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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 905 - The Gu Family’s Favorite

Chapter 905: The Gu Family’s Favorite

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There were a lot of steps to the physical examination. By the time Shen Li and the others finished their check-ups, it was almost noon.

Under the constant gazes of the team members, Ji Shu moved closer to Shen Li and asked with a smile, “Sister Li, what are we having for lunch?”

Shen Li rarely went to LY. Today, they had finally gathered together, so everyone wanted to have lunch with her.

Seeing the undisguised anticipation of the people behind him, Shen Li thought for a moment.

“You guys can decide. It’s on me.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard that but after that reaction, they were both surprised and happy.

“Really?! Sister Li wants to treat us?!”

“That’s great!”

“Sister Li, can we have barbecue?”

Everyone in that group of people was extremely happy.

Ji Shu also froze for a moment, with a look of disdain on his face:

“Sister Li, are you really going to give us a treat? You don’t know how much they can eat!”

Shen Li casually said,”It’s fine. Just put it on Gu Siyang’s tab.”

After all, he was the boss.

Ji Shu was filled with respect. He gave Shen Li a thumbs up.

“Since it’s the boss’s intention, then we won’t stand on ceremony.”

By this time, they had already walked out of the medical examination building. The group of people cheered in unison.

“Thank you, Sister Li!”

Not far in front of them, the people from FN had already stepped out and were about to leave.

Hearing the lively cheers, Yu Cheng and the others looked over.

Yu Pan sneered.

“It’s just a meal. Why are they reacting like this? The people from LY are only good for that.”

Many people on FN’s side actually looked down on LY. After all, FN had been established earlier, and historically their results were better.

This time, they had lost to LY so they were all very indignant and aggrieved.

As he spoke, he looked at Yu Cheng.

“Captain, shall we go back?”

Yu Cheng said, “I’m not going with you guys. I have to return to Haicheng in the afternoon.”

The people surrounding him were all stunned.

“Captain, is there something you need to do when you go back?”

Yu Cheng extinguished the cigarette in his hand.

“Tomorrow morning will be the opening ceremony for “Fantasy God Chronicles.”

Everyone immediately understood.

“Fantasy God Chronicles” would be another masterpiece by Meng Shan. With such a big production, the opening ceremony would naturally be especially grand.

Originally, Yu Cheng was not interested in these kinds of things, but he was also the vice president of Yu Media. It was just that he usually did not care much about matters pertaining to the company. Most of the time, he left it to Yu Yu to handle on his behalf.

“Fantasy God Chronicles” was a big investment this time, so he was going there to show that he valued it.

“I see.”

“This is Director Meng’s movie… Captain, it’s estimated that it will make a big profit this time, right?”

“I heard that Yu Yu personally went to talk to him? Captain, your sister is indeed amazing!”

“When the movie is released, it might break another record. Captain, you have to treat us then!”

Yu Pan and the others smiled as they complimented him.

Although they were saying these words with the intention of fawning over him, they truly did think the same.

Everyone thought the same.

The combination of Meng Shan and Yu Meng was very explosive, so it was obvious that they would definitely earn a lot of money.

Yu Cheng laughed when he heard this.


He was not interested in movies, but he was still interested in earning money, especially this kind of thing. He did not need to do anything. Yu Yu would do everything for him.

All he needed to do was sit back and enjoy the fruits of her labor.

What could be better than this?

Just then, Shen Li and the others happened to pass by.

Yu Cheng snorted and said meaningfully, “Actually, racing in China is just a waste of money. You can only make a profit if you can get results in international competitions and attract more sponsors. Otherwise, you’re just playing around.”

However, after so many years, there were no more teams and drivers in China who could rise to the top of international competitions. Even for the top racing clubs like FN, their profits were not that great.

At the very least, they could not compare to the investments made by Yu Media.

Someone beside them laughed and spoke some words of support.

“Captain, you don’t have to be concerned about other people’s worries! It’s said that Yu Media is the sole producer of “Fantasy God Chronicles”. Just this film project alone is enough to make many people envious. Even if Captain were to allocate a small amount of the profits to the team, we probably won’t be able to spend it all, right?”

“Captain is a typical rich and capricious person!”

“That’s right. Just a random project from Captain’s side can support a few of the people from FN, right?”

They deliberately did not lower their voices, so Shen Li and the others heard it clearly.

Shen Li’s eyebrows raised slightly as she glanced at Yu Cheng.

Was he… implying that LY was not making money and in turn mocking her and Gu Siyang?

She found it a little funny.

Even at this time, Yu Cheng still had the mood to care about such things.

Even after beating his results in car racing, he was still saying that she was not making money by running a racing club.

How interesting.

Ji Shu scoffed.

“Those who didn’t know any better would think that they have already made billions by investing in that movie.”

Shen Li smiled.

“After all, the director is Meng Shan. I heard that the cast of this movie is also very strong. It’s normal for people to have such confidence. Who knows, this might really result in earning them ‘billions’.”

Ji Shu shrugged.

“How is it possible for money to be earned so easily?”

Shen Li nodded in agreement.

“That’s true. Money is easy to spend, but hard to earn. Two days ago, I asked Gu Siyang and he said that he was planning on upgrading and improving the conditions of the base and the race course will be expanded. With this, the money that our grandfather had just transferred to us has almost been depleted.”

When they heard that the base was going to undergo such a big renovation and the race course would be expanded, Ji Shu and the others were stunned. They were both surprised and happy.


“Even the race course will be expanded? Mr. Gu is too generous!”

Shen Li smiled and looked at them.

“After all, LY will be the national representative to participate in the world car racing championship. It’s only right that the conditions are improved.”

As soon as she said this, the expressions of Yu Cheng and the others changed.

Only the winning team of the National Rally Championship qualified for this. FN had been the representative for the past two years, but this year, LY had replaced them.

This was a blatant mockery.

Lu Siyu scratched his head and asked, “But Sister Li, this will be quite a large expense, right?”

Hadn’t she just said that the money that Mr. Gu had just invested was going to be depleted soon?


“Yeah,” Shen Li sighed, “So for the other projects, we’ll have to rely on spending Second Uncle’s money first.”

Everyone was speechless.

Gu Siyang had been running LY for several years. Previously, he had tried all kinds of ways to pull in investments but had never been able to get them. However, ever since Shen Li had been acknowledged by the Gu family, the money invested in LY had been never-ending.

It was very clear who the money was for.

Ji Shu’s lips moved but he resisted the question that he was really dying to ask.

Since so many people wanted to spend this money on her, why would she need to queue?

There was no need to ask.

Asking meant being rich and willful.

Asking meant being the Gu family’s favorite.

Yu Cheng and the others also shut up, their expressions ugly.

Shen Li’s words had clearly been meant for them to hear.

So what if racing costs money? My family is happy. Is yours?

Yu Cheng got into his car, slammed the door, and quickly drove off.

Shen Li tilted her head and asked,”Oh, by the way, the results of the physical examination will be out tomorrow, right?”