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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 907 - She Must Be Suffering

Chapter 907: She Must Be Suffering

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The person who had broken the news was Uncle Car, a racing blogger.

Lin Zhenyue glanced at Lin Xuan, who had nothing to do, and could not help but ask curiously. As a teammate of the same team, she needed to know what skills her teammate had learned. This way, when faced with danger… they could also cooperate with each other and combine their best skills together.

Lin Xuan himself was still a little confused. It was his first time forming a team with someone, so he did not have any intention of sharing what skills he had. In fact, it was also the first time for the sisters to form a team. They were taught on what to do in a team by the elders and were following suit.

“T-Tell me about it. Tell me about it. I want to know what you have!”

Lin Zhenxing pulled Lin Xuan’s arm and shook it for a while. It felt a little he was being shook like a doll.

“Isn’t it supposed to be a private matter…”

Lin Xuan was a little reluctant. He felt like he had to keep what skill he was learning a secret. Moreover, if he told others, especially his teammates, they would probably have objections to what he chose. They might make him change his skills to fit the team comp better.

After all, everyone’s starting point was different. Lin Xuan’s skills were made for himself while Lin Zhenyue, Lin Zhenxing, and the others were based on the interests of the team.

It could only be said that some people were selfish and some were not as much. They were more willing sacrifice their wants for the betterment of their team. However, when it came to sacrificing themselves for others, very few people would be willing!

This was the first conflict among the members of the Star Moon Party. It might not even be the last conflict!

At this moment, Zhu Yuan brought a group of people over from the main entrance of the eighth arena. They seemed arrogant and somewhat domineering!

“Lin Xuan, come on, let’s go to the arena to practice.”

Zhu Yuan raised his head as he looked down at Lin Xuan. The sense of superiority of an aristocratic family was naturally ingrained in him. He thought to himself that he would definitely beat this fellow into submission this time and directly accept him as his underling. At the same time, he would instill into Lin Xuan that he was not to be made fun of!

At that time, facing all of this, she had only been able to helplessly watch him being dragged into the abyss.

But this time would be different.

She made a call.


The opening ceremony for “Fantasy God Chronicles” was held in the morning and everything had gone smoothly.

That afternoon, Yu Yu invited Yu Cheng to the set to watch them shoot a scene.

“Brother, they will be shooting the first scene this afternoon. It’ll be a scene where the male and female lead are acting together. Are you sure you don’t want to watch it?”

Yu Cheng snorted and shook his phone.

“What’s so good about this kind of scene?”

Yu Yu did not understand what he meant at first. When she saw that he was holding his phone, an idea came to her and took her own phone out.

As soon as she unlocked it, she saw several promotional messages regarding Ji Shu’s suspected drug use.

She instantly understood something.

So, was this what he wanted to see more of?

She said softly, “I really didn’t expect that Ji Shu would actually use drugs… I’m sure Shen Li will be very upset when she finds out about this, right?”