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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 908 - She Went as Well

Chapter 908: She Went as Well

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yu Cheng sneered.

“She has such a good relationship with Ji Shu. When she sees this news, she’ll be heartbroken. However, Ji Shu can’t blame others for his own mistakes.”

The domestic anti-drug laws were extremely strict. Anyone who had even the slightest connection to the word “drug” would basically be ruined for the rest of their lives.

Not only would Ji Shu’s reputation be ruined when this news was released, but he would also face the punishment of being expelled from the National Racing Association.

He would not be able to compete in any international tournaments in the future. Even in the regular domestic competitions, he would probably never be accepted again.

Thinking back to the time when Ji Shu had won the overall title as champion of the rally racers, it had been really glorious.

Who could compare to him?

However, after today, all of his glory and pride would be crushed into dust. From now on, he would be like a rat crossing the street. Everyone would shout at him, and he would only be able to live in a dark corner forever.

For anyone who wanted to obtain fame and glory to stand at the peak, the price they would have to pay would often be too much.

However, it would be extremely simple if he wanted to destroy all of this.

For example, right now, he had only needed such an explosive piece of information to easily push Ji Shu into the abyss.

Once Ji Shu was finished off, how could Shen Li be indifferent to it?

After all, this was Ji Shu, to whom she would rather give up first place and personally hand over the championship trophy to.

Thinking of this, Yu Cheng’s mood improved.

He stood up and took a bottle of vodka from the cabinet next to him as he grinned.

“Today is a good day. It’s worth celebrating.”

Everything happened very quickly.

By the time the others on LY’s side heard the news, the Internet had already become a complete mess.

At that time, Ji Shu and the others had just come down from the training track.

“Ji Shu, not bad! Did you break the record again today?”

Lu Siyu and the others looked at the electronic screen beside them. They were both envious and impressed.

Ji Shu was a rare genius in racing. He was also smart and quick-witted.

Every time anyone thought that his performance was good enough, he would always come up with better results the next time.

Such a person had endless potential and his future was truly limitless.

Ji Shu took his helmet off and looked in the direction of their line of sight. He clicked his tongue.

Compared to Shen Li, he was still far from good enough.

If Null were to see him, he did not know how much he would scold him.

Thinking of this, he smoothed his hair down.

If the target character was too much of a perfectionist, he would have this kind of trouble. Even if others thought he was pretty good, he still would not be satisfied even if he looked at himself.

“Take your own training videos back and study them carefully. If you notice any problems, you should change them as soon as possible,” Ji Shu said.

Lu Siyu and the others looked at each other.

“We’ve watched the videos a lot too! But sometimes, even when we see it, we still don’t know how to change it. Isn’t it just all in vain?”

Ji Shu rubbed his chin.

It was true.

At this time, it showed how important it was for a team to have an excellent head coach.

However, a long time had passed and Null still had not given a reply. He really did not know when this master would agree.

Ji Shu thought for a while.

“Forget it, let’s just–”

“Ji Shu!”

A voice suddenly rang out and interrupted Ji Shu’s words.

Ji Shu and the others turned around and saw several team members coming over.

They walked over in a hurry with very unpleasant expressions on their faces.

“Ji Shu! What the hell happened with your medical report?!”

They asked anxiously as they came to stand before Ji Shu.

Ji Shu’s handsome brows furrowed slightly.

“Wasn’t the medical report sent to the National Racing Association? What’s going on?”

“You still don’t know?”

The person in front took his phone out and handed it over to him.

“Look at this!”

Ji Shu had been in LY for a long time and had a good relationship with his team members. This was the first time he had seen them like this.

He felt uneasy as he took the phone.

On the screen was the blog post that had exposed his drug use.

At a glance, Ji Shu immediately realized what had happened.

His face turned cold, and he quickly opened the medical report.

He had tested positive on his urine test!

Lu Siyu and the others beside him also did not know what had happened and they all came over.

“What’s wrong? Hasn’t Ji Shu been in good health this whole time? What could be wrong with–”

Their voices stopped abruptly.

After a moment of dead silence, the group of people looked at Ji Shu with disbelief on their faces.

“Ji Shu, there must be something wrong with this report, right?! Did the hospital make a mistake?”

Ji Shu ate and lived with them. How could they not know whether he had ever touched drugs or not?

This information was simply a nightmare!

“I’d better apply to the National Racing Association for a new medical examination immediately!”

“Yeah, we have to do this as soon as possible!”

“But, but– it’s probably too late now. It’s already been exposed on the Internet!”

The news of Ji Shu being suspected of taking drugs was all over the place.

As Ji Shu held his phone, he exerted force with his fingers until the veins on the back of his hand bulged.

Even if there had been a mistake in the results of the physical examination, it should not been such a fatal problem.

Moreover, the results of all the drivers’ physical examinations were confidential, yet his copy had been leaked out directly and quickly spread.

No one would believe that there was nothing fishy about it!

Taking drugs.

How serious would the consequences be if such a label was put on him?

He vaguely felt a trace of extreme danger, but he also felt that it was difficult to grasp.

The incident had happened so suddenly that at this moment, he could not make sense of it.

Just then, someone called out to him from behind.

“Ji Shu!”

Ji Shu turned his head and saw Yang Tao quickly walking over.

His usually calm and smiling face was now cold and solemn.

Ji Shu returned the phone and walked towards Yang Tao.

Yang Tao saw his expression and understood something.

“You know about what happened on the Internet?”

Ji Shu nodded. There was a cold look on his handsome face.

“There’s something wrong with the medical report. I want to apply to the National Racing Association for a reexamination.”

“I’ve already told them about this, but there’s something more important now.” Yang Tao looked at the phone. “Director Gu is already at the entrance of the base and is waiting for you. I’ll go with you.”

“Gu Siyang?”

Ji Shu furrowed his brows,

“Waiting for me?”


Yang Tao looked at him and let out a gentle breath.

“You’re going to the police station.”

Ji Shu was stunned and did not react for a while.

He had often gone to this place in the past, but it had never been for a reason like ‘taking drugs’.

When he realized this, a rebellious feeling suddenly arose in his heart, and his brows furrowed even more tightly.

“I’m not on drugs, why would I go there?”

Yang Tao knew what he was thinking.

He patted Ji Shu’s shoulder.

“That’s why you have to go. Don’t worry, Director Gu and I trust you. I’ll stay at LY to handle things, and Director Gu will go with you.”

As soon as this explosive news had come out, the whole of LY was in trouble.

His phone was about to explode from the calls.

Ji Shu clenched his fists tightly and the expression on his face was extremely cold.

Yang Tao paused for a moment, then said, “Shen Li is going too.”

Ji Shu suddenly looked up.