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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 906 - Exposed

Chapter 906: Exposed

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Ji Shu nodded.

“That’s right. The results of the physical examination will be sent to the National Racing Association for verification tomorrow. After confirming that there are no problems, the results will be sent back to the various clubs.”

This physical examination result was especially important to LY because they would be participating in the International Racing Championship as their country’s representative soon.

Every driver had to try their best to ensure that their physical condition was at their best.

Shen Li smiled.


The next day was Saturday.

After having some breakfast, Shen Li entered her art studio.

Speaking of which, she had been busy recently and had not touched a brush in a long time.

She set up the drawing board, mixed the colors, and started painting.

The sunlight poured in through the window from the outside and fell upon the young girl’s fair and delicate face, making her skin appear even clearer.

She looked extraordinarily focused. Her raven feather-like eyelashes cast a faint shadow under her eyelids, making her pupils appear even darker.

As time slowly passed, the canvas gradually became stained with mottled patches of color.

If someone who was familiar with her painting style were here at this moment, they would definitely be very surprised to see this painting.

This was because it was completely different from the style of her previous paintings.

Whether it was her first officially auctioned work “Kiss”, the later “The Seventeenth Night”, or “Summer Cicada”, which had been left with Mei Yanqing at Jinse Bay, all of them had been done in a very realistic style of painting.

However, in this painting, the lines were messy, the colors were chaotic, and the lights and shadows seemed to collide with each other at a critical point.

It was completely abstract, making it difficult to identify the subject of this painting.

If one looked carefully, one could vaguely recognize the broken lenses, on which a blurry image was vaguely reflected.

The overall tone of the painting was slightly cold, but occasionally, there would be a sudden pop of color somewhere. One could feel a feeling of pressure and struggle from the canvas.

However, the painting was not completely completed yet, so it was difficult to see what it was.

Of course, looking at where the painting was heading, even if it was finished, a complete picture might still not be able to be pieced together.

This was completely and utterly different from the paintings that she had auctioned off publicly.

She worked on this painting from morning to noon. After a simple lunch, she returned to the studio to continue.

At 4:30 pm, the silence in the room was broken by the ringtone of a cell phone.

Perhaps it was because the room had been so quiet for too long, it was particularly abrupt and even a little jarring when the cell phone rang.

Shen Li seemed to have been expecting this call and was not in a hurry to answer it. Instead, she patiently outlined the last few strokes.

The phone rang for a long time before it quieted down again. Then, it rang again, appearing extremely hurried and urgent.

Shen Li put down the brush, straightened her shoulders, and stepped back a little. She carefully studied the painting for a few moments before standing up.

She glanced at the screen– Gu Siyang.

Well, he was LY’s boss, after all. Of course, this call would be from him.

She answered the call.

Before she could speak, Gu Siyang said, “Sis! Why did it take so long for you to answer my call? Something has happened!”

His voice rarely sounded so serious and tense, and there was also an unconcealable shock in it.

Shen Li asked, “I was in the middle of painting just now. What’s wrong?”

Gu Siyang said anxiously, “There’s something wrong with Ji Shu’s medical report!”

He took a deep breath to try and calm himself down but was unable to do it.

From the moment he had received the news until now, he continued to be in a deep state of shock. Even now, he had yet to regain his senses!

“The results of his urine test showed that he had taken drugs within the past week!”

Gu Siyang’s trembling voice trailed off.

This sentence only contained a few words, but it took him a lot of effort to say it out loud, because the amount of information contained in it was really too much!

Shen Li lowered her eyes and looked at the painting that had just been completed without of saying a word.

Gu Siyang was emotional.

“How could this have happened?! Don’t I know very well what kind of person Ji Shu is? How could he have possibly touched that kind of thing?!”

His entire body was still feeling numb from head to toe.

This was outrageous. This was too outrageous!

Only then did Shen Li open her mouth and ask, “Where did you get this news from?”

If Gu Siyang were paying more attention at this moment, he would have realized that Shen Li’s tone of voice was overly calm and clear, as if she was not surprised at all.

At the moment, however, all his attention was on Ji Shu’s urine test results, so he could not care about anything else.

Hearing Shen Li’s question, he immediately said, “After the results of the physical examination were released at noon today, they were sent to the National Racing Association. After they examined the results, they found that there was something wrong with Ji Shu’s urine test results. They immediately contacted Yang Tao. Yang Tao then came to look for me and told me about this matter.”

Shen Li asked again, “Then, who knows about this matter now?”

The question she had asked was actually a little strange.

Normally speaking, upon hearing that Ji Shu’s urine test was found to contain drugs, her first reaction should have been the same as Gu Siyang’s, questioning whether it was true or not.

However, that was not the reaction that she had. Instead, she was focused on something else.

For a moment, Gu Siyang was also stunned. However, on second thought, he felt that Shen Li was probably worried that the news would leak and make the situation more difficult to control.

Thus, he said, “Currently, within LY, only Yang Tao and I know about it. However, it’s hard to say about the National Racing Association and the hospital.”

Right now, he was unable to determine how many people’s hands Ji Shu’s medical report had gone through and how many people had seen it!

Shen Li paused for a moment.

Gu Siyang was extremely anxious.

“There must be something wrong with his medical report! I’ve already applied to the Association for Ji Shu to undergo a new medical examination. Later, I’ll give Ji Shu another call–”

He suddenly stopped talking.

Shen Li had already guessed what was going on, but she still asked,”What’s wrong?”

Gu Siyang was silent for a long time but finally, he could not help but swear.

“Ji Shu’s physical examination report has been exposed!”