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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 909 - Counter-Attack

Chapter 909: Counter-Attack

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Accompanied by Yang Tao and the others, Ji Shu arrived at the entrance of the LY base.

Gu Siyang was already waiting there.

When he saw Ji Shu, he lowered the window and said crisply, “Get in the car.”

Ji Shu could vaguely guess what was going on so without any nonsense, he immediately got into the front passenger seat.

The car quickly drove away and headed towards the Capital police station.

Yang Tao watched them leave and sighed.

Even if Ji Shu did not take drugs, this matter was so serious that it would be hard to be rid of it.

How could it be so easy to clean up the dirty water that had been spilled on him?

Even if they could clear up the rumors as soon as possible, Ji Shu’s name would be tied to the word “drug” for a long time.

The damage to Ji Shu’s reputation was almost immeasurable.

He did not know how Director Gu and Shen Li planned to deal with it.

He just hoped that everything would go smoothly.

“Is this what Sister Li wants?”

Ji Shu got straight to the point as soon as he got in the car.

Gu Siyang did not hide it from him and simply nodded.


After Ji Shu’s medical report had been released, he had realized that something was wrong and immediately called Shen Li.

Before LY could react, the report had already been posted on the Internet.

He was furious because he knew too well the seriousness of this matter!

It was at this moment that Shen Li had proposed a solution.

She asked Gu Siyang to take Ji Shu to the police station immediately.

Gu Siyang did not understand at that moment, but Shen Li had only asked him to do so without explaining too much. She also said that she would go there as well a little later.

Perhaps it was because she was so calm and collected about this matter, Gu Siyang subconsciously did as she said.

“I’ve already called the police station and said that I’ll take you there. They should be waiting for you now.”

Gu Siyang said.

Ji Shu turned his head to look at him.

Although he knew that this was Shen Li’s intention, he still did not understand.

The country was very strict with this kind of thing. Once they received the news, they would dispatch the police as soon as possible.

Even if they did not go over there, the people from the police station would come over soon. Why would they need to make this call?

“Sister Li can’t be thinking that this matter will be resolved more easily if I just have a positive attitude, right?”

Gu Siyang shook his head.

“I don’t know.”

He could not figure out what Shen Li was thinking either, but the possibility of what Ji Shu had mentioned was not completely out of the question.

Ji Shu could guess what he was thinking just by looking at his expression. He was so angry that he laughed.

“Gu Siyang! What are you thinking? I’ve never touched that thing before. I’m completely innocent! What does it matter if I have a positive attitude or not?”

Gu Siyang was also very annoyed.

“Of course I know you didn’t take it! But what about that medical report?”

When Ji Shu heard this, he was extremely annoyed.

“How the f*ck would I know?”

Gu Siyang thought for a while, but could not come up with anything.

“Forget it, we’ll talk about it when we get there!”

At 4:55 pm, Shen Li rushed to the police station.

Gu Siyang’s car had just parked when Ji Shu got out of the car.

Because he had received the news in advance, the moment he appeared, a few police officers quickly stepped forward.

Ji Shu’s already irritated expression became even uglier and he looked as if he was about to explode at any moment.

“Ji Shu.”

Shen Li called out.

Hearing this, Ji Shu turned around.

When he saw that it was her, his expression eased up greatly.

“Sister Li.”

Shen Li walked forward and stood in front of him.

She looked at him.

There was still an unbridled and unruly look in the young man’s eyes, with an extremely arrogant air about him.

He was still as sharp-edged as ever.

He was not the later version with his reputation tarnished, his dignity trampled, almost stepped into the mud, and covered in dirt until he was unable to struggle.

Shen Li’s eyes were calm. There was an inexplicable power within them that made people feel at ease. She enunciated each word carefully.

“Don’t worry, Ji Shu.

“Leave everything to me.”

This time, I’m here.

All the people who wanted to push you into the abyss, all the people who wanted to trample on you wantonly, all the people who stood high above and took pleasure in playing with other people’s lives…

This time, it would be their turn.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, half an hour after the news that Ji Shu’s suspected drug use had broken out, another important piece of news was released.

[ Qingfeng Entertainment: Latest news! Ji Shu is at the Capital police station! LY boss Gu Siyang is personally accompanying him, and Shen Li is also at the scene! ]

There was a picture attached below.

In front of a certain Capital police station, a few uniformed police officers were standing beside Ji Shu.

Gu Siyang and Shen Li were standing beside them.

Most people were not familiar with Gu Siyang, but there were too many people who knew about Ji Shu and Shen Li.

On the screen, it looked like the group of people were walking in. Shen Li’s head was tilted as if she was talking to Ji Shu.

There was a slight frown on Ji Shu’s face, his expression looking serious and solemn.

More than half of his face had been photographed, and it was clearly visible.

The impact of this photo was too great.

[ The police station?! Does that mean that Ji Shu really took drugs? ]

[ That’s not necessarily what it means by going to the police station. The news has been leaked. Whether it’s true or not, the police will have to investigate, right? ]

[ But if there’s no problem with him, shouldn’t he have applied to the National Racing Association to be retested first? Why did he go straight to the police station? ]

[ I also think… that he might really… ]

[ It’s too unbearable, I really can’t bear it! I beg the authorities to give a reply as soon as possible! Ji Shu, please don’t let me down! ]

[ There’s an 80% chance that he really did take drugs. To the commenter above, please become someone else’s fan. It’s not worth it to take drugs! ]

Originally, when they had seen the medical report, many people had expressed their disbelief.

But now that this photo had been exposed, it had finally made those people waver.

Countless people rushed over to LY’s official Weibo account and strongly requested for their response.

However, there was still no movement from LY’s side.

Time slowly passed.

Under such circumstances, more and more people felt that LY was guilty and they were tacitly admitting to it.

Hence, very quickly, a storm of resistance against Ji Shu and LY was set off on the Internet.

A torrent of curses came from all directions.

Yu Yu had been paying attention to the situation on the Internet, so naturally, she saw the photo very quickly.

She looked at Yu Cheng.

“Brother, so you arranged for this?”

Yu Cheng looked at his phone and frowned.

“This is not done by one of my people.”

Yu Yu was stunned for a moment before continuing.

“Then I guess someone just happened to take it. After all, this matter with Ji Shu is indeed very troublesome.”

At times like this, the various media outlets would think of ways to grab more first-hand information.

Yu Cheng chuckled.

He had drunk quite a lot, so the entire room reeked of alcohol.

Yu Yu felt a little uncomfortable from the smell and did not have the patience to continue accompanying him.

She said, “Brother, I have a dinner appointment with Director Meng tonight. You should rest well. I will come and look for you later.”

As she spoke, she stood up.

Yu Cheng waved his hand.

Yu Yu turned around and was about to leave.

Suddenly, Yu Cheng’s phone rang.

However, Yu Cheng was a little drunk and was half lying on the sofa. He was a little impatient.

“Who is it? Xiao Yu, help me answer it.”

Yu Yu replied and bent over to pick up his phone.

The caller ID showed that it was Yu Pan.

She picked up the call.

However, before she could say anything, she heard a panicked voice from the other end.

“Captain! This is bad! Someone reported us for drug possession. The police are all here at FN now!”