t you post something on Weibo to clarify things? The fans are going wild.”

Xu Yini spun her phone softly but did not say a word.

Suddenly, Mei Li said, “Hold on. Let the fans have it for now. We can clarify things later.”

Xu Yini had not been getting any invites to be featured in movies or dramas recently. She only got invited to several variety programs, so the exposure was something she could use to her advantage.

Mei Li cautiously looked at Xu Yini and asked, “Yini, are you sure that’s the only picture that got taken? Is there anything else in the paparazzi’s hands?”

Xu Yini immediately knew what her manager meant. If it had been anyone else, Mei Li would have asked her to clarify it right away, but the man was Lu Huaiyu.

She shook her head and said, “No. That picture is from earlier today. I was having a meal with my parents, and I ran into him, so I went over to say hello.”

Mei Li finally sighed a breath of relief. “Great. We’ll wait for the traffic and attention to reach an all-time high later at night.”

All the exposure and attention could work as a sort of explanation to the fans and keep them at bay.

Xu Yini nodded in agreement. Then, her phone rang. She had a glance and the caller ID shocked her.

It was Lu Huaiyu.

Before this, the man had never called her before, but she knew why he was calling her at this sensitive timing.

Xu Yini got up and went to the side to answer it.

“Hello? Huaiyu?”

Lu Huaiyu’s voice came through the phone. “It has been 16 minutes since the news got out. Where’s your statement?”

His voice sounded colder than usual.

Xu Yini was stunned. Was he angry?

She explained nervously, “Huaiyu, don’t worry. The photo did not show your face and no one has found out that it’s you yet…”

“I want to see your statement before 7:00 p.m. tonight. If your team has poor time management and can’t do it on time, the Lu Corporation will step in and take over.”

Lu Huaiyu was not interested in talking to her. As a matter of fact, if it was not for the respect he had for the Xu family, he would not have even called her at all.

Xu Yini’s flames of excitement were extinguished by his stern words like a pail of cold water. Even if she was an idiot, she could tell how much Lu Huaiyu cared about this little incident, which went beyond her expectations. The man sounded like he did not want anything to do with her, even if it was just a groundless scandal.

She had a glance at the time. It was 5 minutes to 7:00 p.m. Lu Huaiyu was not giving her time to think about it at all.

Frustrated, she bit her lip. “Don’t be mad. I’ll deal with this as soon as possible.”

Lu Huaiyu then hung up.

Xu Yini tightened her grip on her phone. Moments later, she opened up Weibo.

The term ‘Xu Yini’s relationship’ had reached 9th place on the trending chart. It was just a matter of time before it reached the top.

She posted a statement on her Weibo.

[XuYiniV: I had some free time to dine with my parents and even met an old friend that I haven’t seen in a long time. Happy~]

What followed was a picture of herself and a table of meticulously presented dishes. The three sets of dinnerware were the main focus of the picture.