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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 910 - Fighting Poison With Poison

Chapter 910: Fighting Poison With Poison

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yu Yu’s heart sank!

Yu Pan said anxiously, “Captain! Director Zhang and Manager Su are currently negotiating with the police. It seems like there are some members of the media outside. The situation is not good, what should we do?”

Hearing that there was no reply from the other end of the phone, he raised his voice again.

“Captain? Captain! Please come to the Capital as soon as possible!”

Apart from Yu Cheng, who else could solve this matter in the whole of FN?

Yu Yu held her breath and turned to look at Yu Cheng.

As if sensing that something was wrong with her expression, Yu Cheng casually asked, “What’s wrong? Who’s on the phone?”

Yu Pan finally realized that it was not Yu Cheng who had answered the phone and immediately shut his mouth.

Yu Yu tried her best to keep her voice calm.

“It’s Yu Pan. He said that someone reported FN for drug possession. The police and the media have already arrived at the training base.”

Yu Cheng instantly sobered up.

He suddenly sat up from the sofa and stared at Yu Yu.

“What did you say?!”

Yu Yu turned the phone to speakerphone mode and said, “Yu Pan, repeat what you just said to me.”

Hearing that it was Yu Yu, Yu Pan felt slightly relieved and recounted the incident.

The more he listened, the darker Yu Cheng’s expression became until it ended up as cold as ice.

The air in the room seemed to freeze as well, making it difficult to breathe.

“Captain, what should we do now? If this matter were to be exposed, then–”

“What are you panicking for!”

Yu Cheng suddenly shouted angrily. At the same time, he threw the wine glass onto the coffee table.


The ear-piercing cracking sound was like an invisible knife that instantly cut off Yu Pan’s voice.

He immediately shut up.

However, he was still extremely anxious.

What was he panicking about?

What else could he be panicking about?

He was the main force of FN. Of course, he knew about the terrible internal matters!

FN simply could not withstand any drug inspection!

Moreover, the reason they were being reported this time was for drug possession!

Possession of drugs!

This was much more serious than the simple crime of just taking drugs!

Once something was discovered… the whole of FN would be dragged down with it!

Yu Cheng was not a good-tempered person, to begin with. Now that he had drunk alcohol, his emotions were magnified by the alcohol, making him even more irritable.

He sat on the sofa and rubbed his face with both hands.

When Yu Yu saw this, she said, “Yu Pan, don’t be anxious. Brother and I will think of a way to deal with it as soon as possible. Tell me clearly first, which police station was it that came to investigate?”

With the current situation, it was definitely necessary to look for someone.

However, before Yu Pan could reply, someone came over.

“Bring all the personnel back first! Over there! The one who’s making a call! What are you waiting for?”

The call was quickly ended.

Yu Yu stared at the phone as the uneasiness in her heart grew stronger.

Yu Pan and the others were currently at the FN training base in the Capital, and the situation did not look optimistic.

She and Yu Cheng were currently in Haicheng, so there was no way for them to reach them.

However, this matter had to be resolved as soon as possible.

Once it was exposed by the media–

“Brother, I’ll go and inquire about the situation in the Capital first. In addition, no matter what, I’ll suppress the news from the media first.”

Yu Yu said in a low voice, speaking relatively fast.

She knew very well that the longer this matter dragged on, the more difficult it would be to handle!

After she finished speaking, she saw that there was still no movement from Yu Cheng.


An ominous premonition surfaced in her heart and she finally probed, “Brother, on FN’s end… The police shouldn’t be able to find anything on them, right?”

Yu Cheng pressed the tip of his tongue against his left cheek without answering her question directly. All he said was,”Just do what you said you were going to do just now. This matter must not be blown up!”

As he spoke, he stood up.

However, at this moment, his phone rang again.

It was from the Capital police.

Yu Yu frowned as she looked at the number on the screen. The bad premonition in her heart grew stronger.

However, it was impossible not to answer this call.

She looked at Yu Cheng and urged him.

Yu Cheng stared at the phone for a long while before answering the call.

The other party’s voice was cold and serious.

“Yu Cheng? Hello, we’re from the Capital police station. Someone has reported you for drug use and possession. Please come over as soon as possible and cooperate with the investigation.”

Yu Cheng had been summoned.

He had no right to refuse when it came to the crime of drug possession.

After ending the phone call, Yu Cheng finally became fully alert.

His lips turned slightly pale.

Yu Yu’s hands tightened. Was Yu Cheng really so stupid that he had left behind a trace?

However, she did not show it on her face. She only whispered,”Brother, don’t worry. You didn’t take any drugs or hide any drugs. You’ll be fine.”

Yu Cheng suddenly said,”Go find my father and try your best to suppress this news. Don’t let Grandfather know.”

Yu Yu paused and slowly widened her eyes. She said in disbelief,”Brother, could it be that you really touched–”

Yu Cheng turned to her with a dark gaze.

Yu Yu swallowed the rest of her words.

She seemed to take quite a while to digest this piece of news.

“… I got it. Brother, don’t worry. Nothing will happen. I’ll make a call right now.”

Yu Cheng no longer had the mood to listen to this. His expression was extremely cold and sullen.

However, before Yu Yu could make a call, her phone rang.

It was her assistant.

Yu Yu was also in a bad mood. When she picked up the phone, the tone of her voice was very cold.

“What’s wrong?”

Normally, when her assistant heard her speak in this tone of voice, he would tactfully shut up and hang up the phone.

But today was different.

“President Yu! FN was reported for drug possession. It’s been exposed!”

Yu Yu’s expression changed.


At 5:30 am, just when everyone suspected that Ji Shu had taken drugs and had started to question and humiliate him, another piece of breaking news broke.

[ Uncle Car: Breaking news! FN has been reported for drug possession. The police have already started a search of the FN training base. All relevant personnel has been taken away by the police! ]

Included below was a picture.

In front of the FN training base, several police cars were parked there.

Everyone could see the seriousness of the matter.

The first news that Ji Shu was suspected of taking drugs had been released by this blogger.

Everyone had originally been waiting for any follow-up news regarding Ji Shu. However, no one could have guessed that even after waiting for so long, there was still no movement from Ji Shu’s side. Instead, they had received such a shocking piece of news!


Drug possession!

This was even more shocking than the news of Ji Shu taking drugs! It was even more shocking!

Therefore, when the news came out, everyone was stunned.

[ What the f*ck??!!! ]

[ FN and drug possession? Am I seeing things?! ]

[ What’s going on today? Previously, there was the news about Ji Shu taking drugs, and now there’s the news that the whole of FN is involved in drug possession? Is the domestic racing scene a drug den? ! ]

[ Watch what you say, commenter above, alright? The official results of whether Ji Shu actually took drugs haven’t been released yet, but you’ve already convicted him? ]

[ If this news is true, I’m afraid it’ll be completely over for FN! ]

[ Good guy, I’m f*cking good guy. Are these people competing to see who is more poisonous?? ]

[ I’m really convinced we should wait for the police report! Whoever is involved in drugs will be blacklisted for the rest of their lives! ]

# FN suspected of drug possession #, rushed to the top searches at an amazing speed, and quickly suppressed # Ji Shu suspected of drug abuse #, becoming number one on the list.

Weibo crashed immediately.