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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 901 - Lu Huaiyu Doesn’t Mind?

Chapter 901: Lu Huaiyu Doesn’t Mind?

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Yu Yu was silent for a while, her expression filled with guilt.

“Actually, I’m not too sure either, but at that time, other than my people, she was the only one who could have known about this. When I saw her at the event today, I wanted to ask her about it. However, I felt that even if I asked her about it, I wouldn’t be able to get anything out of her, so I gave up.”

Yu Cheng sneered.

“Do you still need to ask? It can’t be anyone else but her! She must be very happy to see me like this, right?”

Shen Li and he had formed a feud and did not get along well with each other.

Why would Shen Li let go of such an opportunity when it had fallen right into her lap?

“I just knew that this matter was so odd. It turns out that she was involved in it!”

Yu Yu looked at him and tried to persuade him.

“Brother, there’s no point in talking about this now. The reason I’m telling you this is to remind you that you can’t let your guard down. Shen Li has the Gu family behind her. Now that she’s a member of the Bai City Fashion Association, her status has risen. It won’t be good to offend her…”

Yu Cheng’s expression was dark.

Of course, he knew about this.

However, Shen Li had caused him to end up in this state. He would definitely not let this matter rest!

After a while, he suddenly said, “I seem to remember that Ji Shu is on good terms with her?”

Yu Yu had not expected him to suddenly change the topic to Ji Shu. She was stunned for a moment, but she quickly reacted and nodded.

“Wasn’t she from Yunzhou in the past? Ji Shu’s family is also considered a noble family in Yunzhou. They seem to have known each other for a long time.”

Ji Shu and Shen Li had a good relationship. Everyone had been able to see that on the day of the rally.

After thinking for a moment, Yu Yu lowered her voice.

“I remember that on the day of the rally, during the last section of the race, Shen Li clearly had the ability to surpass Ji Shu and become number one. However, she had deliberately suppressed her speed and eventually followed behind Ji Shu, allowing Ji Shu to win the championship while she had placed second… A normal friend wouldn’t be willing to go to that extent, right?”

Of course, Yu Cheng also remembered this.

At that point, Shen Li and Ji Shu had already locked in the top two places. No matter who came first or second, LY would still have been the champion.

However, it was only due to Ji Shu taking first place that he had been able to surpass Yu Pan and win the title of overall driver champion with the most beautiful record.

Shen Li had given up the first placing just like that.

It was true that Ji Shu was also one of the best race drivers in the country.

However, Shen Li clearly could have surpassed him at that time, but she had not done so.

This was something that Yu Cheng could never understand.

He was also a race driver, so he knew the fervor and passion of pursuing first place on the track.

He did not understand Shen Li’s train of thought. In her eyes, was letting Ji Shu take first place more important than her taking first place?

However, this also proved that she really valued Ji Shu greatly.

After a while, Yu Cheng suddenly sneered.

“They are so close. If something were to happen to Ji Shu, I’m sure she would be very upset, right?”

Yu Yu’s heart skipped a beat, but she looked puzzled and frowned slightly.

“Brother, what do you mean by that?”

Yu Cheng leaned back.

“Nothing much.”

Tactfully, Yu Yu did not ask any further questions. Instead, she seemed to have suddenly thought of something and muttered softly, “Oh right, I remember that Lu Huaiyu was there on the day of the competition as well…”

Yu Cheng scoffed.

“How long has it been since he touched a car? There wasn’t any point in going to watch this competition.”

His words did not conceal his mockery.

Yu Yu did not want to talk about this matter.

She pursed her lips and said, “Brother, I just feel that he had watched that competition as well. He should know the way Shen Li treats Ji Shu, right? Doesn’t he feel… uncomfortable at all?”

Shen Li was his girlfriend.

Seeing his girlfriend protecting another man with his own eyes, did Lu Huaiyu really not care at all?

Yu Cheng frowned. After a while, he coldly said, “Then who knows.”

Yu Yu restarted the car and smiled.

“Maybe I’m thinking too much. Brother, shall I send you back first?”


Yu Yu stepped on the accelerator and the car slowly drove away in the darkness.

Shen Li was really busy that day.

After the official website of the Bai City Fashion Association had announced that she was the thirteenth lifetime member, she had received many congratulatory messages one after another.

Even when she returned home that night, there were still messages on her phone.

Even though she had muted the volume, the bright red notifications of the unread messages were still very conspicuous.

The moment Shen Zhijin reached home, he saw Shen Li curled up on the sofa, looking at the phone in front of her with a look of despair on her face.

Hearing a sound, Shen Li raised her head.

“Dad, you’re back.”

Shen Zhijin walked over.

“What’s wrong?”

Shen Li shook her head and sighed again.

She felt as if her heart was tired.

Actually, Shen Zhijin could already guess.

“Is it because of the membership matter?”

He had known the moment the news of Shen Li’s appointment had come out that afternoon.

He had seen the announcement and the list of names.

The fact that President Ronai and Mr. Compton had not chosen her already explained a lot of things.

Shen Li nodded and leaned back on the sofa, feeling hopeless.

“Dad, I’ve been replying to messages since this afternoon.”

Shen Zhijin gently patted her head.

In fact, he had also received a lot of congratulatory messages.

“If Tangtang feels tired, there’s no need to reply for now.”

Ultimately, he felt the most heartache for his precious daughter.

Shen Li could not help but laugh.

Although Shen Zhijin was aloof by nature, no one could find fault in the way he handled himself.

It was rare to hear him say such words.

“It’s fine. I’ve actually managed to reply to most of them.”

As soon as she finished speaking, her phone lit up. It was an unfamiliar number from Bai City.

Shen Li had a premonition, so she sat down and picked up the phone.


This voice sounded pleasant and seemed very familiar.


Shen Li’s guess was confirmed.

“President Ronai?”

“Yes, it’s me. I’m sorry to call you so late, but I thought that you might only have the time to answer at this time, right?”

Ronai joked.

Shen Li rubbed the space between her eyebrows.

There was really nothing she could do when encountering such an old fox.

“Please don’t tease me anymore. Was there something you wanted to talk to me about?”

“It’s like this. First of all, I have to tell you that I’m sorry. Because you didn’t want to become a member, I also chose someone from among the other competitors. Unfortunately, I couldn’t change the result in the end.” Ronai shrugged and continued in a helpless tone. “As you know, even though I’m the president, I don’t have the right to interfere with the choices of the other members.”

When Shen Li heard him say “sorry,” it somehow did not sound very apologetic. Instead, it seemed like he was unable to restrain his joy.

He did not really seem to mean it when he said the word “unfortunately”.

Silently, she sighed in her heart but did not expose him.

“I know all this. You didn’t have to do this.”

“However, this phone call is also to congratulate you.”

Ronai’s tone became much more serious.

“Shen Li, on behalf of the other twelve members of the Bai City Fashion Association, I would like to officially welcome you.”