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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 903 - No, Boss of Shengguang

Chapter 903: No, Boss of Shengguang

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Yu Yu had been feeling very annoyed lately.

The membership position in the Bai City Fashion Association, which had almost been guaranteed, had fallen to Shen Li. She had gone through a lot of effort yet not only had she not managed to get anything. Instead, she had been forced to take up the role of a lousy committee member and be in an inferior position to Shen Li, just because she had taken the initiative to organize the salon event.

She had already lost YU and all her efforts over the past few years had already gone down the drain. Now, her last chance to make a comeback had also been snatched by Shen Li.

Old Master Yu already did not like her to begin with. Previously, she had been able to rely on her performance at work to get Old Master Yu to value her a little more. Now that she was in so much trouble, Old Master Yu’s attitude towards her had instantly turned cold.

In the end, all of this had been caused by Yu Cheng. However, when would Old Master Yu ever blame Yu Cheng for this?

He only felt that everything was Yu Yu’s fault.

In addition, Shen Li had probably played a role in this matter. In the end, she had even stepped on Yu Cheng to get to the top.

Yu Yu was filled with resentment, but she had no evidence. Moreover, even if she could confirm that Shen Li was the one who had leaked the news about Pan Jiajia, what could she do about Shen Li?

YU was already gone and her reputation had already been tarnished. The public’s opinion would definitely not side with her.

The damage had already been done. What else could she do?

She had to make up for it in other ways as soon as possible.

Early on Monday morning, Yu Yu arrived at the Yu Corporation’s media building.

This was the first time in the past month that she had officially returned to work.

“Greetings, President Yu.”

“Greetings, President Yu.”

The staff members greeted her one after another. Everyone looked the same as usual, but the way they looked at Yu Yu was subtly different.

Some time ago, Yu Yu had been busy with YU’s showcase at the Bai City Fashion Association, so she had temporarily put her work here on hold. She had left a lot of work to be handled by others. If there was something that they really required her personally to do, she basically handled it through a phone call or a video call.

She should have been back a long time ago. However, who would’ve known that the matter between Yu Cheng and Pan Jiajia would come out and cause her to be delayed until now.

When Yu Yu walked into her office and closed the door, many people immediately exchanged glances and tacit smiles.

Recently, the matter between Yu Yu and Yu Cheng had been causing a stir, and everyone was busy gossiping about it. Naturally, now that they had finally met one of the parties involved, they were even more gossipy and excited.

The moment Yu Yu sat down in her office chair, the elegant smile on her face instantly disappeared.

Those people had acted as if nothing had happened, but their inquisitive and curious eyes could not be concealed!

Of course, she knew that countless people were waiting to laugh at her!

Time passed very slowly and torturously.

During the time that she was not in the company, the progress there had really fallen behind.

She was very frustrated, but she had to continue to deal with these things.

In the blink of an eye, it was 11 o’clock.

Knock, knock.

“President Yu.”

Yu Yu put down the document that was in her hand and adjusted her expression.

“Come in.”

Her assistant walked in with a hint of excitement on her face.

“President Yu, I just received news that Director Meng Shan and Shengguang Media met this morning, but it seems that they didn’t come to an agreement.”

Yu Yu was stunned.

“What do you mean?”

Meng Shan was in preparations to film “Fantasy God Chronicles”, and all the investors had been fighting for this opportunity. However, Meng Shan had chosen to speak to Shengguang Media first.

Many people, including her, had thought that they would surely be successful in forming a partnership this time.

After all, Shengguang was very popular in the industry. With Meng Shan’s personality, and knowing that he had chosen to speak to them first, it was clear that his intention had been to choose them.

Under such circumstances, how was it that they had not come to an agreement?

“I heard that Director Meng Shan made too many demands. He said that he couldn’t change the script, and all the actors had to be chosen by him. The investors would not be allowed to interfere. He probably has other conditions as well, which has caused Shengguang to be a little hesitant.”

The assistant explained, “As you know, Director Meng Shan has always been particular about this aspect when it comes to filming.”

Yu Yu understood and laughed softly.

“After all, it’s Director Meng.”

In most cases, the investors had the most say in a movie.

However, if the director’s status was too high, the situation would turn around. The investors would put the director’s wishes first to the greatest extent instead.

This was the case for Meng Shan.

The assistant said, “I really don’t know what Shengguang is thinking. Right now, all the investors are begging Director Meng for the chance to help him film it. They had this opportunity, yet they weren’t able to seize it. Why are they still putting on airs over there?”

Yu Yu took a sip of coffee.

“Shengguang’s last film, ‘Hibiscus’, made them a lot of money. I heard that the boss of Shengguang insisted on investing in that film. Moreover, from the start of filming to the release of the film, many things were decided by Shengguang. As a director, Ge had not been given much room to interfere and had been forced to make many compromises in the process.”

At that time, Ge had already been at the end of his rope. It had already been good enough that someone had been willing to look for him to continue making the film so why would he ask for so much?

However, Meng Shan and Ge’s situation was different.

Yu Yu recalled some rumors that she had heard before and said softly, “Everyone in the industry says that the President of Shengguang… has his own ideas. It’s probably because of his previous success that he has the confidence to do this.”

These words were a tactful way of saying that he was stubborn.

In the film industry, such a situation was not uncommon.

Some bosses thought that they understood art and movies, so they wanted everyone to do as they wanted.

The assistant smiled.

“However, shouldn’t we leave these professional matters to the professionals? Besides, Director Meng Shan’s talent and charisma are already the biggest guarantees of box office earnings. Why would we need anyone else to tell us what to do?”

Shengguang Media had to also be a little confused. Did they really think that they could treat Meng Shan the same way that they had treated Ge?

Yu Yu put down her cup and said, “I’ll personally give Director Meng a call.”

Since Shengguang Media had given up this opportunity of their own accord, they could not blame others for taking it.

Shengguang Media and Meng Shan had not come to an agreement over the partnership for “Fantasy God Chronicles”.

The moment the news spread, it immediately caused quite a stir in the industry.

Everyone was very surprised. They had never expected that this seemingly win-win partnership would actually fail.

Shengguang Media had not been registered for long. However, with the success of “Hibiscus”, they had become the envy of countless investors in the industry.

After all, most people would never be able to get their hands on such a high-yielding film.

This time, they had potentially been in a strong alliance with Meng Shan. Who could have known that they would not be able to reach an agreement in the end?

Soon, another piece of news spread: Yu Corporation had become the sole producer of Meng Shan’s “Fantasy God Chronicles”.

This piece of news shocked everyone as much as the collapse of the negotiations between Shengguang Media and Meng Shan.

Yu Media was a big company, so it was natural for them to be able to win this project.


“The sole producer…”

Shen Li looked at the message from Zhao Xuan and praised softly, “He’s truly a living bodhisattva in this world.”