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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 900 - Because of Shen Li

Chapter 900: Because of Shen Li

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Yu Yu lowered her voice.

“Brother, let’s talk about this in detail when we meet.”

Yu Cheng’s expression was extremely cold.

“Where are you now?”

“I’m on my way back to the old mansion.”

“Got it.”

Yu Cheng ended the call. Everyone in the room could tell that he was in a bad mood and looked over at him.

“Brother Cheng?” A young man asked carefully, “Are you not playing anymore?”

Yu Cheng cursed, “I’ll play with your sister!”

The man’s expression changed, but the light in the room was dim, so it was hard to tell.

Yu Cheng lifted his foot and left, slamming the door as he went.


The room fell into dead silence.

After a while, someone joked, “Our Young Master Yu has been getting more and more irritable lately. Brother Yao, don’t take it to heart!”

A girl held a glass of wine and smiled.

“Young Master Yu has been a little troubled lately. It’s no wonder he’s like this.”

There was no need to explain. Everyone understood.

The young man who had been scolded by Yu Cheng, Xiang Yao, smiled mysteriously.

“I know. Besides, he’s the young master of the Yu family after all. It doesn’t matter what happens to him.”

Everyone could tell how protective the old man was of his eldest grandson.

“That’s true. This person always ends up on his feet again, so I can’t be envious of him! Forget it, forget it. Brother Yao, let’s continue!”

Xiang Yao took the wine glass and downed it in one gulp.

After Yu Yu called Yu Cheng, she waited for a while. After estimating the right time, she gave an instruction to her assistant.

“Alright, let’s go back to the old mansion now.”

Half an hour later, Yu Yu returned to the Yu residence.

Old Master Yu was sitting in the living room without any expression on his face.

Yu Yu understood that the more he was like this, the more dangerous he was.

She walked forward and called out softly, “Grandfather.”

Old Master Yu suddenly picked up the teacup that was in front of him and threw it at her.

Yu Yu instinctively dodged and the teacup smashed onto the ground.

Shards flew in all directions and the cold tea spilled all over the floor.

The servants all retreated and the spacious living room on the first floor fell into a deathly silence.

Yu Yu’s eyelids twitched.

Old Master Yu’s temper was definitely not good, but there were very few cases where he would be so angry that he would directly attack them.

It was clear just how angry he was this time.

“Yu Yu, is this what you asked for? For me to give you another chance?!”

Old Master Yu laughed in anger.

“A chance to be humiliated?!”

The last time Yu Yu had begged him, she had said that as long as he was willing to help, she would definitely be able to be appointed to the last membership position in Bai City.

He had believed her and had indeed used the Yu family’s connections and resources to get her votes. However, look what had happened in the end?!

“A committee member?! Don’t you think it’s beneath you? !”

In the eyes of ordinary people, her status as a committee member might be quite good.

However, this was the Yu family.

The only position they would take notice of was the national president. At the very least, she had to be a vice president.

Moreover, being a committee member meant that Yu Yu was on the same level as everyone else there!

“I invested so much in you just so that you could become a lousy committee member and serve tea to others?!”

Yu Yu felt as if she was being stabbed by these words.

It was not only Old Master Yu who could not stand this. It was also a huge humiliation for her.

However, what else could she have done except agree to it back then?!

“Grandfather… I’m sorry…”

Yu Yu lowered her head and bit her lip.

What could she say?

That the three votes that Old Master Yu had helped her get were not enough?

If Shen Li alone had taken up seven votes, how could there be any room for any others to fight for them?

Elder Yu was a person who only cared about the outcome. No matter how she explained it, the matter was already set in stone and could not be changed.

Therefore, she did not try to say anything for herself. In this situation, the more she tried to find an excuse, the more Old Master Yu would hate her.

When there had been a little hope, she had not wanted to see things develop like this, but…

It was too late to say anything now.

Old Master Yu looked at her with a gloomy expression, his anger continuing to burn.


Just as he opened his mouth, he heard familiar footsteps coming from the door.

Old Master Yu’s expression changed slightly. He looked over and saw that Yu Cheng had already walked in.

The moment he entered the living room, Yu Cheng saw Yu Yu and the broken teacup beside her feet.

“Ah Cheng, why did you suddenly come back? You didn’t even tell your family.”

Old Master Yu’s attitude towards Yu Cheng was completely different from the way he treated Yu Yu.

Although his tone was reproachful, it was not hard to hear the indulgence and joy in it.

Yu Cheng frowned.

“I had something to discuss with Xiao Yu. As for you, why are you angry again?”

As he spoke, he glanced at Yu Yu.

Looking a little embarrassed and ashamed, Yu Yu said,”Brother, it’s because I did something wrong and made Grandfather unhappy…”

She had always been obedient and sensible at home. What could she have done wrong to make Grandfather Yu become like this?

Yu Cheng was not stupid. He knew that Grandfather Yu was biased.

Whenever he faced Yu Yu, Grandfather Yu indeed did not have that much patience and he would become even more irritable.

Thus, Yu Cheng did not take this matter to heart and merely said, “Grandfather, don’t be angry. Being old and angry is harmful to your health. I’ll take Xiao Yu away first. I’ll come and accompany you properly another day.”

As he spoke, he waved at Yu Yu.

Old Master Yu had not expected him to come here to look for Yu Yu. He was unhappy, but when he saw Yu Cheng’s agitated expression, as if he truly had something urgent to deal with, he restrained himself.

He snorted but did not say anything further. Instead, he only raised his hand.

This meant that he was giving his tacit approval.

Yu Yu heaved a sigh of relief. She bowed to Old Master Yu again before following Yu Cheng and leaving.

Yu Cheng’s car was parked outside.

Yu Cheng was just about to go to the driver’s seat when Yu Yu said, “Brother, you’ve been drinking. Should I drive instead?”

Yu Cheng glanced at her and walked around the front of the car.

Yu Yu got into the driver’s seat and waited for Yu Cheng to get into the passenger seat before driving away.

Twenty minutes later, Yu Yu parked the car by the roadside.

There were fewer people on the road so it was more suitable to talk.

Yu Cheng waited for her to park the car before he asked coldly,”What did you mean by what you said on the phone just now?”

Yu Yu held the steering wheel and let out a long breath before lowering her head.

“Actually, this is also my fault. That day, when Pan Jiajia was injured, her manager came over to tell me that she wouldn’t be able to go on the runway. At that time, the press conference was about to start so I was also very anxious. I asked her to find another model to replace her at the last minute and planned to send Pan Jiajia to the hospital immediately after the press conference ended. However, I didn’t expect… this conversation to be overheard by Shen Li who was passing by.

“Later, halfway through the showcase, the news of Pan Jiajia’s suicide was released. The media also came very quickly, and we were completely caught off guard. If the medical staff and the media had arrived a little later, we might have been able to act…”

Hearing this, what did Yu Cheng not understand?

“Are you saying that from the beginning to the end, all this was because of Shen Li?!”